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May 7th >β€’<  🎢 sarcastic yet fantastic, your ass looks fake and plastic I got sass and lots of class while your a rude salty dumb ass 🎢


If anyone wants to date a dorky sarcastic fangirl that loves cuddles and will wrote you poems and love you forever I'm RIGHT HERE

I really want a themed account but idk what to do

You guys should check out my theme color account @aliensinning

Today was the first time I've listened to troye and WOW HE CAN FUCKING SING I'm going to get a giftcard so I can buy blue neighborhood :) and btw this mix is amazing

I WAS GOING TO WRITE THIS BUT SOMEONE WROTE IT OMG R WAS IN LUDLOW MASSACHUSETTS IN A WALGREENS IF YOU ARE THE PERSON PLZ TELL #phillester #phil #philliplester #plillip #dan #danhowell #daniel #danielhowell #phan #phanisreal #phandom #danandphil #philanddan #phillipanddaniel #danielandphillip #danosaurs #phillions #phandom #shipphan #phanisotp #tabinof #tatinof #pinof

Another one of these accounts πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜‚ btw the first post is Dan and Phil so you go Hellen

Follow my edit ACC @emoeditz ;)))))) and btw WHY DONT THEY HAVE HARRY POTTER ON AMAZON PRIME because tbh I never watched it but I wanna so I can be a Harry Potter nerd

Ik it's bad quality but MY DAD MADE THIS LIKE WHY

I didn't do my homework so now I have to do it on the bus ugh

I have an account and idk what to use it for like any help?


This makes me sad because I didn't get vip tickets because it was sold out in seconds but it makes me pissed off because of the fucking bots who took them

People at my school are assholes and I don't wanna do homework so yea

I love music. It's something that can block out the world. Every lyric is a new sentence of passion, emotion and thought.Every note is laced with some kind of adventure to keep you going, memorizing every drum beat and every background noise. Then as you slowly listen to it more and more, it flows right through you, bringing you the happiness you felt when you had first heard it. Each song is a new adventure to be thought out in your head and it's the most wonderful thing. Then, once you get 'sick of the song' it sits on your phone, waiting to be played. And when you finally play it, it's amazing. You remember all of the memories and get addicted again. Music will never leave you. And that people, is why music is much more then hot members and shipping them together.

I just got the whole grand finale of tatinof spoiled for me...

I just got a c- and that's my lowest grade wtf and if I don't get straight a's I can't see Dan and Phil and I have to do this six page project and I'm really stressed out

I bet Phil told Dan he was jealous so Dan got him the daddy mug ;)


I threw a pine cone at someone does that count

This is good because we seriously need a change on YouTube and now that more people are bringing it up we need bigger channels to address this too.

Oh god I tried to call my friend and her mother answered and I'm here embarrassed idk why

Anyone wanna play minecraft on Xbox 360?
#minecraft #minecraft360 #minecraft360edition #playminecraft #hmuonxbox

that spam tho aye

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