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Sara Lejon  Wedding photographer in UK/Sweden - everything from pee breaks to break dance. If you want to get to know me personally, check out @iamsaralejon. ✌️

“I don’t like to pose my couples too much, I try to make the portraits look as natural as possible.” 🙄😁

Can you POSSIBLY find a more romantic scene for some drunken cate cutting? ✨

Scandinavians are BIG on games during the meal. One classic is when the game masters show the guests a sign with a statement, let the people who agree with it stand up, and then let the couple figure out what they have in common. This one: “I have seen the bride or groom naked.” 😁

So. Many. TIMES I’ve cried during the groom’s and bride’s speeches to each other. 😬 #professionalshmofessional

✨ First looks are what dreams are made of. ✨

I’m not sure who was most excited about the wedding - mother or daughter? 🤩☺️

Nothing beats that first-dance-as-husband-and-wife smile. ✨

Happy Monday, everyone! New day, new week, and I’m planning to make the best out of this one. 🍁

Don’t ask.

This Friday, I’m spending my day and evening in front of moments like this. Pure, delicate, raw, quiet. I see and feel it all.

Most important task before getting ready: get a selfie with the donkey.

Gotta clean up nice for your sister’s wedding!

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