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Sarah  SWEAT IT TO SHRED IT Business contact: 👇🏼👇🏼the eight week active lifestyle challenge☀️

I've almost finished week 3 of Sweat it to Shred it and I'm honestly so happy with how my body is responding! I mentioned in a few posts back that this has been my most successful 'project comeback' by far! I'm genuinely enjoying my workouts because they're always different and I don't have to plan or think about them before I hit the gym. They're all planned out for me and require no equipment at all🙌🏼 The other night I couldn't even be bothered to drive to the gym so I smashed out the Toning Power workout in my lounge room! I've approached this body transformation with a different mentality this time and that is one of balance, patience and maintenance. Eating and training in a way that I could maintain FOREVER 🙌🏼 and I'm honestly enjoying every second of it!! You can check out my eight week active lifestyle challenge at oh and don't blame me when your 4 sets in to your ab kick round 😂😂 #abkickssuck #buttheymakeabs

Because majority of my main meals consist of vegetables and meat I rely heavily on delicious spices and herbs to mix up the taste and add flavour to my recipes. Although I have my signature favourites (that I'm sure you all know from my YouTube videos ect) I do try to change it up every night to keep it fresh and fun! Don't under estimate the power of herbs and spices. These will help dictate whether your vegetable cook up mirrors an Italian feast of Asian tapas! Here are a few of my must-haves...
✖️Apple Cider Vinegar (my all time favourite salad dressing when mixed with Himalayan salt)
✖️Sweet Paprika (I love sprinkling this on top of chicken or vegetables as I grill them in the pan)
✖️Cinnamon (pretty much the best spice on the planet! I add it to basically all of my smoothies or my current obsession is sprinkling it on top of sweet potato that is frying up in coconut oil! Try it out!)
✖️Coriander otherwise known as Cilantro
✖️Bone broth (I get this one from @meadowmarrowbonebroth and use it in my paleo soup recipes or simply drink it on its own when mixed with hot water. It's great for gut health and giving your body a boost of amino acids and collagen)
✖️Black Sesame Seeds
Find what herbs and spices your taste buds love to keep your meals fun and zesty!!

Ohhhhhh yeah! Surely by now you guys will know that this is pretty much one of my favourite topics and macronutrients. I honestly attribute healthy fats to a lot of my success regarding curing my acne, becoming/staying lean, feeling full and looking youthful and fresh. If there is one thing I want to drill into you it's that fats are not the enemy! Fats do not make you fat, they actually encourage your body to BURN FAT! I include a healthy source of fat into EVERY SINGLE MEAL and it's really the only way I stay full and satisfied between meal. The following foods have honestly been absolute life changers for my skin, hair, hormones, mental focus, energy levels and all around wellbeing
✖️Coconut oil (my go-to cooking oil or salad dressing condiment just make sure to get a good quality cold pressed oil I always get mine from @loving_earth )
✖️Avocados (I go through at least 1/2 a day and massage it with my hands into my salads and greens)
✖️Nuts (Walnuts, Brazil, Almonds are my fave. I always get activated nuts from @loving_earth as they're so much easier for my body to breakdown and digest)
✖️Seeds (Hemp and pumpkin seeds are incredible)
✖️Flax seed oil (an absolute power house when it comes to omega 3! If you're feeling extra brave I highly suggest cod liver oil. I've been having a cap full of this everyday and my skin is the clearest it's ever been!)
✖️Coconut flakes (super easy/convenient to snack on and look pretty in a jar on my kitchen counter haha)
✖️Tahini/Nut butter (I usually use this for my salad dressings or paleo zucchini noodle sauce)
Don't be scared to GET YO FAT ON 🥑🌰

