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l e a h  midwesterner transplanted to london and porto. everyday adventures there and elsewhere. my favourite itinerary is not having one.

When it feels too early to be at the cafe but then the light streams through like this... ☕️Happy Friday!!

It's been a crazy busy week and can't believe it's only Wednesday...but it's a 2-photo kind of morning because this red -orange tone might be one of my new favourite colours 🌈

The clouds rolled in after 2 weeks, but can you see that sun peeking through? I'm cheering for it to make its way out. Happy Wednesday lovely people.

Happy Friday!! Dare I say I both love and hate short weeks? Love them because, well, they are short. And hate them because there is still 5 days of work to cram into 4. Regardless I am embracing Fri-YAY fully and so ready for the weekend! Here are some Porto façades for a happy Friday! 🎈

So when you're taking a photo of someone else's window, it's ok since the curtains are closed and reeeaallly you're just eyeing those cute cacti that they clearly have on display for the outside world to see...right??? 🙈

That morning light! I posted a photo of this house about a month back before the leaves had popped. I think it's safe to say, Spring looks better on Porto than winter does... happy Monday 🌿#WHPgoodmorning

There are plenty of things that have taken getting used to since moving to Portugal... and I'm still settling in for sure. BUT the pink houses (and those with tile of course) were sure easy to adopt into this new life. Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday! #pplocalexpert @passionpassport

Happy Sunday!! I took an inadvertent several-day break from IG due to a super busy (but exciting!) work week. And yes, that's London peeking out from behind those gorgeous blooms. Made a quick pit stop in London for a couple days and couldn't leave without snapping some of these pink beauties. •

As someone who didn't celebrate Easter growing up (our family was celebrating Passover), I am not accustomed to the copious amounts of food and chocolate. After yesterday at my husband's family's house, I have chocolate coming out of my ears. And more to come today. Eek! 🍫 🐣 😂

A tree grows in... Lisbon. (Though is it me or does this look like Paris!?). Also, how is it only Wednesday!? Here's to getting over hump day! 🐫

Woke up reminiscent of London life when the Eurostar could whiz me to Paris (Ryan Air just isn't the same!) and went down memory lane on my camera. I have a feeling there may be some more Paris in my feed this week. Here's to a sunny Sunday everyone - good morning! #theprettycities #ppfacades2

Morning view from my couch... and admitting I can take absolutely no credit for the #houseplantclub my husband with the green thumb created. 🙈🌿 Happy (sunny!?) Saturday everyone!

I'm off to see the wizard! Did I tell you I made it to Emerald City? 💚#candyminimal

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