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Sara Anastasija Ninkovic🥀  If God can forgive you everything, who are you to not be able to?💭☦️ 🏳 | based in Zurich 👻 | saranastasijaa 🇷🇸 • ♊️ •

Victory is in my veins.⚡️ #flazéda

Guess who doesn‘t wanna come back ‘cause switzerland ain‘t shit.🌹 #schwizerpassfreiwilligabgeh #ciaozüri #bonjourparis #stillcantspeakfrench

you either say how you feel and fuck it up, or you say nothing and let it fuck you up instead.⚡️

✨🌟💫 #banjaluka

Whose name made you drink enough to forget your own?🥂

Light is easy to love - show me your darkness.⚡️
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Let me be your sweet sweet craving.🍬
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#croatia #hrvatska #dubrovnik




H v a r 🥂🍾

forgive those who have hurt you and gracefully detach from them.✨

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