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As always, Saturday, 9am at Pioneer Performance.
Autumn is closing in on us so let’s get as many of these in while we still can 👊🏻

We should all be recovered from the great north run by the weekend so, give your body another test this one 😉

Coming down? Drop me a comment below or a DM 👇🏻

Now, I love that you can get heaps of great info on Instagram. And people share their own workouts for others to see - just because they enjoy it.
That’s cool.

What really grinds my gears is people who look good and share their own journey/workouts but use these as a hook to sell bullshit cookie cutter plans to people who want some help.

There are a lot of sharks on instagram. People looking to prey on those with dreams of feeling/looking like Instagram fitness models.
If you pay £20 for an 8 week program and you’re buying it from somebody who has zero qualification under their belt - I advise you not to.
They probably won’t be able to personalise the program for you and I’m almost certain that they won’t bloody want to either.

This is one of my biggest pet hates of social media. Hot people selling absolute shite to poor, innocent beginners who are in need of guidance.

Be smart. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to say no - even if you approached them.
That goes for qualified coaches too! 😉

Love this 👏🏻
Drop the ego, drop the million reps per second, actually think about what you’re doing 👊🏻
#Repost @grenadefit with @get_repost
🔸During your workout do you think about how you are performing each movement?
🔸If you are just going through the motions with no thought, you could be leaving a lot of gains on the table.
🔸Next time you are performing a movement like the Bent Over Row, try slowing it down (No, this doesn’t mean take 10 seconds to perform a rep).
🔸Feel the muscles that you’re supposed to be working.
🔸Reap the rewards.
🔸Another useful bit of info from @jamesjuniorbezant.
#SlowerReps #Form #GrenadeFIT #Gym

Good luck to everyone running today! 🏃🏻‍♀️

Here’s hoping everyone has a fun race and smashed their target finish times! 😌🤞🏻

Little shoutout to @sambaconpt - I’ve been living with him carb loading over the last few days and he’s never once rubbed it in my face 😌 - good luck Sam! ♥️

A final good luck wish to a few of my girls who are running today too - I hope you all stay out of trouble and return injury free 😉

I’ve seen it time and time again... people don’t get the results they want and they’re confused as to why they’re not.
And time and time again, they are their own worst enemy.

Nobody likes admitting they’ve skipped a session, not prepped their food or tracked it. This leads 1 of two ways;
1. People don’t skip their workouts, they prep their food, they track said food and they get some bloody good results.
2. They don’t do all of the above and they blame it on their kids, their partner, work, the weather or anything else they can think of. They also don’t get results as good as they might be able to.

The first thing we need to do in order to fix the second path is to hold ourselves accountable for everything we do.
There is always a way, there is always time, and you’ll definitely feel less tired after doing something. We just need to want it bad enough.

If feeling better in our clothes is our main goal, it’s not good enough. You need to be more specific. Which dress do you want to be able to wear with pride? When do you want to wear it? Why?

Some people just genuinely don’t know how to take a step towards their goals and that’s why they’re not achieving them. If that’s you, don’t be afraid to ask for help 😌
If you have all of the tools and you’re not using them, it’s about time you started 😉

It’s Monday, let’s set some goals. Let’s make a plan and let’s get shit done 👊🏻💁🏻‍♀️

BOOTCAMP - Saturday - 9am 🏋🏻‍♀️

£5 per session.
Take a little look at what we’ve got going on this week.

And yes, the finisher is the same as last week. We only managed to get 1/3 of it done... we still have 2/3 to complete 😉

Get yourself down for a tough session to start your weekend off right 💪🏻
Wanna get involved? Comment below or drop me a DM ✌🏻

3 things to avoid it you want to lose weight and keep it off!

Take a look at what and I suggest you should avoid if you want your weight loss journey to be sustainable 👆🏻

Any questions, any suggestions, drop us a message 😌

This quote was taken from @megsquats post a couple of days ago and it spoke volumes to me.

I wholeheartedly believe in women being strong.
Strong minded, strong willed and strong bodied.

In order to become strong, most believe that you must sacrifice being feminine.
“Gaining muscle will make you bulky”, “men don’t like women who are stronger than them”. - both incorrect statements.

Meg makes an amazing point when she says that femininity doesn’t have to be sacrificed for a woman to be a savage.
You can be strong as hell, throw some heavy weights about. But you can also do your hair, put makeup on and wear dresses sometimes.

