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Sarah White  Artist from Sydney, Australia • Co-founder of Art Escape Italy • Working at The Space Sydney


Here comes 2018 🙌 I'm so grateful to have been able to spend Xmas and New Years this year with my family in Stockholm - taking walks by the lake every day with my sister in law and talking about life, working on craft projects with my nieces and seeing how grown up they have become, eating delicious food with the whole family every night...it's been a restful and restorative way to end 2017. I'm ready for what the new year brings.
#newyear #goodbye2017 #family #nature #sunset

For week one of #creativebreakthrough2018 with @anna_radchenko we are asked to make a 'family tree' of our #creative style, with the roots being our fundamental and most enduring influences, and the branches being those influences we are consciously adding to our creative world right now. Then, we are asked to research 2 new influences that we want to bring into our existing creative practice...⠀

Here is my response, summarised in 4 images:⠀

1. 'Untitled #125', by Bill Henson. ⠀
Henson's #photography is the artistic influence that I keep coming back to over and over again. Growing up in suburban Sydney, Henson's darkly #romantic, #mysterious and #brooding images spoke to everything I felt and everything I longed for. This emotional quality still underlies all of my work, consciously or unconsciously @billhensonphoto

2. One of my own recent photographic works, with an obvious debt to #billhenson

3. 'Untitled', from An Ethnographic Museum, by Hannah Höch (1929)⠀
I've always been delighted by #collage - I love it's disorienting absurdity and that it's always unexpected. More recently, though, I've also been paying attention to the graphic design aspect of collage, and I want to adapt these elements - design, surprise, sometimes absurdity - to my own painting compositions.⠀

4. In Bloom (2013), film by Nana Ekvtimishvili & Simon Groß⠀
One of my favourite films of all time. The second new influence that I want to bring into my existing creative practice is #film - thinking about composition in terms of how visual narratives are created, gesture, movement, expression, interactions between characters, framing etc.⠀

That should keep me busy this week!⠀

#creativebreakthrough2018week1 #creativelife #creativity #challenge #growth #artistslife #sydneyartist #australianartist

I've just signed up for @anna_radchenko's Creative Breakthrough Marathon - I'm excited to start 2018 with new inspiration and a more structured creative process 🔥🔥⠀

Want to participate? Details below.⠀

Via @anna_radchenko:⠀

Are you ready to work on your BREAKTHROUGH project?!⠀
In each creative career, there are certain milestones. A few months ago I directed my strongest fashion film so far, released it on @nowness, won a few awards, got signed to @kodemedia, directed my first video commercial..the point is, it all started with a passion project!⠀
Now I want to share my knowledge, ability to inspire people and give you an opportunity to bring your creative career to a completely new level.⠀
💪🏻I decided to make 12 weeks CREATIVE BREAKTHROUGH marathon starting next week on Monday.⠀
Its an absolutely free challenge for those who are ready for a change. 🔥The bravest dreamer and doer will win £1000 to spend on his next creative adventure!⠀
How will this work❓⠀
✔️Every week I will be doing a live session with a talk about the next week’s challenge and task. Summaries will also be available in my main feed posts.⠀
✔️You will need to accomplish the task and post about it with a dedicated hashtag. ✔️You will be able to ask questions, share your experiences and get feedback from me and other participants.⠀
✔️At the end of the marathon, I will pick a short list of the most impressive projects and most improved participants, and one winner will receive a prize of £1000 ♥️⠀
How to participate❓⠀
1️⃣ You need to follow me @anna_radchenko
2️⃣ Post about the marathon on your page (use my image or create your own), saying that you are participating. Mention my account and the hashtag #creativebreakthrough2018
3️⃣ If you have a private account, you need to make it public for the duration of the marathon⠀
4️⃣ Leave your email in the comments or send via DM - participants will be getting extra materials by email⠀
5️⃣ You don’t have to post about your accomplished tasks, but if you want to be considered for the prize - it's a must!⠀

Hey @fionacottonpaintings - as promised here is my pear from Florence Academy of Art, aka my first ever oil painting 😂. This is not a good example of academic painting, but for anyone out there who is new to painting and interested in academic techniques, here is what my mistakes with this pear taught me: ⠀

1. Keep your darks as thin as possible, build up paint only in the light areas of the composition.⠀
2. Same goes for the background - keep it thin and avoid brushstrokes that catch the light and then leap forward.⠀
3. Don't try to solve problems just by applying more paint.⠀
4. Soft edges, soft edges, soft edges.⠀
5. The shadow cast by the object is as important as the object itself, and a realistic image depends on getting this right.⠀

Any advice you would add @fionacottonpaintings? ⠀

#illshowyoumineifyoushowmeyours #learningtopaint #florenceacademyofart #faa #fromlife #stilllife #stilllifepainting #oilpainting #academicart #academicpainting #realism #naturemorte #instaart #art #artist #contemporarypainting #contemporaryart #artecontemporanea #fineart #artgram #instaart #australianartist #sydneyartist #contemporaryrealism #painting

Saturdays in the studio with all the essentials - thanks @marieheleneclauzon for the bubbles #artistslife #thespacesydney

This painting is a special one to me, with layers of meaning. It's of my friend and @art_escape_italy cofounder @tsiana.portraits - I started painting it in early 2016, just after we had turned our lives upside-down to start a business in Italy. This moment, on a bright spring afternoon in Florence with the bells of Santo Spirito ringing in the background, was the last moment that our time was our own for the next 2 years. Starting a business takes everything you've got, and then some more. I don't think we fully understood that in this moment, we only knew we were determined to shake our lives up and attempt something radical and beautiful.⠀

'The art of happiness', oil on canvas.⠀

#art #contemporary #artoftheday #creativeuprising #gallery #creative #artwork #oilpainting #academicart #academicpainting #realism #instaart #artist #contemporarypainting #contemporaryart #artecontemporanea #fineart #artgram #instaart #australianartist #australianart #sydneyartist #contemporaryrealism #painting #portrait #portraits #portraiture #kunst #konst #arte

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