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HBD to the great @gloriasteinem! In her spirit & in the spirit of the movement, here are some of this weeks #smallvictories via #peaceisloud :
The BIG Victory: Trump Concedes Defeat On Plan For Obamacare Repeal!!! You did this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. The Supreme Court unanimously overturned Supreme court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s 2008 decision by ruling to protect the rights of children with disabilities.

2. All across the country, Indivisible groups and other concerned citizens continue to protest and call (and sometimes boo) their elected officials. We especially love these women who showed up at the Texas Senate dressed as Handmaid’s Tale characters to protest anti-abortion bills.

3. This week, ING became the first bank to sell its stake in the Dakota Access Pipeline! Plus, San Francisco, Alburquerque, Raleigh, and other cities are following in Seattle’s footsteps and joining the fight to divest. This couldn’t have happened without the water protectors and #DeFundDAPL campaign organizers.

If you’re inspired, check out this website to learn how to divest your own money or pressure your city to divest, too 💰 💪

4. Nevada voted to become the first state in 35 years to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Check out the indomitable Shirley Chisholm’s 1969 speech explaining why the ERA is so important.

5. Maryland’s Republican governor announced his support for a fracking ban currently on its way to the State Senate, saying it’s “an important initiative to safeguard our environment.” (Thanks, Suzanne, for submitting this!) Another victory in combating climate change? Less beef. These days, it’s not what’s for dinner.

6. The Iron Workers are the first building trade union to announce paid maternity leave for their members, and real-life Rosie the Riveters are getting a national day of recognition.

7. Representative Beth Fukumoto from Hawaii has resigned from the Republican Party and is seeking membership with the Democratic Party, citing racism and sexism as the core reasons why she's leaving the GOP. Aloha and Aloha.

8. New York City announced it will block ICE agents from entering school buildings.
#resist #stayhuman #smallvictories image via @rallyandrise

The whole damn system is guilty as hell. Stay loud & vocal.
Video via @diandre_tristan
Words via @womensmarch:

We came out in droves for our Muslim sisters and brothers, for refugees and immigrants, for women as a whole. We ask our supporters to do so again for these missing girls, for our daughters. If we do not take action to address the mass disappearance of Black and Latina girls, we cannot claim to stand for all women. We cannot claim to be true to our commitment to justice, safety, security for all. We are committed to support, advocate for and uplift the work of local organizations that have long been dedicated to finding and caring for these girls, and for all missing youth - including trans and gender nonconforming youth. We will not rest until they are brought back safely. While some are just now turning their attention to the issue of the disappearance of girls of color, this crisis is far from new, and it's on the rise. We will not rest until all women and girls and femmes are able to live free from violence.
#findourgirls #stayhuman #resist

Within the last week, nearly a dozen teens of color have gone missing in the Washington D.C. area. & many more since January. We need to be talking about this.
Via @essence:

As Teen Vogue pointed out in a recent article about the disappearances, there’s often comparison of the amount of attention that young people of color receive versus young, attractive white women.
The phenomenon entitled "missing white woman syndrome," is a term referring to the media’s fascination with missing women who are white, young, pretty, and often from middle-or upper-class backgrounds. This theory is attributed to the late PBS reporter, Gwen Ifill who speculated that the media has an apparent lack of regard for missing people of color.

To report any information on the missing teenagers, call the Washington, D.C., Police Department at (202) 727-9099. #findourgirls #stayhuman

This is a photo of lawmakers discussing taking away maternity, contraceptive, mammogram coverage & blocking access to @plannedparenthood..... in case anyone thought misogyny wasn't a thing.
The delayed vote does NOT mean we've won. Don't let up; don't stop calling. Reps ARE tallying calls. Give them backup to vote no. Your calls are working keep Showing Up!

#healthcareisahumanright #resist #stayhuman #trumpcare #istandwithpp

* Look at this list. READ IT. People will die. *CALL YOUR REPS: 844-904-7411 (and sign up for Daily Action Texts) * CALL the 27 Republicans voting NO and thank them (@michaelskolnik has a list with numbers on twitter). *The White House is in negotiations to get hard-line conservative members to support #TrumpCare .

