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S A R A H ✖️ M O L L  A collection of everything I’ve shot... with a camera. 📸 soflo 📍 👻sc: wormiesur 🖤

*REAL TALK*👇🏽 - - -

Contrary to my Instagram posts, I’m almost never alone. I’m very social and love to be surrounded by my friends and people in general. Lately, so much so that I realized it was starting to become a problem. I began hating being at home or being alone so much I would change any plan I had, cancel appointments or spend any last dollar I could to be near others. I started spending my days doing things I didn’t even like doing and would never have chosen myself. But I decided to change that. Every morning I wake up and think about exactly what I would like to do that day (these daily fantasies usually involved friends), and then I just do precisely that by myself. I don’t text anyone to see if they are working or are free to join me. People change your plans... sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. Good or bad I don’t really care anymore. I do exactly what I want everyday and it is so damn satisfying. If you think maybe you have the same problem I did? Try it tomorrow.

tap dancing cause I was in front of the most delish vegan restaurant... ate lunch & had to come back for dinner 🔥 #2adays

what’re we about to get into today pose 🌊

Me trying to decide between whether I want grilled or fried fish tacos... sike you know I want them fried.

miss my nose rings :(

Are you good like I’m good 🧐

You were so pretty but tasted so ugly 💔 1/10 would not recommend unless u just want a pic lol

Rains all day & I really don’t mind 💧

Is it still Gemini season

The whole point of throwing my bag on the ground was so it wouldn’t be in the picture lmao


Pillaging 305 & shitttt

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