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Penat weh packing. Keluar masuk bag, punggah barang, balut brg.. tido dulu lah... naniteeeee #nadynezulfa #ivfbaby#whenpapababysits🙄 #summerinjapan

A woman's bestfriend
her handbag(s) , she has so many bff's - 😜 dont lie i know you agree with me on this
her trusted @erba.official Serum- everyone needs the best one for their face
her face mist - coz its hot outside , and also when ur face is all flamed up sebab tahan marah dgn kids, spray it on, legaaa sejukkkk muka dan hati
Her phone - wont leave the house without it
Gentle baby essential oil to keep the baby happy n calm
And her wallet ❤️ #momessentials #erbabeauty #erbafeedback

Bamboo green tea soft ice cream , YAS!

Baaabaaaacaaakkkkkk ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #nadynezulfa #ivfbaby

Tiang2 merah atas bukit @ashrulrizal ckp, dia kata kuasalah nak naik 😂
Susah benor nak dapat shot xde org sini. You can see how packed it is in my instastories , but we figured out a way by kinda cheating n went the opposite way kahkahkahkah
Wearing @blubelle_official top, so nice and airy and structured at the same time, of course from @modvier #modvierootd, swipe to see the baju closeup, its so nice!

2 hours drive back to Kobe.. packed my survivor kit. Took 1 more extra @erba.official @erbahub's #jamurupawan today coz its gonna be sooo tiring later at the Premium Outlet , eh 😜
Moms who have consumed ERBA's #jamurupawan will totally agree that they NEED its daily dosage to keep up with their kid's energy haha
Ingredients are premium and all natural of course and InsyaAllah tak kan ada jamu yg SAMA dgnnya sbb its formulated from the best fresh ingredients which mostly susah nak dpt pun kat sini , grinded , went through heavy metal test for every production, capsuled and bottled to perfection ❤️ #erbafeedback #erbawellness

Masa baba snap pic sini without us dulu (selamba pg Japan tak hajak kitorang) , these 2 young kids xlahir pun lagi.. skrg drg dah besar panjang dah, Alhafiz and Hafizah dah.. kalah kitorang
The Shah Nor's minus @nblhsnor and @afifshahnor #summerinjapan

When u wanna indulge in super good ( expensive ) food which u only sanggup spend on once during your whole trip , u give ur baby gadgets and her own plate of food , makanlah sepah sendiri , to keep her calm 🤣 #dokdiamsitu #babysharksongonrepeat #habismelekatnasikatskirtandtudungmami

@ashrulrizal, #rafiqzulkarnain and #nadynezulfa duduk under the shade as usual 🙄 #puterililin #gedik

Morningggg im ready for a new adventure today ❤️ #nadynezulfa #ivfbaby

1. Cakkkkkkkk
2. Oh no, i think i need to poop
3. Need to hide now
4. Maybe belakang tiang ni org xnampak
5. Hey stay away from me
6. Ok dah settle, sambung balik jom #nadynezulfa #ivfbaby #poopooface😂

The struggles to get a descent group photo
Sorang anak nak lepas , sorang anak xnak senyum kena geletek baru senyum, dh ok, ada plak org photobomb 💁🏼 #summerinjapan

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