I think of my carbohydrates as my micronutrients, the rainbow 🌈 that is going to make up most of my meal. Essentially these foods will take up my entire plate... and let me tell you... I pile my plate high! These foods fill my body with loads of energy and add volume to my meals.
We go through the following ingredients like CRAZY in this house because we eat such huge portion sizes of them all...
✖️Bananas (great for snacks or in smoothies)
✖️Pumpkin (butternut or jap are my fave)
✖️Sweet Potato ✖️Zucchini (so versatile and can be spiralized into noodles)
✖️Berries (packed full of antioxidants and low in sugar)
✖️Kale/Spinach (I include at least two huge handfuls into every savoury meal)
✖️Quinoa (although not paleo, if I'm really craving grains or something heavier I listen to my body and include it in my nourish bowls every now and then)
✖️Paleo bars (you guys know I'm obsessed with @bluedinosaurbars and I always like to have healthy bars and treats in hand because... you gotta treat yoself every now and then. We're all about an enjoyable, maintainable diet over here people!)

Probably the most hyped about macronutrient when it comes to health and fitness. Protein is essential for muscle development, recovery, managing your hormone levels and maintaining strong hair skin and nails. I include protein in every single one of my main meals. My favourite sources of protein that I use every single week are...
✖️Fish (barramundi, salmon, tuna)
✖️Eggs (whole egg)
✖️Chicken Breast and Thigh (free range)
✖️Beef Steak (grass fed only)
✖️Pea Protein Powder (you guys know I use the @tropeaka protein powders)
When deciding what I am going to have for brekkie, lunch or dinner I will ALWAYS include at least one of these options in the meal. In terms of portions you can always use the palm rule. The size of your palm helps give you an indication of the protein portion size you should be including in your meals. This is obviously not exact but it may help you out if you're feeling a little confused!

MY DIET 🌿🍌🍓🥗🍳
Alright, it's time to get down to the nitty gritty. What does my diet look like EXACTLY!? Well my beautiful squad, I'm about to show you.
I'm dedicating my next four posts to show you my favourite sources of protein, carbs, fats and condiments I use EVERY SINGLE DAY! This is pretty much a snapshot of a day in my tummy... hmm that concept sounded better in my head than typed out 😂😂
Anywaaayyyy. I eat a paleo based diet and focus heavily on healthy fats, micronutrients, fibre and protein. I believe in keeping our diet simple, fresh, colourful and primitive. I'm not sitting here preaching that this is the perfect diet and the only way we should eat. I just thought it might be helpful for me to completely breakdown and open up about my diet. My favourite foods and how I achieve my goals while eating huge quantities. Feel free to tag a friend who you think will find this post helpful in kicking off their healthy journey!! So without further ado... let's get into the first macronutrient PROTEIN 💪🏼

This has been the most successfully and enjoyable 'project comeback' I've ever experienced. My body is bouncing back quick, responding well to my diet + exercise and I genuinely feel so happy and content. I've always been told how detrimental and toxic stress is on our overall health, but I found myself shrugging it off and ignoring the fact. This time around I've been so kind to my body, taken the pressure off and scheduled in specific 'rest and recover' days into my routine. Not only do I feel so much calmer, but my body is actually responding better!! However, in saying this, I'm still super picky with how I structure my recovery routine so I thought I would put together a nice little checklist/visual guide to give you guys an idea of what I like to do to unwind 🙌🏼
🔥Set the mood: Not only do I love the vibe of candles burning in a warm, dark room, you guys know I'm obsessed with yummy smells. I have literally watched YouTube videos rating the top 10 strongest smelling candles. I swear by these ones from @indigoflamesoycandles they're super strong and their thick wooden wicks also create a soft open wood fire crackling sound when lit!
🙏🏼Recover: I've been trying to dedicate two nights a week to yoga or stretching. Even if I don't feel like it, I'll roll out my yoga mat, play some chill music and before I know it, I'm closing my eyes, trying to relax in the splits 😂 I've been using this yoga mat from @kamukaactive for the past few years and it's honestly still my fave! It's super grippy and soft but lets be honest... I just think it's so aesthetically pleasing 😍
🎵I either play my Sezzy Sounds: RECOVERY playlist or a random health/nutrition podcast to play while I stretch
☕️ Every night before I go to bed I drink this dreaming tea from @loving_earth I'm teaching my body to correlate its taste with sleep time to get me in a better nighttime routine.
🌿Essential oils: I swear by serums and essential oils, especially to de-stress the body. I've been using the @flora_remedia calm treatment for around 6 months now before bed and stretching and I seriously love it!
Give yourself permission to enjoy a little R&R ✨

