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MODVIER Managing Director  Modvier , ErbaOfficial, Wife, Mommy, Fashion, loves cooking too ❤️


Tadi belajar masak sambal ubi kayu + ikan bilis dgn @anietaasril. She said something which totally hit me, “if stress, masuk dapur terus masak.. bukannya apa, bila bagi org lain makan, husband, kids, staff @modvier kat butik tu, and diorang happy and makan berselera terus hilang stress
Kdg2 its simple things that we do, do make others happy, in return brings happiness to us too kan? #iraiseMEup @erba.official

"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough."
Wearing @youmeandhunny kurung top ( its so cool, you can wear it on its own ) ok 50% discount too 😵😵😵matched with @waarna printed shawl and @odda.kl long necklace , all from @modvier #modvierootd

Im so excited about this series because not only it fits in most of my handbags, it helps remove the heaviest of makeup ( this makeup was done in a hour by a professional makeup artist ) and its complete with our very own day cream with SPF 40 too!!!!! Life feels so complete guys
And not only that, looking at how detailed kak @suri.daman makes sure every production is tailored to perfection is just so comforting. We know whatever we put on our customers faces are not only pure, natural and organic but completely honest too
I hope itll put a smile on your faces as much as it did to me ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ . Its launching tomorrow guys! @erba.official #erbaminiatures

Aku perhati je perangai kau cat #nadynezulfa #ivfbaby

Paneh litlit requires baju yg loose n airy. Jom pg mall makan icecream jom hehe.. esok dah kena pg school
Wearing @farraly.official top and pants set in Nude just launched at @modvier #modvierootd

Cucu paling kecik and cicit paling kecik with wer hehehehehe #nadynezulfa #ivfbaby

Bila kena buat jgk video tutorial mcm staff😂 .
Jangan gelak plz @marshmallowscarf @waarna @thebubblepearl all from @modvier #modvierootd

Happy birthday wonderwomen @idaedham @cdshietacoco

My “heavy” brunch after folding, hanging and ironing 5 bakul kain. Pengsan 😂 @erba.official

Tudung with sleeveless dress #fashionnono #nadynezulfa #ivfbaby @fadzaraa shawl from @modvier #modvierootd 😂

Nightttt, i had my chicken pox shot today.. so imma sleep earlyyyyy #nadynezulfa #ivfbaby
Wearing @bbd_bellebabiesdesign from @modvier #modvierootd

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