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l e a h  midwesterner transplanted to london and porto. everyday adventures there and elsewhere. my favourite itinerary is not having one.

Is it just me or does Lisbon look like Paris splashed with pastel colours? Back in Porto and back to work but my Instagram might stay in Lisbon for a few more days. Sound good? #acolorstorySeasons

I don't know what's more concerning: that I just posted avocado toast on Instagram (something I told myself I would never do...but holy moly was it good) or that if we move to Lisbon, I will definitely spend a massive chunk of my paycheck at @themillpt. I am totally obsessed. (And after this interruption I'll get back to posting façades 😜)

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Blue or peach? Please bear with me while I post endless colourful façades of Lisbon... I have about 500 photos and I don't want to have to choose 🙈

No Monday blues for me today because I'm on UK holidays and we have a bank holiday today. Time to continue Lisbon exploration and add to those 500 photos 😉 happy Monday! #visitportugal #acolorstory

A big door and a #tinytraveler. When I asked him who the big door was for, he said "for big Buddha." I like this guy's imagination. Here's to a long weekend and imagination ❤️ #whpcolorstudy

Just some Easter egg homes. So happy to have a long weekend -- and we've decided to do an impromptu road trip down to Lisbon. Talk to you from there Instagram! Happy Saturday! ☀️

I'm a big fan of my co-working space, and I love that I can work from home...but it would be a lie if I said I didn't have workplace envy when I visited Airbnb's offices last week...I mean, complete with an indoor #plant_problem!? Who do I speak to in recruiting...? 😆

Woke up to a thunderstorm. I figure if it's going to rain, may as well do it dramatically, right? Have a good Thursday lovely people.

The antidote to jetlag. (And I'm referring to the coffee, not the couch)

It's Monday morning, so probably too late to post #asundaycarpic ...but my body clock is still in California, so I'm justifying it. Think I can use that excuse with my boss today and operate with an 8hr delay? 😂🙈

Happy Sunday and hello after awhile! Just landed back in Porto after a whirlwind work trip to SF. Despite not doing any photo wandering (sad!), I did manage some quality time with amazing friends -- and that made the whole trip worth it. •

Thank you @sarahsageek for this photo from last week. And I think my prediction was correct: after a week in Porto, my sister knows the city better than I do. She can show me around this afternoon 😉

Who needs a tree in the front yard when you have a 2-story cactus? 🌵 •

Been a busy few days and have loved showing my sister @sarahsageek around Porto. I'm heading to SF for work and by the time I come back, she'll know the city better than I do it. Guarantee it. Happy Tuesday lovelies!!

So nice to see you Saturday!! (Did I say that last Saturday? Maybe. But it continues to be true). Back in Porto, skies are grey but temperature is warm and my sister is town! 👯 So much to do and see and eat and drink... better get started! Happy weekend! 😘

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