Yes, yes, yes! My absolute favourite day of the week is among us people. Who else is excited!??
This morning I actually got up when my alarm went off at 8am and fulfilled my morning #domesticprincess duties of putting the washing on the line, making our bed and flipping the reeds in our diffusers (you guys know I'm obsessed with our apartment smelling delish!)
Independent Sezzy is off to a great start, but now I need your help. In all seriousness... do you think I could rock my matching P.J set and #doyouevenfashun fluffy slippers for a sneaky ride on Dot to grab a morning coffee? I'm thiiinnkiiingggg yes. After all... my second life moto is 'act confident and no one with question you' 😎
Lets go Dot.

Yesterday I met a girl who absolutely made my day! She follows my IG and watched my YouTube channel and is currently undergoing her own 'project comeback' and struggles with feeling peer pressured at school to follow the crowd or do things that the other girls are doing. She thanked me for my videos and opened up to me about how they are helping her in a very unique way.
Thank you so much to everyone who ever comes up to me on the street and says hi, sends me beautiful messages and letters. I'm sorry that I can't get back to every single one of you, but I just want you to know how much it truly means to me. All I want to do in life is help you, increase your self confidence and encourage you to learn to listen to your body ☺️ I wish someone had drilled that into me back when I was in high school.
As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been feeling super inspired lately to create some really fresh, helpful and fun videos. I hope you're enjoying my channels content just as much as I'm loving the creation process 💗🍌

Today I ticked a box off the bucket list, I'll even go as far to say - it was a childhood dream of mine...👸🏼💭
Today I took my first trip to the local farmers market and conducted my very own organic haul for Kurt and I 🤗🍌🍓🍯
I know that may sounds super strange, but ever since I was a preschooler I absolutely loved cooking, sourcing fresh ingredients and going grocery shopping with my mum. Not only do I love trying new and exciting fruits + veggies, I love learning about where my food comes from and the process it underwent to get to my plate. I made sure to film the entire thing for you, along with a 'what's in my kitchen' debrief for my YouTube channel. Today we came home with loads of greens, avocados, herbs, berries, bananas, grass fed beef and spices. I'll be honest guys... I haven't stopped staring at my healthy fridge for a solid hour now #fridgegoals #inmyelement #domesticprincess 😍

Can't.... move.... too.... full.... 🍌🥞🍳🍵
Ohhhhh man! Note to self - next time I decide to film a 'four healthy recipes' video... invite friends over! I'm notorious for eating everything on my plate. I hate food wastage and have a huge appetite. I'm sure you can guess where this is going... 😬
I can't help it if my delicious, paleo creations turned out too scrumptious to save for later 🤦🏼‍♀️ haha well at least I can vouch for the amazing taste of these recipes. So so yummy! Perhaps too yummy 😍 #staytuned #ilovefood

A sneaky snap taken on the epic daily adventures of Dot and Sezzy 🚲👸🏼
Since beginning this new body transformation series I've been feeling soooo inspired to create some really unique and helpful videos/ IG posts. Every afternoon I've just been sitting at my desk writing my crazy ideas down like a high school student cramming for an exam haha👩🏼‍💻I seriously have a million ideas running through my head at once!
I love creating content that is fun, positive, helpful, honest, authentic and true to the way I live my life. I honestly cannot wait for the next few months!! Get ready for some exciting stuff!!
P.s feel free to leave any video requests that you guys want to see!!

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