Key to the deal, are changes to the law that would eliminate the Affordable Care Act’s “essential health benefits,” a list of 10 categories of procedure that all insurance plans offered to individuals or small businesses must cover. (List in image) info via @voxdotcom #protectourcare #savetheACA #trumpcare #AHCA #stayhuman #resist #healthcareisahumanright

This is resistance! On Monday, a group of women dressed in white bonnets and red robes—in homage to Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel, The Handmaid's Tale—showed up to the Texas Senate in protest of two anti-choice bills under consideration. @womensmarch #CreativeResistance #WhyIResist #FightBackTX #SB415 #TXlege #stayhuman #resist

Another scene from the #resisterhood . In @tanyaselvar's words from last night, "Spring brings renewal, may it also bring impeachment!" Photo by my love @latonyayvette
#stayhuman #creativeresistance #womenswork #resist #whyiresist

Tonight's #womenswork panel was on the topic of courage. These women gave me so much. Thank you @marahoffman for bringing us all together.
@shelbydknox took this photo & chronicled incredible quotes. Here are a few: * "Shutting up can be courageous." - @sarahsophief, in the context of being white privilege & organizing. * "White people need to get to work. Undo this. We have been doing this for centuries." - @michaelaangelad * "Our lives have become a place on a political spectrum. Our lives are our lives, not a position to be played." - @amani * "My most courageous act is being brave for my mother, my grandmother, generations who've lived through trauma." @eliserpeterson * "I know too many women doing it all to think about having it all." - @tanyaselvar * "Donald Trump does not scare me. I'm gonna be just like Harriet Tubman w/ a rifle on my knee for the next 4 years." - @jamiaawilson * "It is courageous to take even the smallest of actions to #resist , and stand up for what we believe in." - @sallykohn * "Spring brings renewal, may it also bring impeachment!" @tanyaselvar
The facebook live is on @marahoffman's page. It's worth watching. Moderated by the great @deepoku
#stayhuman #womenswork #resist #creativeresistance

Join us tonight!
Via @marahoffman:
We're bringing together some of the radical women from our WOMEN'S WORK project in collaboration with #ARTNOTWAR , a conversation on courage.
Moderated by @deepoku
join us for the event via FB live and here on IG TONIGHT starting @7:30pm est.
Photo by @amberbmahoney #womenswork #creativeresistance #resist #stayhuman

Scenes from Friday's #NoBan rally. This is what #creativeresistance looks like! The wonderful @b_dumas shot this.
Brainchild of @paolamendoza @faiza_n_ali & @lsarsour with tremendous creative direction from @mtgphoto #stayhuman #resist #creativeresistance #NoBan #solidarity

This #creativeresistance by @gotagirlcrush on subway! ALSO:
March 11-17 #smallvictories Via
1. Travel ban 2.0 has been blocked by Hawaii and Maryland, preventing the new order from going into effect Wednesday night.

2. ICE released DREAMer Daniela Vargas from detention, thanks to legal support from civil and immigrants’ rights groups.

3. A young adult novel called: The Hate U Give,
inspired by Black Lives Matter, soared to #1 on the New York Times best-seller list, and Get Out director Jordan Peele became the first black writer-director to have a feature debut earn more than $100 million.

4. A federal court ruled that Texas gerrymandering is unconstitutional, and that the state engaged in intentional discrimination when drawing their districts.

5. After Scott Pruitt questioned the human impact on climate change, so many people called his office in response that the EPA had to create an impromptu call center. 
6. With a record 82% turnout, Netherland voters rejected Islamophobia and xenophobia by defeating far-right politician Geert Wilders and choosing incumbent Prime Minister Mark Rutte instead.

7. There continues to be an overwhelming amount of pushback against Trumpcare. A ton of Republicans across the country (seriously, so many) are voicing their concerns.
This is HUGE!
👊 Your phone calls are working!
👉 Not to mention that stakeouts are happening right now across the country to save the ACA.
💪 Plus 94% of Congressional aides say that constituents’ visits to an undecided Representative’s office can sway their vote.

8. Arizona’s Supreme Court upheld the voter-approved law to increase the minimum wage.

9. Gay veterans are no longer banned from marching in Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, thanks to outcry from the public, corporate sponsors, and city officials.

10. Remember the Polish politician who ranted against equal pay for women earlier this month? Nearly one million people signed a petition calling on the European Parliament to suspend him—and it worked.

11. Last weekend, the ACLU launched their grassroots volunteer initiative, People Power, with more than 2,000 events and 200,000 people tuning in.

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