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Muammal NM  Interior design, poetry & drawing

Come & see us at artist book exhibition
I display 23 boring book (A-Z) ma everyday visual, textual, conceptual journal that i record for 5 years late from 2013. And still in during. In progress for more chapter ahead
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Self potrait

Our projected mock-up among putro skyworld development concept exihibits this days :) @ruangluang2018
The late project was my final assignment 1:50 mock up which developted by experimenting the media's presentation with multimedias approach; video mapping with @adyset and sounds by @tomyherseta.
Exibithion held by @imdi_itb to aim the future of living space form in 2045!
#exhibition #interiordesign #futurist #experimental #space #mock-up

Space awareness project

1.Data kontur topografi dari gambar konseptual lanskap
Lahan terbuka hijau. Jl bukit pakar. Ciburial. Bandung. Jawa barat

Assit by: rofid (geofisikawan)

#drawing #conceptual #on #progress #survey #space #line #topograpic #building #element #scale #size #awareness #synthesis #environment

I found reality so atractive. People. Crowd. City. Polution. Cars. Even scum. I collect object sometimes. Just i found its atractive rather its utilitarians like jeans. I dont collect jeans. But my friends challange me: can you interpret of what you have founds? Well interpretating found objects actually simple if we love the colour and form of it. But how about just not it? It has a meaning hide that draws recall a thing? Than the doors open to read and see what were acrrosing our physiognomy presence.

Well enjoyed :)
Lost and found Zine collaboration
available at google playstore, copy the link bellow. Or you could tap the link in my collagues bio's

Publisher: @ultrastardustpress @movingclass_
Reviewed by: @harisweb

Some of work couldnt describe with some medias. Especially when its come as idea of feeling love. Love to someone ofcourse. relationship set in collapse. Ruins. Force by a linear tides called reality. That our ideas of live control by a new myth called economy and another derivative of its social hierarchies. That we cursed in finding wealth. believing delution in fantasies. bergain a fantasies if leap to someone proxemics. bergain a fantasies. leap running time. We met in poorly presence. We slowly a shame that were delute. That were eating scum for living. That were dont know our self much. That were too confuse about live a living. Then were go. Than were stuck in our time that already build in. Than lost to our romance in expired moment. That were dont know it anymore. Cause our face in changing. Turn to someone that signaturely in signified.

32 poems about fall in love dichotomy between words and image. responses from 16 young and aspiring artist.
Digital poems book
available at google playstore, copy the link bellow. Or you could tap the link in my bio's

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Publisher: @ultrastardustpress @movingclass
Reviewed by: @adopymous

Surel purwakanti

Surya dan temaram bertabrakan
Kuamati langit kutemukan bahwa tawa kau berkelip dan berpendar
Mulai berperangai berandai membingkai

Bernafas bersebelahan senggang

@drawing @poem

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs,
A very bad quack might jinx zippy fowls.
#movingclassextendedcut #moveyourass

I remeber draw with pen since 4th primary school. After i could write right so it didnt need to erase. It just was a same pen. Standart 0.5
I hope i born as china's
@bike @draw @urban @china @town @tample @building 📷 by @automaruto

Process express

Performative drawing
Variable dimension
2017 📷: @automaruto

#group #exhibition #movingclass #performative #drawing #and #23 #journal #book #display

We are pleased invite you to come and join:

A rolling group exhibition: "MOVING CLASS"
will be held on November 24 until December 22 at Senyawa - @sejiwacoffee , Jl. Progo no 15 Bandung.

Curator: Axel R. Ridzky,
this program will present an artwork by selected artist and several sessions will be divided, based on ideas tendencies.


P.L. - @monstropl
Vienasty Rezqina - @vienasch
Hilmy P Soepadmo - @hpsoepadmo
Bayu P Pratama - @bayupepratama
Aldiansyah W. - @aldiansjah
Muhammad Sabil H. - @kereta.trauma
Zikry Rediansyah - @zikry_uye
Rizal Nugraha - @multifunctionflashinghorselamp
Arend Alfiyanto - @mexicantribes
Muamal N. M @muamalnm
Azizi Al Majid - @azizialmajid
Made Ananta - @imadeananta
Sabiq Alfarisy - @babiqsoteng
Dani Huda - @danihuda
Hilma Sophia - @quarterpastmidnight
Maruto Ardi - @automaruto

Dan liar yang sama
Aku hanya duduk disekitar
Merokok dan terapung
Dikubah realitas
Tempa memuja
(Etsa di atas kertas 21cm x 10.5 cm)
Singga 'Progressive Dreamland'
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