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Sarah Williams  alignment based vinyasa teacher spreading the flow in Brighton.

Girl gotta rest. What else can one do when MacBook dies and spa break is offered? September to November is jam packed so there’s nothing to do but top up the tank now.
If you need a little time out I’m holding a weekender at the rather gorgeous @thelodgesnhf. 5-7 October. It’s all wood burning stoves, roll too baths and hot tubs 👀. Two nights of self self compassion and exploring the subtle. Temporary link 👆🏿.

Two weeks till I’m off to join team @exhale_festival for their annual bank holiday festivities. Festies ain’t my bag but THIS ONE is gorgeous. Just a short drive out of Brighton and you’re in the heart of the Sussex countryside with some proper nice folk. I believe there may be tickets left.... I’ll be teaching but recommend you catch @naomiabsalom, @carlfaure and @jimtarranyoga. Not too be missed. 🤷‍♂️

The interoceptive part of the practice is gold. Can attachment to shapes and flows move us away from this? Keep the questions coming in your practice. What is the texture of your breath? I think there is quite a bit of time to be spent pondering this one throughout practice. Again, it isn’t a one-time thing. Spend time finding your experience within a shape. Do a little home practice to compliment the classes you attend.
I love janu sirsasana for moving in and especially that @sarahaliceyogaandphotography was able to capture this beautiful shot minus my resting bitch face.

Newsletter out today so click the link in bio if you want in!

I spend a ton of time in constructive rest. Preferably with straps and blankets. I’ve spent enough time in this position that every part of me has felt it, experienced it, tasted it. I know why I practice it and what I receive from it. And so, I teach it. A lot.
Critical thinking is a crucial part of this practice. With so much conversation around safety, styles, guru’s, dogma and do’s and dont’s, it’s important to question. This one body, one heart, one mind that we have deserves that questioning. Whatever you chose to practice, spend enough time exploring, experiencing and committing. At university I would spend 4 hours a day “practicing” flute. Those hours were a mesh of right and wrong, absorption and boredom. And, a willingness to explore what is necessary to move beyond the mechanics. Just sayin’ 📷 @floatspahove
Taken at this years’ @brightonyogafoundation festival

I have been MIA from social since we got this one. Yes I have turned into the cat lady. I’m also feeling the benefit of being on social less and and having therapy kitty. So much JOY. All my classes are on as per in August. No, it won’t be kitten yoga. 🐱🤦🏼‍♂️Catch me for the next few weeks exploring the soft palette and mixing up the breath 💐 in one of the following...
⚡️Thursday 10am @floatspahove ⚡️Friday 7.30am @spaceyogastudiouk &10.15 @floatspahove ⚡️Saturday 9 & 10.15 @floatspahove ⚡️Monday 6pm & 7.30 @spaceyogastudiouk ⚡️Tuesday 6pm @floatspahove

Have you recently completed a 200hr training? Maybe you’re right in the middle of it? This Saturday (7th July) I’ll be leading the first #THRIVE workshop for teachers @floatspahove 2.30-5pm. I am called to support new teachers, to help them thrive at their own pace with what they have in this moment. I’m keen to share my own experience of teaching and assisting @jason_crandell on his advanced TT.
With a big emphasis on critical thinking and self-care, the afternoon will challenge you to question and yield. We already have a wonderful bunch of people signed up to share and offer. If you’re interested in snapping up one of the last two spaces you can drop me a message. This first (of many) workshops is low cost to make it accessible for those of you who just spent all the pennies on training. We’d love to see you there. ⚡️

After going through the @liberateandelevate programme, one of the things I wanted to begin offering as a teacher we’re more community projects. Most of the low cost classes I know of are during weekdays, but what if you’re on minimum wage and working a 9-5? So, this one is on a Saturday afternoon. Not only is it £6.50 to come and practice but ⚡️ALL⚡️ of the proceeds are helping to fund myself and some other teachers going into Brighton women’s centre to provide yoga in their space.
I want to shout about this. It’s important. 2-4pm Saturday 9th June @brightonnaturalhealthcentre Temporary booking link in bio 👆🏿

:::come practice rolling around on the floor and breathing @floatspahove tonight at 6pm because then I’m off on my well deserved holibob for 2 whole weeks. I may even buy a paddling pool to drink my cocktails in. I’m desperate to not listen to my own voice or talk about the thoracic spine. I’m planning to come back with some kind of kindle claw as well as a tan! I’ve got some great cover while I’m away @brydierowanyoga @laura_shipsey @emilyscottyoga and @bellasomerville. Get your butt on the little rubber rectangle with them and I’ll see ya’ll soon::: Teacher and community workshops coming up on my return. Head to my website to check em’. ⚡️ 📷 @didiyogini 😘

Cramming as much @brightonfringe festival in as you can? I’ll be teaching a free class on Saturday at 11.45am @spaceyogastudiouk who are hosting a whole day of free yoga as part of the festival. I think there is some kind of wedding happening but if you want to do yoga in a floating stricture in a renovated church then I’ll meet you there. Lycra bridal wear acceptable. @catiyoginisworld is also teaching a class before me and you can have a good old snoop around the newly renovated @st_augustines_centre. ⛪

Lying on back back with my legs in the air again 🤦🏼‍♂️. Last summer I organised the “yoga for all” Brighton Fringe Festival event for @brightonyogafoundation . This year I’m teaching but so happy to be handing the ropes over to @emmanewlynyoga. I do believe @chantmalas will be there too. I’m teaching around 4.30 so come along to Brighton Unitarian church in the mayhem of Brighton’s north lanes this Saturday. How much? I think it’s £3. That’s right.
Last year I had a guy in skinny jeans 👀 and a guy who slept on a pew after having one too many sherry’s. Well, it is yoga for all. (Please don’t drink Sherry before you come. After is fine though x) 📷 @movementandphotography

There’s not really anything ‘ functional movement’ about trikonasana is there? Would you pick up your G&T like this? But, I do love to let that top hip drop. My SI joint likes it too. 🔻

After being driven to the airport in a 1980’s Mercedes yesterday (bunjy cable holding the boot closed and holding the door closed around corners) I’m please to be back on my trusty steed this week to get to classes. Back to my regular schedule...
Monday 6pm & 7.30 @spaceyogastudiouk > Tuesday 6pm @floatspahove >Thursday 6pm @brightonnaturalhealthcentre >Friday 7.30am @spaceyogastudiouk 10am @floatspahove > Saturday 9am level 2 & 10.15 @floatspahove > Sunday 9.45am @brightonnaturalhealthcentre & 11.45 @floatspahove
New theme this week.... 💥⚡️💥 #backtowork

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