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Sarah Sophie Flicker  Contact: The Citizens Band,Violet Book, Women's March On Washington, Lady Parts Justice, At Once Online, Art Not War

Celebrating @girlsclubny tonight. This place has so much heart and joy. Here's to the incredible girls who are our future. There is nowhere else I'd want to be. With a big thank you to @susanmcp1! Shimmying with honoree @pieraluisa along with @marahoffman @dearabalenger @cc7d! #stayhuman #keepshowingup #resist

45's proposed budget is inhuman. The proposed health care would be a disaster for women, the elderly, poor and marginalized.
As my resister @paolamendoza wrote:

23million people will lose their health insurance if we repeal ACA. Let's take those 23 million folks to the polls & get our government back!

Who's in? Stay focused and #keepshowingup. #stayhuman #resist

Sometimes when the world feels terrible and mean, getting the radicals together in support of progressive women candidates who are rolling up their shirt sleeves to gum up the fascist works, feels really good!

Our friend #LauraMoser is running for congress in Texas' 7th district. I'm excited to support Laura. I'm excited to make supporting badass candidates running in other states my norm. We have pretty good representation here in NYC, but we need to flip the congress in 2018. We can only do that by throwing down for progressive candidates in other states.

Laura Moser also started Daily Action Texts which has been a godsend for my everyday activism.
Laura Moser For Congress! Here with @benjaminokeefe @matt__speed @shishi.rose @aminatou @annfriedman @laurenomics #stayhuman #keepshowingup #lauramoserforcongress #midterms

Richard Collins III.

Richard Collins III, 23, died Saturday, three days before he was supposed to graduate from historically black Bowie State University.
Sean Christopher Urbanski, 22, was charged with murder and assault for the attack that University of Maryland police Chief David Mitchell called "totally unprovoked." The University of Maryland police sought the FBI's help after learning Urbanski is a member of a Facebook group called Alt-Reich Nation.

#stayhuman #richardcollins #blacklivesmatter
Image via @michaelaangelad

Ugh. Needed this. I extend this circle of love to you all. The sadness is overwhelming. * Talk to your kids. They know. * Don't lose focus: 45's proposed budget cuts are inhuman. The Russia connection is strong. Keep your eye on the prize.
* White nationalists are commiting hate crimes & terrorism on our own soil. * Show up for the #marchfortruth * Have some #daringdiscussions * Be a force of bravery & kindness

That's all I got.#stayhuman #keepshowingup

Keep breaking the "rules". They were never set up to serve us or unite us.
I love this definition of lived feminism by #saraahmed (look for her book "Living A Feminist Life") via #truthout:

To be a feminist is to be a feminist everywhere. Feminism is not a commitment that can be suspended when it is inconvenient. But that does not mean feminists share the same commitments or that it is always clear how that commitment should express itself! Work is part of everyday life. When we live a feminist life we are a feminist at work. Feminism means being attentive to power relations at home and at work, being willing to challenge abuses of power, being willing to support those who are challenging abuses of power. It means being aware of who is doing the work, especially the housework (in institutions, housework is called administration); it means striving to make workloads more equal (including by attending to how they are not); it means becoming attuned to who can access a space because of how it is arranged or inhabited (and who cannot). Feminism is about questioning everything about our shared social world. This is not an imposition. It is an invitation to open up what tends to work by being closed down. - Sara Ahmed
#stayhuman #resist #keepshowingup

The Beloved Community The Night Before The March by @kishabari. “What I have found is that there’s love to be found. There’s joy there. There’s suffering. There’s redemption. All of it. And that’s what it means to be human. And if we are going to evolve spiritually, morally, as human beings, we’re going to lean in to caring more, and loving more for one another, and honoring our connectedness, and our oneness, and resist that impulse, that fear-driven impulse to divide and label and react with punitiveness rather than care and concern." - Michelle Alexander
#stayhuman #keepshowingup #resist #resisterhood #womensmarch

These women are everything. I'll link the livestream in my instastories. Nights like this make me believe (and know) that we will win. We are all the gatekeepers of the beloved community. 45 & his cronies are resisting the inevitable.
Thank you @americaferrera, @love_cullors, #JessicaGonzalez-Rojas, @cosmopolitan & @iwillharness!

Here is a bit of a @cosmopolitan story:

It’s also crucial to expand that community to include people you might not have expected. “It's impossible to hate anyone whose story you know,” said Sarah Sophie Flicker, one of the national organizers of the Women’s March. “As critical as the marches, the protests, and all the activism is, it's as critical in building community and building an understanding for our shared community to really be talking and telling each other stories.” Overall, the activists stressed unity, warning that their opponents are trying to divide them into warring factions. But when “we can link arms,” Gonzalez-Rojas said, “no one can stop us. This administration can't stop us. No one can take away that power.”
#stayhuman #iwillharness #activsmirl #keepshowingup #resist #daringdiscussions

With @love_cullors. I'm nervous. She seems cool as a cucumber! Patrisse is one of my all time sheros. Watch us now at #activsmirl #iwillharness #stayhuman

Terence Crutcher = No conviction
#terencecrutcher #blacklivesmatter
@womensmarch tweeted an important thread regarding this case. Betty Shelby is the white, female police officer who shot Terence Crutcher: * The killing of #TerenceCrutcher shows the intersection of police violence, anti-Black racism, and ideas about white womanhood and Black men. * In America, Black men are inherently seen as threatening - especially to white women. This assumption is deadly. * As an intersectional feminist movement, we must unpack the ways that white women can cause violence against Black men. * As women, we reject racist arguments about white women's safety that further harm members of our communities, that further harm us.

#stayhuman #blacklivesmatter #terencecrutcher
Image via @ericcanada

Don't grow weary. Keep Showing Up, keep demanding justice & truth. This is some fuckery. Show up because you are grounded in love, love for this country, love for our children, our families, love for our shared humanity, love for the beloved community, love for what is right & what should be. #stayhuman #theriseofthewomanequalstheriseofthenation #resist image via @mia.mingus @ @barnlib

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