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Saree Not Sorry Project  borders are for saris, not an excuse to deny human rights

International Firefighters Day is May 4th. Mark your calendars please. #grateful 💙💛

*listening to Prince Charles’ speech from the weekend*—can we rename the royal family and make the concept of royalty part of actual history?! #holisticapproachestoliberty #sareenotsorry

Have all the conversations you need to have before you vote. Ask all the questions!!! Talk to your community!!!#weneedtotalk Dialogues on Racism in America. #sareenotsorry yes, this is in a church. The pastor actually asked an interesting question in the end. He said, what could the church do to alleviate some of the suffering we are talking about today in a way that would be surprising to you? My answer: don’t let these buildings stay empty at night, provide your address to homeless people so they can use it on their job applications. —the homelessness epidemic in LA can end in one year if we actually try. #facts

Thank you @malyndahale for organizing such a thoughtful and engaging panel discussion 🙏🏽 I loved exchanging thoughts and ideas with this crew—thinking about racism, immigration, cannabis policy, and so much more. Looking forward to future #weneedtotalk conversations! 🤩🤩#sareenotsorry

“The Bharti and the Cheeseburger” by @nimishabhanot is for sale! Check out her account for details! This painting has received a significant amount of flak—which I think makes it extra special, actually! If you follow this account, hopefully the satire is easily appreciated! Also, for the record, yes, the inspo comes from @carlsjr advertisements. And the concept was developed in the immediate aftermath of the Dadri lynching. #freespeech #freedomofexpression #art #sareenotsorry please note the use of brown paint ;) #geauxtigers

“Trick or treat, I’m Jane Fonda!” 🤣🤣This is what happens when your feminist-immigrant mom forgets about Halloween so she pulls together a costume at the last minute and tells you to just say you are Jane Fonda!!!! 🤷🏽‍♀️Some 1987 goodness for you all 🤣🤣 #happyhalloween #janefonda #janefondaworkout

I pride myself in being the first person to publicly give crap to Bobby Piyush Jindal back in 2003 when I worked for my college radio station during his first unsuccessful run for governor of Louisiana. Every morning at 5 AM I tried to warn the city of Baton Rouge that this guy would ruin the state, which he eventually got the chance to do. I got a significant amount of flak for it then—I think someone even called me a traitor to Indians for it! But I would just like to remind the world right now that this guy is an anchor baby!!!! And for some strange and illogical reason he supported Trump in 2015 when ending birthright citizenship was first mentioned. I have really missed making fun of Jindal and we all need a laugh today with with this new spectacle and general disregard for the 14th Amendment. 😼 Also shout out to my awesome KLSU.FM radio crew—we were a wild bunch. One time we broke into a white fraternity house and stole stuff before going on air to call them out for hosting an Old South Ball where they hired black people to be slaves.😡😡We all got fired for our ongoing shenanigans. But it was worth it. 🙆🏽‍♀️ #sareenotsorry white paint won’t erase your truth!💃🏽

I started rowing as Trump was moving into the White House and a few of my dear friends gave me some very caring flak for instantly falling in love with one of the least diverse sports in the United States. “Whyyyyyy did you have to go for this sport?!” I’d jokingly respond with, “well y’all said let’s make America brown again, so...🤷🏽‍♀️” Jokes aside though, it’s not easy to be one of only a handful of people of color in any space and obviously we have an issue with sports and racism in the U.S. But it’s not like I would have had the opportunity to row in India, as there is very limited support for women in sports in the country that supposedly sees women as strong goddesses...😒 So what’s a brown woman to do?! My answer: Show Up! #sareenotsorry at the #headoftheamerican with #teammates who have hearts made of California gold ⭐️💪🏾🚣🏽‍♀️😎 #row #crewlife #representationmatters #rowing #regatta2018 #dodgerblue

To all the Los Angeles lovelies—check out @fashionbyrohini this festival season!!! Her shop is on Pioneer Blvd. in Artesia. And she’s got some great stories to share with any sari lover about her time in Haus Khas Village before it became the wild gentrified place it is now! To me, HKV will always be an important site for creatives in Delhi and this designer is evidence of just that 💕

#sareenotsorry I got the whole city behind me 💙💙#losangeles #dodgerlove #latergram 📷: @orangebowtieproductions

Honored to wear an original sari wrap from @fashionbyrohini at such a lovely fundraising event for @leukemialymphomasociety 💜💜💜 #sareenotsorry #latergram

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