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My last event of this year is a charity workshop @spaceyogastudiouk. At the beginning of this year and at the end of a 6 month long mentoring programme with Naomi Absalom I got the itch to be more useful. Some of these projects are still in the pipeline and others, like this workshop are reading for the receiving. I’m giving a little bit of my time and Space are giving up the studio so that folks can throw their money somewhere a little different this Christmas.

A delicious 2 hour, full spectrum practice suitable for anyone with a body and an underlying theme of “how can we be of service?.

This is not a free workshop (although you can offer as much or as little as you wish). There is, and has to be an exchange. The exchange here goes to financially empower women and children in India.

Dirty your feet on your mat and offer up what you’ve got for @yogagivesback. And then maybe a sherry or two after.
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Fun fact. I may have put weights on my legs to encourage external rotation and “open my hips”. 🤦🏾‍♂️ This is definitely not happening now - if anything it’s gone shooting in the opposite direction and I now keep things supported.
I’ll be blabbering on about hips and rethinking opening in my classes over the coming weeks. I have found this stuff incredibly helpful in my own practice. I’m not saying it’s easy or gentle but for me it’s about shifting the language and the dialogue around this really important part of the body which is a source of confusion and, well pain, for many of us.
I haven’t brought my head and chest to the floor in pigeon for a long time and I’m a okay.
Catch your singing butt muscles at...
Thursday 10 am @floatspahove
Friday 7.30 am @spaceyogastudiouk
Friday 10 @floatspahove
Saturday 9am @floatspahove
Saturday 10.15 am@floatspahove
Monday 6pm @spaceyogastudiouk.
Monday 7.30pm @spaceyogastudiouk

Non negotiable
We all have these non negotiables right? Some right on and “healthy”, others not so much. Mine, like yours no doubt, wax and wain. But, I have to have sleep, an abundance of sleep ( which is probably why I’m terrified of having children). I also gotta have nidra (nid- ra, not neeeeedra ..sorry..)
I’m okay with throwing it out there that when I am hitting the wall, ill or just sprinting around in my sympathetic nervous system I don’t knock out the sun A’s, B,’s and double chaturanga’s. I am in no fit state to listen to what I need usually so it’s always nidra. Who said you can’t start the day with nidra? I encourage hat wearing and hot water bottle layering for practice (unless your coming to Thailand with me and @yogaexplorers in February ☀️)
I wrote a little piece on nidra if you’re unfamiliar with what it actually is. You can find it over at @queenofretreats.

I’ve talked a lot today.
I’ve taught a lot today.
I’m flat on my back (well I wish I was because I’m on the torture device know as the southern rail seat) after a day here, there and everywhere. But slap bang in the middle was time to practice. I finally got to go to sneak in a class with @yogawithnikita. All kinds of gloriousness but that voice of hers held me for a whole hour in all the best ways. A joy and a long time coming. .

My current response to most things is to make a yoga fort - aka restorative yoga. I can highly recommend using addition weight in the form of hot water bottles.
Particularly in these chilly times I love to get all the joints supported (I tend to retreat into my turtleneck) and douse myself in warmth. The older I get, the higher my expectations for comfort are and I’m running with that!

I’ll be offering up more restorative workshops in the new year and am looking forward to bringing in some experts to join me. More on that soon...
Prop yourself up people.

Give it back
I’ve only got one workshop left this year. On Saturday 8th December I’ll 4-6 I’ll be leading a practice for all where all proceeds will go to @yogagivesback. I’m excited to be raising a little money at this time of year and topping off the 2018 schedule with something special.
I’d love to see you there to raise some pennies for a worthwhile cause.
“Our mission is to mobilize the global yoga community
to empower women and children in India to build sustainable livelihoods.”
Big shout out and thank you to @spaceyogastudiouk for letting me have the studio for free.
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Okay, so as a carry on from my last post dipping my toe in the sea of hyper mobility, what I’m really interested in is the energetic alignment of what I’m doing. (And I’m still working that out)

My elbows are locked out int his photo. Admittedly I wasn’t practicing, I was posing. But, I have found it really unhelpful to simply bend the elbows a little to create a nice clear line that doesn’t look like the joint is inside out. Initially that cue illuminated what my body naturally wanted to do and it also put proprioception on the table.

What was helpful was spend hours moving in and out of the “wrong” way and the “right” way until I actually felt something. (I understand that unless you’re living in a wet noodle body this may make no sense). The only thing I’ve got is that the joint feels awake. This hasn’t come from a micro bend or moving the elbow a little, it’s subtle and personal . Im working on verbalising this.... Bare with me.

How often are we guilty of telling someone to do something with their structure without giving them the tools to experience and explore. 🙋‍♀️ I want it (do we all?) to be quicker and simpler but how can it be? Slow it down HM people and wake it up.

• I’m only just starting to understand my hyper mobility. Once proud - now f’d off with it and working on more subtle levels with it.
• In my experience, HM is more than flexible elbows and knees, it’s how the nervous system responds, how the skin responds and how there is often weird and jolty (?) control within my structure. (Most likely why I am anally retentive, a workaholic and obsessive -enter yoga).
• So, if like me, you’re looking at most joints being HM then I think it’s worth exploring support in your practice (enter restorative PROP IT LIKE ITS HOT - sorry) and strength work (that may make you want to vomit). Beyond that, do the work and tease out how your movement is affecting your nervous system, breath and even your response to control. I’m working on how to verbalise this so bare with me... A teacher once told me to make the spine and the arms quieter in down dog. It’s taken me around a year of exploring that. I’m not done with it. I’m interested to hear your experiences of HM at its extremes.... 🍖

• Entering Friday evening in a tunnel of undoing after some rather special body work.
• Cobwebs thoroughly blown to sea on the walk home.
• Now for leaning into support with lungs untethered.

• I have people tell me that their muscles feel so tight when they try to stretch that they feel sick. For me it’s the complete opposite. Getting those muscles to wake up in my hyper mobile body makes me want to run for the door. ⠀⠀
• I’m bringing some aspects of strength into my classes over the next month or so, so that we can explore compensation and aversion. To explore the surface between water and air. ⠀⠀
• Expect exploratory versions of familiar shapes to wake us up, muscles and mind. #nottouching

I’ll be leading my last teachers workshop of 2018 this Saturday @floatspahove. This intimate gathering is for those who, like me felt lost after completing a 200hr TT - not just in a teaching sense but also in practice. No matter how good that 200hr is (mine was 👌🏾) it’s over in a flash and then what? •In this session we’ll be digging into “holding space”. So much more than just sequencing and creating a “nice” environment > we’ll explore compassion and empathy, listening and response and presence. •I’ve invested so much time, money and discipline and I’m proud to say I have things to share. It’s been a long time coming for me have the guts to acknowledge I have useful things to offer and share for fear of being shot down. Well here I am-come join me. •2.30-6.30 Saturday 10th November <2 spots left>

There have been times when I have been proud to say that I have worked flat out without days off. Im not talking one week here, one week there. I mean years. A jam packed moleskin and a constant ⚡️ of nervous energy up my rear has been normal.

BUT, I’m pretty ashamed to say that today is the first day off I’ve had in 10 days. I don’t want to set an example that we should be working flat out. And also because I turn into an angry witch when I don’t take time off. •
So, after all the usuals, a five day training, a workshop and yes, finally a cold, Margaux has a new pillow for the day while I find the full expression of my day in PJ’s, duvets, roasts and a float. (And the final of GBB 🍰)

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