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Sarah Richards  Chocolate and rewards, however small, are two of life's innumerable pleasures.

The things she carried weren't the things she took with her. What she left behind could not be put into a box or phone, but were stored in the hard drives--the memories--of all who knew her. #poetry #amwriting #SundayInspiration

All her life, she'd heard her mother sing "Amazing Grace," not knowing what Grace was--only that it was amazing--so that when it came, she recognized it for what it was. #SundayInspiration #poetry #amwriting #Christianity #Jesus

D.D. Longfellow was known as The Post-It Poet, who left micropoems on mirrors, limericks in library books, & haikus on hallway bulletin boards. She started a campus revival, her words changing those who didn't just read, but sought to find meaning in what she had written. #SundayInspiration #micropoetry #amwriting

She waited through her twenties for a man who would take her away from it all, only to find that when she found him, he could only take her so far--the rest of the way was up to her. He made her better for his lack than he could have ever made her with his luster.
#SundayInspiration #poetry #amwriting #lovestory

Her father walked the party line, her mother, the line her husband drew for her, but she drew the line she walked, where others followed, but none led.
#SundayInspiration #poetry #amwriting

Without invitations or reservations, she attended weddings & funerals, congratulating & consoling, for to her, half of life (or death) was just showing up.
#SundayInspiration #poetry #amwriting

When she changed her inner dialogue, she changed her life, for she saw her worth not in her productivity, but in how she was valued by the One who had bought her with a price--with a love that gave her the confidence to produce far greater things.
#SundayInspiration #poetry #amwriting #faith #Jesus #Christianity #selfworth

Every day had something to offer because she had something to offer it. Her work was like play, for she saw her characters in the people she served; their stories, in the stories she wrote.
#SundayInspiration #poetry #amwriting

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