If you believe that lifting weights will make you or any girl you know, bulk. Then your thought processes are dated.
Lifting increases muscle mass. Increased muscle mass gives the body shape - a shape that you can mould yourself.
Lifting weights can help achieve that perfect peachy butt you’ve been aching for or can give the appearance of a smaller waist - what isn’t feminine about that?! 👙⏳

Girls, don’t be afraid to be strong. Don’t be afraid to be feminine. Don’t be afraid to be a fucking savage too 👊🏻💁🏻‍♀️

#mondaymotivation 👊🏻
Today, I am my own motivation for the week ahead. Not because I’m an egotistical twat, but because I am the one who can make this week great 🙂

This photo was taken when I felt pretty damn good. And that has been a very rare thing over the last 12-18 months. I’ve not taken many selfies, nor have I been too happy about pictures being taken of me.

My mindset when taking this picture was different to how it has been previously. I wasn’t picking out my faults right away, I wasn’t thinking “suck in your belly!” Or “twist yourself around so your bum looks bigger and waist smaller”.
I just stood and took it. This is a true reflection of me. A little awkward but smiling 😌

I also LOVE colours. Especially cute pastels. Even more so when they’re put together 😍

Even if you’re hungover today, be your own motivation.
You can decide how each day is going to end up. Be positive, be happy and have a bloody good week! (Once you’ve recovered from your hangover 😉) ✌🏻

Tomorrow’s bootcamp plans are up!
As always, 9am, Saturday morning, £5.

Summer is almost over, get down for a killer workout while you still have the chance 👊🏻

Swipe to see what we have in store for you.
Want to come down? Drop me a DM or comment below ✌🏻

Start your weekend off the right way. See you tomorrow 💪🏻

Work hard, recover harder... what is she on about now?! 🤦🏻‍♀️

I mean that no matter how hard you work in the gym, you will not get the the best results if you are failing to recover.

You’ll see it a lot; “team no days off”, people boasting about not having a rest day, sleeping for 3/4 hours a night, barely eating.
These people might be in great shape... for now. In the long run, they’re setting themselves up for failure.

If you want to build muscle, lose fat, increase fitness or strength, you need to train hard but you also need time for your body to recover.
Without recovery, we don’t have growth. We also DON’T RECOVER. That’s the key here.

If you don’t recover, you’re already going into your next session at a lower percentage than your last one.
If you continue failure to recover, sleeping too little, adding extra sessions, reducing food intake more than you have already, then you will continue to decrease the level you can train at.
You’ll also see a smaller result rate.

My point is, if your coach says you need a rest day, listen to them. They’re saying it for a reason.
If you want to grow - recover.
If you want to get strong - recover.
If you want to increase speed - recover.
Lose fat? - recover.

Recovery can include;
- hitting optimal sleep (mine is 6-7 hours).
- getting a massage.
- eating enough calories (some from carbs 😱).
- taking scheduled rest days (this doesn’t mean you can’t move at all!).
- having a bath (can aid recovery of muscles).
- taking 5. Sit down, chill out 😌

Just some food for thought. If you’re wrecked and not changing much, chances are, your recovery just isn’t good enough.

He’s gone and done it again 👏🏻
#Repost @cartergood with @get_repost
There’s no doubt about it —> tracking your nutrition is one of the best ways to ensure you're consistently eating the right amount of calories and macros for your fitness goals.

But even though I love tracking & counting calories 📝❤️ , not everyone shares my enthusiasm...

For some, it's just not their thing... which is totes okie-dokie!

You do NOT have to track or count to successfully lose weight (you do have to be in a calorie deficit, though 😉)

However, I feel like a lot of people who dislike tracking don't realize how flexible it can be. You see, most people who tell me they hate counting calories say it's too monotonous for normal life — that eating the same number of each day doesn't allow for much flexibility.

Well, here's the thing. You do NOT have to eat the same number of calories or macros every single day!

Similar to how your week-to-week weight average is more important than your day-to-day weight, your average weekly calorie intake is far more relevant than how many calories you're eating on any specific day.

Knowing that, there's a lot to do that'll make your calorie intake work for YOU! (hehe, that rhymed 🤓)

This graphic shows three different ways you can manipulate your weekly calorie intake to fit your lifestyle. Obviously, these aren't the only three possibilities, but they're ones I've found work best for myself and my clients.

Personally, I like to eat (roughly) the same number of calories each day, but that's because I enjoy predictability and simplicity. I have clients who hate eating the same number of calories and, instead. Prefer cycling ‘em based on when they workout or to accommodate their weekend partying 🍻

The Bottom Line ✅: an essential part of being successful is figuring out how to follow your diet with consistency, and while there's nothing magical about calorie cycling, it can be an excellent tool for creating a more enjoyable plan 👍
⠀ ⠀ ⠀

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