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Rd. Sarah Rauzana Putri 

Hello Youth Generations!
I’m Sarah Rauzana from Indonesia!

Do you know what is the biggest problem in this world?

One of the main problem in our world is Food Hunger. The vast majority of the world’s hungry people live in developing countries, where 12.9 % of the population is undernourished. It means there are a lot of people who don’t eat properly. Therefore, it is our responsibility as a human being to take an action. I invite you to join me reducing the food hunger in this world.

As the biggest agricultural students association in the world, IAAS Indonesia presents Youth Agricareture. A huge social project that encourage the concern of youths to agriculture in villages in eight cities in Indonesia. With the theme “Zero Hunger and Prosperity”, Youth Agricareture also willing to support the second SDGs, which is Zero Hunger, and to overcome the food hunger problems in this world.

Are you ready, Youth Generations?
Join Youth Agricareture Goes To School on Saturday, October 21st!
We are waiting for you in Bogor, Bandung, Semarang, Solo, Yogyakarta, Malang, Banjarbaru, and Mataram.

Think Globally, Act Locally!

#YouthAgriCareture #ZeroHunger #SDGS #SDSNYouth

Special post for the one and only; my super-sister in this world! Meskipun dulu sering (bgt2222) berantem (ampe skrg deng kadang hee) karna aku tau aku lebih cantik hehehehhehe gakdeng. Happy birrrrrthday! Semoga segala urusannya dilancarkan Allah SWT yaa, aamiin. Pokonya harus bahagia terus ya! Bahagia lah pasti punya adik kaya w😊 #mantappaboss #tumbenakur
P.s : maaf itu foto pertama gak balem, sepertinya ngacay ngeliat sesuatu yg enaq

Lama tak berjumpa
Kukira mereka menjadi anggun
Eh malah tambah lieur
Mulai dari iklan lipcream
Sampai ke curug membawa tahu rasa royco
Sekarang kusadar
Akulah yang paling anggun
Fyi itu foto pertama ceritanya gaya kalo nyapa orang gitu aku yang request luca kan. Ah nggak sih~

Thanks for always there for me, Pah. Thanks for always be my superhero!

Ketika harapan buat mencet tombol nyebrang balkot pupus sudah. Akhirnya dihibur cantik dengan eskrim cebanan. Bahagia itu sederhana.... dan murah😅

Coba tebak apa yang dipikirkan oleh orang sebelah kiri dan orang sebelah kanan? Apakah jodoh? Duit? Ipk? Atau....
📷: @lindaftmw

Butuh libur 3 detik. Caw?

Sepercik dari inemqu~ 😢

I want to have friends like them. They are not shy to tell any of their problems either their love story or their work experience. Even though they are already busy with their respective jobs . Although they had a relationship (there are 2 ex-lovers ((one girl and two boys)) in that group) but in the end they had to break up. Or those who have a crazy idea, to say no, and there are many more differences that make them together. And they have a “headquarters” where they gather and I think it is very fun and cute:3 I just want to be like them, I just want to have friends like them. It is difficult to find friends like them or just am I wrong? #HIMYM

Sedikit pemandangan bangun tidur.. yang menandakan udah telat kuliah karena matahari sudah terang benderang😥

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