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25 minutes + 2 miles of interval treadmill work this morning + a lil bit of everything in the arms! Love waking up earlier + getting my workouts done in the morning 💪🏼 Off to Exec + a full day of classes/meetings/events. It’s a great day to have a great day! #bgsuchaarg

It comes as a surprise to probably no one that I have gained a significant amount of weight back from my 25lb weight loss this summer. I weighed almost my highest in the first picture, almost a year ago. In the middle picture, there’s a 25lb difference. Now, I’ve gained about 13lbs back. I’m posting this to finally say it: I fell off. I’ve tried to talk myself into saying nah, it’s all about balance, + no girl it’s only a few pounds. It isn’t shameful to fall off the wagon + it isn’t shameful to admit it. I still think I’m a kickass, hardworking beautiful girl + I believe the girl on the left + the girl on the right deserve just as much self-love as the girl in the middle. I’m trying to get back on it, but timing is tough, motivation is low + excuses are easier. For those who [publicly] have lost a lot of weight, remember, it is normal to slip up, for a week or for 6 months aka ME. Yes, not giving up + continuing is WAAAY easier than starting over, but sometimes that’s what happens. That’s why this is a lifestyle: there’s ups + downs in motivation ++ in numbers. Just make sure there’s no ups + downs in the way you treat//talk to yourself. Work hard, find your motivation + get back to work. 💪🏼 #bgsuchaarg

Back to the grind + back to the small group today! Did a 1 mike walk//jog treadmill workout + then CRUSHED legs with the SG! ⚡️ #bgsuchaarg

Hotel workout #️⃣2️⃣ 💪🏼 Our legs were sore from walking over NINE miles yesterday + we don’t have a rowing machine, so we did last Friday’s Fierce Four workout that I missed last week + got a quick sweat in before another long day. Yesterday as I said, we walked over 9 Miles + at LEAST 5 of them were a result of us choosing to walk + not drive/Uber, so I am counting that as 5 bolts! #bgsuchaarg #chaarg35 [65⚡️]

Our nap went a little long + we out-slept the fitness center hours yesterday 😴 Did plank parade today + choosing to walk to our destinations today to get some extra bolts ⚡️ Headed to a couple museums today, eating good + enjoying vacation in Chicago! #bgsuchaarg #chaarg35

Finally got that @marissa13_inchaarg “I legit may have just died” sweat on that I’ve been trying to get! Today’s stair master workout kicked my ASS but I feel SO GOOD after it! 30 full minutes + 100 floors down for 2 bolts. Wellness event tonight + then SPRAAANG BREAAAK! #bgsuchaarg #chaarg35 [59.5⚡️]

Showing off my least fav part of my body after today’s workout — the stomach. Just a reminder to you, to me + to everyone: A flat stomach is not the only way to have a nice stomach, ++ it’s not a requirement for self love. I think the core region is most women’s biggest insecurity [mine included] + I’m growing very, very slowly to love all of me without that flat tum look. I encourage you to remind yourself that societal standards of beauty are do not have to be your OWN standards of beauty. A flat stomach is almost EVERYONE’S goal but ask yourself: why? ++ then ask yourself: Do I deserve to see myself as beautiful regardless? I can’t answer the first one for you, but spoiler alert: The answer to #2 is yes. #bgsuchaarg #chaarg35 [57.5⚡️]

Always feeling the extra booty when rocking my @gymsharkwomen flex leggings 💪🏼🍑 Did today’s incline treadmill workout + then hung back ++ walked til 3 Miles for 3 bolts on this pretty crappy Tuesday! #bgsuchaarg #chaarg35 [55.5⚡️]

Took on Liberated Lift today + a 6 mile cycle before small group! Felt extra strong today + I’m so happy to be going into WEEK 4 of the fitplan! Let’s do this thaaang 💪🏼 #bgsuchaarg #chaarg35 [52.5⚡️]

Such a fun small group today, getting outside + enjoying the weather ++ chatting about spring break + show tunes! Happy Monday everyone, + enjoy the lovely weather this week! #bgsuchaarg [50.5⚡️]

FINALLY all caught up on the fit plan. Got hit with strep this week + was down for the count🤒 Made up Wednesday’s insane booty workout + Friday’s full bod workout! Walked 1 mile after for an extra bolt. [49⚡️] Ready to get back to it this week! 💪🏼 #bgsuchaarg #chaarg35

ROTC kicked my ASS [like always, but more this time]! Ridiculously sweaty + difficult workout! #bgsuchaarg [48⚡️]

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