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May 7th >β€’<  🎢 sarcastic yet fantastic, your ass looks fake and plastic I got sass and lots of class while your a rude salty dumb ass 🎢


If anyone wants to date a dorky sarcastic fangirl that loves cuddles and will wrote you poems and love you forever I'm RIGHT HERE

I really want a themed account but idk what to do

You guys should check out my theme color account @aliensinning

Today was the first time I've listened to troye and WOW HE CAN FUCKING SING I'm going to get a giftcard so I can buy blue neighborhood :) and btw this mix is amazing

I WAS GOING TO WRITE THIS BUT SOMEONE WROTE IT OMG R WAS IN LUDLOW MASSACHUSETTS IN A WALGREENS IF YOU ARE THE PERSON PLZ TELL #phillester #phil #philliplester #plillip #dan #danhowell #daniel #danielhowell #phan #phanisreal #phandom #danandphil #philanddan #phillipanddaniel #danielandphillip #danosaurs #phillions #phandom #shipphan #phanisotp #tabinof #tatinof #pinof

Another one of these accounts πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜‚ btw the first post is Dan and Phil so you go Hellen

Follow my edit ACC @emoeditz ;)))))) and btw WHY DONT THEY HAVE HARRY POTTER ON AMAZON PRIME because tbh I never watched it but I wanna so I can be a Harry Potter nerd

Ik it's bad quality but MY DAD MADE THIS LIKE WHY

I didn't do my homework so now I have to do it on the bus ugh

I have an account and idk what to use it for like any help?


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