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Sara Paisley  You’re going to see a lot of food, work out selfies, my dogs/cats, and things I’m building with my husband on here 🤷🏼‍♀️

My nephew had his first game of the season today! It was 95 degrees with the sun blazing but he played like a champ and won. Looks like 13 is his lucky number like @taylorswift Go Baby Dolphins!! 🐬🏈 #nephewsfordays #firstgame #GoDolphins @crpaisley

The first homemade bread of the season! I love the way bread makes the house smell when it’s in the oven. It even smells good in the toaster 😍 #homemade #madewithlove #iloafbread 🍞❤️

I did a little meal prep this evening with Chris in mind. After Jiu Jitsu, he comes home so hungry and needs something quick he can eat so I made him 16 little pizzas. Some are bbq chicken and some are buffalo chicken with pepper jack cheese and all of them are made on toasted, whole wheat sandwich thins. I’m going to freeze them in little baggies and he can grab them whenever. #mealprep #babypizza #lovelanguages #littlethings 🍕❤️

Right after this picture he farted and hit the window lock 😡 #futuredivorcee

Growing up, my mom didn’t decorate much. She loves it, but she was a single mom working full time to support 5 kids back then. That being said, I tend to go buck wild with the decorating as an adult. I’m not going to lie, I got most of this out a few weeks ago. It wasn’t even September yet. Lol. But now the whole house is ready for fall! I love decorating for fall. Everything feels so cozy. If only Chris didn’t hate the smell of pumpkin candles 😭 🍁🦊🍂🧡 #fallyall #wereready #cozy #letssnuggle #home #mamaapproves ☕️

My bedroom is ready for fall and Biggie thinks it’s pretty cozy! I thought it would be tricky to bring my jade colored bedroom to season but all it took was a pumpkin, a throw, and a few strands of garland to bring it together. I used S hooks to hang the garland above my bed and command strips for the garland on my dresser. #cozy #fall #bedandbreakfastvibes #letstakeanap 🍂🦊🍁😴🧡

And here are the finished products! I actually bought stencils to do this sign because I had no confidence in my free-hand abilities. I stenciled it originally and hated the way it turned out. I almost had a melt down because I thought all my hard work had been trashed and my carpal tunnel flared up for nothing. Chris calmed me and sprayed primer over my stencil job. He told me I had pretty hand writing and encouraged me to go for it free hand. I’m so glad I did. I love the way it turned out. The ladder took some patience but it turned out great. I’m off to ice my right hand now. I’ll post the next project soon 🍁🍂🦊 #empowered #womenwhobuild #diy #carpaltunnel #itsreal #creative #fallyall #cozy 🔨💪🏼😉

I took advantage of the extra time this weekend and built things that most women will over-pay for at the store. A ladder for blankets and a sign to lean against the house. Total cost: $10 for both. I’ll post pics when the paint dries. 😉 #diy #ryobi #womenwhobuild #longweekend #woodworking 🔨

After seeing the boys having so much fun at Home Depot, we decided to give them a more challenging project to see how they did. Chris cut pieces of pine for each of them to make birdhouses and we watched them go. They lost interest in about 3 minutes and we ended up building them but they had a lot of fun painting them after 🤣🤣🤣 #spoiled #bigboyprojects #nephewsfordays #sleepover

Went to Home Depot for some things and saw my adorable nephews building football games. How cute are my sister and her kids?? And look how proud Chris is. Adorable 😍🔨🔨🔨 #family #allthenephews #homedepot

When @rachelcruze challenges you to try minimalism so you try to start in the hall closet..I think I’ll just shove it all back in now 🤣🤣🤣 #toomuch #minimalism #itshard #adulting #thestruggle #rcminimalistchallenge @theminimalists

I didn’t want to, but I did it & Joel killed my shoulders. #shoulderday #twoadays #liift4 #beachbody #core #strongaf 💪🏼✅

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