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Sarah Lemkus  Plant-based family of four 🌞 God is gooood. Love thrift shops, home births and guacamole From NZ, travelling the UK & Europe 🎥YouTube: Sarah Lemkus ↴

and the house is filled with the smell of pancakes again today because it’s someone else’s birthday! It’s a big week of celebrations, but more so than other years because @danlemkus is entering his thirties 🎉 Happy 30th babe!
You had me at “your cute” - spelt the wrong way, but you’ve had my heart ever since. 🧡🧡🧡
Pic by our four year old

Today 26 years ago the beautiful lady in the middle gave birth to me ✨ So very grateful for these two wonderful mothers above me in our generation line. 🧡🧡

We went to see the dinosaurs, and dinosaurs 🦖 we did see. Then we left in a heart beat because we ran out of snacks! 🙈
The past week has been the most full on week for our kids. And they have been troopers! Yes plenty of daily meltdowns, 1am, 2am, and 3am wake up calls but all round pretty good. We’ve managed two international flights, adjusting to a 13 hour time difference and have explored the city by foot. So today we are having a home day with yummy home cooked meals, a family lavender bath, reading books, plenty of Peppa pig and lots of cleaning and laundry ✨
#travelwithkids #travellondon

London is the #1 most vegan friendly city in the world... I wasn’t even aware of this coming here 🙈 On our first day we were walking around supermarkets, cafés and shops and couldn’t believe how many options there were here for plant eaters. I was so overwhelmed at the plant protein section at the first shop we went to. It felt a bit like Christmas, spoilt for choice 🙏

The adventures of 14-month-old Aubrey Jacob 🌻 swipe ➡️ he was so determined to catch the cheeky squirrels! 🐿

Beth saw sand and immediately took her shoes off, not realising it’s winter in the UK! 🤣🤣🤣 gotta love her excitement to be barefoot.
Here I am tying them back on so she could go play on the pirate ship. #travelwithkids

Socks, shoes, thermals, jumpers, jackets, beanies, scarfs, spare clothes, snacks, water, nappies, wipes, lip balm, sunnies - check!! ✅ forgets the phone, wallet and gloves 🤣 #leavingthehousewithkids what’s the one thing you always forget when leaving the house? I constantly forget my phone & money!
P.s London we 🧡 you!

I think sunrise morning walks are going to be apart of our daily routine here in London. Beth and Aubrey were up for the day at 2am so may as well make the most of it! People rushed past us as we took up the whole sidewalk. Then Beth saw used chewing gum on the floor and picked it up 🙈 not quite used to the city life for us slow paced barefoot kiwis 😛

As I write this post I’m feeling very grateful to be sitting in Auckland Airport about to depart for London. We came ever so close to having to cancel our whole trip. Since arriving back in NZ we noticed a slight bow in Aubrey’s left leg. 6 days ago we took him to a local doctor for a check up. The doc was concerned about his asymmetrical folds as they can be a sign of hip dysplasia. If the X-ray revealed any abnormalities in his hip joints he would need immediate treatment, which could have taken 3/4 months. Poor Aubrey was just starting to run around so the thought of putting him in a brace was heartbreaking.
As we showed in our latest YouTube video the X-ray results came back with the all clear! Nothing is wrong with his hip joints. 🙌 Thanks for all the prayers and support from those closest to us 🙏 See you in London folks! ✈️

We can think about the future, but it also does not take long before our thinking becomes overthinking. We can imagine a thousand different possibilities of what might happen tomorrow, but our thoughts alone will not lead to results. Our thoughts alone will only take us so far. Grace takes us so much further. Grace is unmerited favour that says we are allowed to have a rested, peaceful mind even though we do not know what tomorrow holds. We may be getting ready to enter a season of life that is filled with the unexpected, but that does not mean we have to spend the present moment consumed by it. Instead, we can spend the present moment allowing ourselves to be consumed peace. Peace that goes beyond our understanding, but is still available to us, even when the future is unknown. Words by @morganharpernichols

Five years ago I unknowingly fell pregnant with this little girl. I was a freshly graduated university student, only a few of weeks shy of turning 21.
At the same time I made a lifestyle change to get healthy, balance my hormones and start eating plants. Now here I am all these years later reaping all the goodness and blessings of the choices I made those five years ago. Even the seemingly small choices I’ve made have had a huge impact and shift in my life.
Sometimes our plans are a bit messy, unfulfilled or misdirected but they can still become the pathway God uses to bring us to that place of hope and new identity. 💕

Our faces say it all... hot black sand! 🔥

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