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Sara Benincasa  A person from New Jersey but in Los Angeles. I write, act and do stand-up. I’m at the book factory making a new one. ❤️

Link in bio. 💙 #advice #inspiration #amwriting

Sicilian girls are hot at any size and any age and it’s honestly stressful sometimes. #tbt shooting for @gwynniebee December 2016 with #hair and #makeup by @mohawkmakeup 📷 @kellyelainephoto and #bts shooting for @matrushkastyle this month with hair and makeup by me. Two fantastic retailers with lady owners, many sizes and shipping all over the place! #curlyhair #ootd #curls #losangeles #madeinlosangeles #madeinLA #matrushkastyle #madeinsilverlake #gwynniebee #siciliangirls #italiangirls #bighair #jerseygirl P.S. Somebody asked if I went on a diet. No. Diets are garbage and the diet industry wants to keep you on a yo-yo so you keep buying the books and the unhealthy fake food garbage snacks. Last year I was deeply depressed and I could tell what I ate was affecting my mood but I didn’t know what to do about it. @jaime_saginor_health made me throw out my scale. I decided she was a #witch and obeyed, because I listen to witches. Then I drank water, started fucking with kale because I’m wild, learned what a vegetable is, cut back on the sugar that was messing with my energy, started meditating, fired people who were a waste of my time, learned how to cook some of the stuff I used to make with my great-grandma when I was little (pasta!), and stopped drinking four iced coffees a day. I didn’t start an exercise program although I walk some mornings now and stretch a lot for my back. I didn’t rise and grind, hustle, or git swole. I didn’t cut out gluten or go vegan although those are obviously nice choices if they make you feel better. I did buy a better bra and start getting up at 6:30 in the morning and doing work I find fulfilling. I also retired from alcohol and I don’t miss it. Not once did a bitch count a calorie. The end.

#tbt we went to @allacquaresto five months ago hooraaaay #italiangirls #italianfood #sicilian

This caption is something Gia said that made me laugh really hard which happens a lot tbh. #tbt #italiangirls #Repost @thegiamonster with @get_repost
Anything’s a #daddy if you’re brave enough.

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Oh just a #Wednesday night photoshoot with this piece of bubblegum. 💘
Photo/styling/makeup by: me #photooftheday #photoshoot #bubblegum #pink #pinkwig #wig #girlsofig

June was a really goth time for our band. #tbt

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Phoebe on book tour!

YESSSSSSS!!!!! I promise NO SPOILERS but this is the best! @ovationtv @versaillesserie yes yes yes.

HOORAY! Me @paulscheer @balvenieboy @samjaycomic @mister_nickg @jackiekashian @roberthack and many other folks I dig are doing a comic with @starburnsind! I’m so happy to be reuniting with @gogogazelle with whom I did a #marvel collab years ago. This time I wrote about growing up with a Dad who worked at a birth control factory. @kickstarter starts August 20th and you can learn more at #comics #comix #comicbooks #comedy #amwriting

Here I am with no product in my hair going slightly batty. Swipe to see what gave me a big sigh of relief. I’m home to help with family stuff and I forgot my product AND how big my hair gets not even fully dry in NJ. Mom keeps the product right next to the matchbook from her wedding and I believe it is because when you find something that works you don’t let go, dammit! #curlyhair #curlygirl #curls #curlyhighlights I tend to shout out certain businesses that inspire me for a few reasons. Hair can be a twisted subject (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?) I try to proceed with respect and care. My grandmother and her sister owned a salon. My mom used to sweep up the hair as a little girl. I was an assistant manager at a salon years ago. So I am particularly interested in #hair and #hairsalons and #hairstuff. @miss_jessies is a product of Black girl brilliance and wisdom, named after a talented grandma, Jesse Mae Pittman. Like many great things, it was born in Brooklyn and took over the world. This is thanks to the work of Miko and Titi Branch. They began in the natural hair space in Black salons and made a leap that I don’t think had happened before - a crossover into salons and a customer base across ethnic lines while still maintaining the integrity of the original brand, most assuredly a Black-owned business with pride in its roots (no that isn’t a hair pun dammit.) I have also been inspired by the way Miko has spoken about depression publicly in the past few years. It means a lots I’m one of a zillion fans from many backgrounds, but the story of how they built this is inspiring and truly does inform my loyalty. But mostly it just improves my hair - which is why I have to go put it on!

When your nephew is stoked to see you on FaceTime...and then swipe to see what happens when the Elmo hits. #finnyjoe #augustbaby #elmo #strawberryblonde #baby #toddler

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