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Sarah's Bats  Licensed & vaccinated bat rescue volunteer in Sydney. NEVER ATTEMPT TO TOUCH A LIVE BAT @sarahsbats #sarahsbats

This lad was attacked by a dog and possibly secondary to a bird of prey, which has left the poor man with deep and dirty abscess which appears to be at least several days old. The large, infected abscess on his back has been cleaned up with the help of @gordonvet
He is now on IV antibiotics, fluids and pain relief to overcome the infection. There is some concern regarding the impact of the degree of muscle damage, which may affect his ability to efficiently fly long distances each night; which is imperative for a flying-fox who needs to be able to follow the food source of native eucalypt blossom and other hardwoods wherever it may bloom. That’s literally a marathon distance of foraging for blossom in a standard single night (~50km generally, have been tracked to move >300km in a single evening on migration) which is why it’s so important these animals must be rehabilitated to near peak condition prior to release back to the #wild and why we are so lucky to have access to Sydney’s only custom built flying-fox rehabilitation facility in #lanecovenationalpark called #kukundi which allows us to give our bats the very best second chance possible @nswnationalparks @sydney_wildlife_rescue @wireswildliferescue @sarahsbats #vaccinatedandlicensedcarer #rescuerehabrelease #neverhandlealivebat #notouchnorisk #pollinators #wildliferescue

There’s been a steady stream of juveniles coming in to care with a variety of traumatic injuries. I took these vids last week to document progression of improvement to show how the newest patient would respond to hanging with other bats for the first time, as she had been on sling rest since coming in to care earlier in that week, suffering from traumatic brain injury most likely as the result of smacking a car at high speed. She presented to @sydvetspecialists with a profound nystagmus (where the eyes track pathologically away from the midline of the body). They provided initial stabilisation and then rung @wireswildliferescue for a vaccinated volunteer rescuer @megabattie who picked her up and brought her to me for ongoing rehabilitation. She’s still a bit twisty and disorientated, but it’s a significant improvement from how she first presented, (and she’s improved further since). This is all thanks to a process of teamwork which started with the goodwill of the member of public who knew she was in trouble because bats should never be on the ground, ever, or by themselves during the day. Thankfully they also knew not to touch the bat, and got it to a vaccinated vet.
In this video to the left is also a Bat that was still alive whilst connecting two powerline cables a few weeks ago, and suffered electrical burns through her body, (which more commonly instantly fatal). The shaved Bat near the back is Kayla, who was attacked by a bird of prey the other month. They all came in to care in terrible states, but appear to be (mostly) over the worst of it.
The next phase of their recovery will be in our large custom free flight facility, once Kayla has grown back some fur, and once the electrical burns girl and nystagmus girl have fully overcome their injuries, they will go there for several weeks to regain strength & #flight fitness before venturing back out in to the #wild world to re start their life as long distance native seed dispersers & #keystone #pollinators of the hardwoods of east coast Australia
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Grey goshawk (Accipiter novaehollandiae) sits among the roosting Grey-headed flying-foxes (pteropus poliocephalus) in Ku-ring-gai Flying-fox Reserve in Sydney’s northern suburbs
These spectacular birds of prey (raptors) hunt live food using their strong, sharp and highly specialised talons (toe claws). While there is a pair of goshawks who frequent this flying-fox camp, they are not considered a main predator due to their relative size being similar to that of an adult flying-fox, who would most likely put up a life threatening fight against the bird. They would successfully pluck off young and/or debilitated bats. On the most part, the bats appear relatively unbothered by its presence, however it is also quite a good survival strategy to keep calm and play dead. At this stage I haven’t seen the goshawk directly go for the bats, but there’s certainly a mix of responses to its presence from time to time, which leaves me even more curious than ever to keep watch and see what I can learn.
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Not bats this time... but I took @talldis to melbourne for a surprise birthday dinner and my corn came wrapped in melaleuca bark, a number of melaleuca (paperbark) species are of course pollinated by Australian flying-foxes #pteropuspoliocephalus #pteropusalecto #pteropusscapulatus #pteropusconspicillatus @atticamelbourne #vegetarianversion #exceptfortheants #iateants #atticamelbourne

The neighbours are getting ready to leave for the night shift... did you know that a typical nightly commute for a grey headed flying-fox is roughly 50km round trip and can be hundreds of km in a single night during a migration! That’s 50km stuffing their faces in native blossoms and transferring the pollen from tree to tree along the way. #pollinators #batcam #batcam360 #surveillance #neighbours #bigbeesofthegumtrees #batsofinstagram #pteropus #threatenedspecies #protectthemorlosethem #infrared #cctv

Just been doing some downward dogs and bat salutations on the balcony..... #notabadview #batsidebalcony #fitness #bulking

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