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Sarah Zar  Artist / musical saw player. Rescuing short poems from permanent invisibility. ART:


(Detail from Sphinx Rehabilitation Project). Over the last few months, I've sent most of my larger pieces off to their new homes, and soon it will be my turn to follow in their footsteps. For now, pardon any delayed communications. I'm communing with the boxes...

I've been packing up the old studio. And finding all sorts of curious things behind the shelves. Glasses full of silver dust, mahogany, and pens, the hearts of trees, a chunk of wax, a raven and a lens...

Coffee and rain, what would we do without you? I once knew a funny little man who would walk out into the rain and gleefully shout, "Bloody miserable weather out today, isn't it!" To any drenched or umbrella-ed soul who passed. The obvious joy in his scraggly voice always caused a sort of truce to transpire between the torrents and their targets. He never wore shoes, and though quite old, seemed ageless. #suspendedanimation

Looking into the future of the world's great cities? Try Crystal-Balls-of-Steel!

- not made light.
(...by air or some other agent.)

Today, I was walking outside, and discovered a cache of novels, just sitting on the sidewalk, waiting for a reader to walk by. In a pillar of bibliophilic delight, I gathered up the ones I hadn't read and went to a cafe to celebrate. There, through the cappuccino steam, I noticed a sign. "Take a book, leave a book." After gently setting down my cup (to avoid spilling it with glee), I dove into the shelves nose-first, and came away with these treasures! I'm so thankful for all of the great book recommendations I've received from people through IG and Goodreads (more, please), and for these very wonderful neighbors!

A good day for a picnic. (With minor repairs a la #Deleuze).

Sometimes, all the violence leaks into the sketch, and there's nothing you can do about it. Like children.


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