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Sarah's Bats  Licensed & vaccinated bat rescue volunteer in Sydney. NEVER ATTEMPT TO TOUCH A LIVE BAT


Hungry little Bat on the end of a large production line... sigh....

Making #StevieBat

Thank you, as always, to the assistance of @foxvalleyanimalhospital as without their willingness to provide ongoing veterinary support to me and my bats, I would not be able to provide the level of care I am able to provide to these precious #keystone #pollinators
@sydney_wildlife_rescue @wireswildliferescue @thedodo
#batsarenotpets #neverhandlealivebat #vaccinatedandlicensedcarer #rescuerehabrelease #wild #threatenedspecies #babypteropus #orphanedwildlife

It’s been stupendously busy, so much so I have barely had time to sleep let alone post about it coherently!! I would like to make it up to you all, by introducing you to #Shoey (that’s right like the alcoholic drink out of a smelly shoe) although thankfully he wasn’t found in someone’s dirty shoe, he was found on someone’s lawn, tiny, eyes fused closed and ears down, mostly furless with placenta still attached. Shoey came in to care (at best guess) 3-4 weeks premature weighing 51g with a forearm of 47mm. As with human babies, being born under developed is a risky business. To add to that, falling from a height, and being left on the ground in the cold is not particularly helpful for winning the odds at life. However, after careful consultation with wildlife vet from @australiazoo and Trish from @ausbatclinic in collaboration with my wonderful local vet we all decided that he had enough life in him to give a go, albeit with a somewhat guarded prognosis. He has now been in care for 2 weeks and has mostly thrived, except for one episode of acute hypoglycemia- they have extremely fragile sensitivity to changes in blood glucose which resulted in a short term crash, from which he was successfully revived and has continued to progress ever since. Other than that, his requirements have been 90% sleep in a humidity and temp controlled ICU incubator, small and frequent round the clock feeds, supplementary fluids to counter fluid loss through naked surface area, respiratory support on the nebuliser to aid immature lungs and body positioning to maximize ventilation... and lots and lots of patience... cheers to teeny tiny Shoey, and may he continue to thrive my little Bat blob.
#batsarenotpets #rescuerehabilitaterelease #wildliferescue #pteroblob #orphanedblob #batblob #undercooked #neverhandlealivebat #vaccinatedandlicensedcarer #babyboy #NoTouchNoRisk @sydney_wildlife_rescue

Raven vs Fruit Kebab.
Overcoming the nightly challenge of actually getting the kebab hung in the cage. This time I remembered to bring my phone to capture the saga for everyone to enjoy 🙂

This is an excellent example of how bats can (and do) actually use their feet for much more than just hanging! #batsarenotpets #wildwildlife #wildlife #pteropusalecto #rescuerehabrelease Sydney Wildlife (Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services) @sydney_wildlife_rescue @wireswildliferescue
Any Bat by itself during the day, or unable to fly away at any time is in serious trouble. Immediately contact your local wildlife rescue for a vaccinated licensed and specially trained Bat rescue volunteer to come and assess the situation. #neverhandlealivebat #protectthemorlosethem

And this baby bat season starts off in a similar #bittersweet way to last years. After picking up a heavily pregnant female hanging by her thumbs from a shrub, I rushed to @foxvalleyanimalhospital suspecting a severe and likely untreatable spinal cord injury. A decision was made to euthanize Mum as quickly as possible due to her poor prognosis for recovery and inability to give birth without necessary innervation over her lower body. The best possible outcome was to try and deliver the pup via cesarian section in hope that baby was still alive... often the stress of traumatic injury can lead to abortion, or injury to the unborn pup so this is always a risky, but worthwhile process! Thankfully we had a #happy outcome after all, with the arrival of a beautiful baby girl #pteropuspoliocephalus #threatenedspecies #neverhandlealivebat #vaccinatedandlicensedcarer @sydney_wildlife_rescue @wireswildliferescue more to come soon

So this happened at home this arvo. It started snowing turpentine blossom as the wind kicked in towards the end of his song... one thing we had in common was that we both drive looking up at trees in a constant pursuit of the perfect branch... while I search for Bat branches, he searches for music branches! His yidaki instrument was made fresh from mallee #noteveryday #didge #yidaki #artofthelandathome #magic #australia

I have a confession to make... I cheated on my bats with a mob of cheeky monkeys... and I liked it 🙊🙈 Big thank you to @_benbritton & Khalia for letting me come to meet your kids. You're doing amazing things, and to everyone else who sees this post be sure to check them out on their fb page and find out about their current conservation projects @wildanimalencountersaustralia #conserve #conservation #wild #wildanimalencounters #donttellthebats #monkeyseemonkeydo

It's been a scorching September weekend with temps across the east coast of NSW well in to the mid to high 30s (Celsius). Due to the rapidly changing climate and ongoing habitat destruction, as well as the ongoing disturbance threatening many urban flying fox day camps, our native flying foxes have less capacity to cope in hot and dry conditions. This can lead to mass die off, as bats literally collapse from heat stroke. The less suitable the habitat is that they are occupying by day; the larger the potential toll.
In the meantime, watermelon parties for the captive bats are always a huge hit with the kids... #summeriscomimg #lovebats

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