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Lydia loves this book, but after @heatherzempel pointed out in a sermon a year ago the incongruity of children's books' cheery take on God destroying the world, I haven't been able to read/sing it quite as enthusiastically :/ Great sermon though =) #itsnotallrainbowsandbutterflies #riseandshine #myncc

Jus' chillin' during another low key morning at home.

This sweet pea is 2 today! We had grand plans for today, all of which will be rescheduled for next week because she's been running a temp the last couple days. She opened the present from Teddy at breakfast, a sweet gift of a little doghouse with four tiny dogs because he knows how much she loves them. Isn't he the best big brother? We love you, my sweet girl.

"Look, Mommy, the green looks like guacamole!" #watercolors #mylittleartist

Book no. 17. Super hard read but worth powering through. Many good nuggets. Highlighted a bunch. Also made for interesting date night discussion. #betweentheworldandme #tenahisicoates #40booksforturning40 #IthinkIllhit40noproblem

I just love this house on the corner. #paintedhousesofDC

"Mama, I *need* my penguin backpack!"

Dinner prep activities.

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