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Saree Not Sorry Project  Using fashion and common sense to speak back to the rising anti-immigration discourse in America...because borders are for saris.

“Follow the woman in front of you” —coxswain 🚣🏽‍♀️ Support women’s sports! Brown and proud and strong 💪🏾 the polluted oceans and air are for us all to share ;) #sareenotsorry #crewforcure

Hope y’all are staying cool in this #heatwave 🤗 😎 and be nice to people at your pool! 🤗😎

Remember when garment workers were stitching pleas for help into #zara clothes... it’s strange (yet not strange) that #melaniatrump would wear anything by that brand. Unsustainable fashion and the poor working conditions it invariably creates depend on violent border politics. Also I guess this is a #duckface #sareenotsorry

Thoughts from the #sareenotsorry project...still relevant (sadly)

#relevant from Nov 20, 2015 #sareenotsorry

#sareenotsorry started as a way to use fashion to respond to anti-immigration platforms in the U.S.—we are seeing some of our worst nightmares come true. I wanted to say something about the violence at the border. Here are some notes from my lectures. The course is Literary Responses to Disaster and Repression (UCR Spring, 2018)

Heyyyyyy #LA check out this #star tonight in Santa Monica @westend_sm 🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽#Bollywood #disco party with @dreamprashant

We honor the sacrifices made by US soldiers today, but when will we honor the peace that most soldiers wish for when they are on the frontlines? #sareenotsorry

Casually being scared of #Louisiana cockroaches

So much love for this! @theyellowthread 😍 #sareenotsorry

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