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Sara Lejon  Wedding photographer in UK/Sweden - everything from pee breaks to break dance. If you want to get to know me personally, check out @iamsaralejon. ✌️

Work ittttt.

First dance as husband and wife. 💍 #hambräck2018

The Swedish countryside. I can’t get enough of it. #hambräck2018

“A ladybird! I’m think that means good luck!” Waiting for my train, emotionally and physically exhausted. What a day yesterday. A bride and groom who kept surprising each other throughout the day - a necklace symbolising where they first met; finding his favourite Australian beers that can’t be bought in Sweden; a tear jerking poem; video greetings from his idols... I could go on. “Luck” is the last thing this couple needs. #hambräck2018

Two years of planning, and now we’re finally here. A minute to let it soak in.

Confetti. I can never get enough of it.

Center of attention.

One thing I love about going somewhere new every weekend, is all the people I get to meet. Both the couples and their friends. Always happy. Excited. Radiant. Open-minded and easy to get to know quickly. I don’t know what it is, but weddings seem to make people wear their hearts on their sleeves. The second thing I love about the travels, is that it lets me visit friends who are very spread out and that I usually haven’t seen in a long while. Last night I drove to Madeleine and spent all evening discussing life with her and the mosquitoes in the sunset. This morning I got to see her family as well. Important people in my life who just don’t live close enough, so you got to take the opportunity when you can.

What’s the most obvious thing to do with your guests the night before the wedding, when you’re getting married in Chianti? 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

Have I mentioned that I have a weak spot for international weddings? Here, an Armenian ceremony between an Argentinian groom and an Italian bride. On one occasion, a speaker mentioned all the different nationalities at the wedding - I think the count was somewhere between 30-50. #goals #buildbridgesnotwalls

🎊🌸🎊 Confetti euphoria! 🌸🎊🌸

And the insane summer weather just continues. Today the sun shone on these two high school sweethearts, who couldn’t stop smiling and crying all day. 😍 #camvic18

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