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Sarah Williams  Seeing isn’t believing, feeling is.

One of the things I am most grateful for is the relationship I have with my brother. It’s the relationship in my life that has taught me the most about what it means to love unconditionally— and how to extend that love to as many people as possible. I hope that today on his birthday he feels it twofold 💛

This is a love letter to all the teachers in my life. For a long time I was searching for a mentor. Someone who does what I want to do and would help guide me with sage advice and ego checks. My search has turned up empty handed in that narrow perspective, but when I pull back and look at my year I realize that I’ve had many teachers along the way. Temporary cosmic collisions with people that resulted in knowledge, pain, joy, and purpose and for all of those I am grateful. Every single person in this world knows something you don’t. Be a detective to find out what it is.
Shot this weekend on a trip to the “Seven Teacups” with the most knowledgeable Canyoneers and badass people I’ve met in a long time. Thank you @jennasylvester00 and @rex_ferrel for showing me the ropes.

It may not be be possible to spend every day experiencing the highs of what you love, but it is possible to spend more days setting yourself up for them.

“Silence and solitude are good things. But they are not life. They are important pieces of a bigger life. They give you clarity and calm. They stand in contrast to the hustle and swarm of daily goings on. But solitude is not sustainable. Neither is constant community. Being with people all the time leaves the mind perpetually in the shallows. Companionship is different. It’s the blend of the two. Community and solitude. And by being both, it is one of the most sustainable things in human life. You are yourself, your fullest self, with another person. Someone who knows you best. Someone on your journey, either for a season or for a lifetime.” -excerpt from @jedidiahjenkins in @wilderness latest publication.
While I take time to discover my own voice, I find inspiration and guidance from his. I hope you do too ✨

View of Mt. Baker, from our camp on Mt. Shuksan. This sunset on night 1 was the only time on the trip we saw a blue sky, so it felt like a gift. The stoke was shared amongst all, and just like that, 8 strangers became family.

“To my mind, voyaging through wilderness, be they full of woods or waves, is essential to the growth and maturity of the human spirit. It is in the wilderness that you really learn who you are. It is in facing the challenges of the wilderness that the thickness of your wallet becomes irrelevant and your capabilities become the truer measure of your value.” Excerpt from Adrift by Steven Callahan

If you want a lesson in presence, spend more time with nature.

The goal: to gain the mental fortitude and physical endurance to not only survive, but thrive in difficult conditions and be able to photographically document the people and happenings that exist beyond our societies which push the human spirit forward 🏔

I think it’s important to put yourself in a new environment occasionally because it’s hard to tell the ways in which you’ve changed when everything around you remains the same.

There are not many other places I’d rather be.

In two weeks I will be attempting to summit Mt. Shuksan, a mountain in North Cascades National Park. I will be climbing alongside a small team of REI employees as we are raising funds to benefit Washington's National Park Fund. I have a goal of $2,000 and so far have raised 33%!! I am extremely grateful to be a part of this experience as it breathes life into my dream of mountaineering. The earth is a marvelous playground and I want to continue to explore it's peaks and allow for future generations to do the same. This is a cause I truly believe in, and if you feel the same way please click the link my bio and help me hit my fundraising goal!

There’s something moving about the stillness of a lake in the early morning hours.

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