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Sarah Pilger  idk might delete later

aaaand we’re off! thank you to all our friends on both coasts for the best last week in the US. we’ll miss all of u and can’t wait for u to visit!! (kamber and I, not jen lmao but ily jen)

u ever get ur hair cut 💇🏼‍♀️ and they make u look 🔥💦💯 so u leave like wow if only I put like 1% of effort into my hair everyday I could really slay this game of life & looks!! but then u arrive at the next day ur like 🤔 wait I’m not a professional hairstylist and o ya ain’t nobody got time for that sry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

my final goodbye to these two jobs I’ve loved so very much 💛 my heart is aching!

“home friends”

so clearly a hallway photoshoot lol

ok oregon!! dreamy af! ✨🌿

Portland, very cool

imy summer but I’ll also be seein u soon cuz ❗️❕ LIFE UPDATE ALERT ❕❗️im moving to chile feb 11 (see u NYC feb 6-11!) with my love! wahooo weooweeooo alert the authorities!! 🚑🚨

another day on the ferry w my friends (w/o ANY of our parents!!!) turned into a photoshoot bc one of our friends not with us (@akfremier) needed to see what we were all wearing!! hehehehehe! xD


california winters xoxo

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