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When I should be sleeping and can’t help myself from escaping my current schedule’s insanity for this dystopian world ... #BlessedBeTheFruit

I love LA. (Especially a little after sunset and this view.)

Happy Lucky Number Birthday Year to @shinebyshay + Cheers To A Lucky and Joyful Year Ahead!! Love you Shay Shay ❤️💜🧡💛🎈🎉🎂🎊

Values overpass politics in my un-humble opinion here + flipping this hate premise and many others she receives is impressive while it not should exist at all regardless of finding the hypocrisy of that user’s handle ... #ThursdayThoughts

When still awake after figuring out how you’ll vote on your ballot and then feel necessity to post on Instagram to find it crashing and check Twitter to see if you’re not alone and then still awake when IG seems to be working ... #IVoted #IVoted🇺🇸 #TooMuchCaffeine #TooManyItemsOnToDoList #CivicDuty

When you read a tweet from the makers of Ambien after a person who regularly spews hate speech claims it triggered her tweets, oh and that she thought that one of the people she was defaming was an Iranian/Persian Jew rather than African American as if any kind of discrimination is OK.

Very good meeting tonight with @kimbick13 in-person and @shirinlisa et al by phone ... #volunteering #onemonthleft #aah #emptybottle

Happy Monday! With Mix of Sarcasm + Appreciation for Lola the Car, serving more of a reminder that our material and really protective time together is dwindling down. Realizing more I’m not a huge fan of driving — unless on a race track or those few seconds entering ramp onto a highway staying true to my Saidnia-Gabay heritage — Lola has always been my “Dream Car” She is safe, open to appropriate speeds and on a hue level matches every weather, environment and outfit ... #ThankYouMonday

When went to Mezcal Cocktail Making Class last night @margossantamonica and this is what you remember from Set-up, Clay Pot Tastings to the Cocktails themselves: 1. Avocado-Cucumber-Mezcal 2. Jalapeño-Watermelon-Lime-Mezcal 3. Hibiscus-Gran Marnier-Cucumber-Soda Water-Edible Flowers-Mezcal

First Cycling Class in 2 Months Appreciation #FridayWorkout

“No Religion Has A Monopoly On Truth” from @oprah podcast with @mariannewilliamson #SuperSoulConversations #InspirationSunday #SundayVibes

Note to self: Remember This #Wisdom #YouAreABadass #JenSincero #SundayMorning

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