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❤️سارھ خان  Lord, Let them see you in me.⚡️ Snapchat 👉 worldishere

Thank you @sablayjao.pk for this beautiful eye shadow kit !!!!! ♥️

Azra aur Hina! @parihashmi_official ♥️✨

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Mein Wohi Aashiq - Coming very soon to your favourite music channels. Thank you for the immense love you gave to this song on social media .. we’ll see you at the screens. #MeinWohiAashiq 🔥@aaghaaliofficial

Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder, where a mentally sick person becomes a sexual predator for kids only. Porn industry has implanted a lot of ideas that make a person want to try and find pleasure in actions that are actually dangerous. Pedophiles must be reported before its too late. Research says that the child usually knows the predator. If our children have enough knowledge on what is sexual abuse and how to protect themselves they can speak up, tell their parents. The dilemma is people worry more about log kya kehenge and if its someone they know they stay quiet and increase distance giving that person a chance to move on to other children.
I keep saying that sexuality education must be given to children since kindergarten, so they can report the culprit any time they feel violated. This has nothing to do with one religion, no religion teaches inhumanity! Pedophiles are not going after anyone in miniskirts or women that expose themselves. They target minor kids regardless of their clothing!
Please open your eyes parents. Kids are vulnerable to anyone who has easy access to them. Pedophile k mathay pe nahi likha hota k WO pedophile hai. Trust your child when they say they don't want to meet someone, or hug someone or sit in some ones lap! Educate your kids about body parts and good and bad touch! Most importantly tell them they can tell u anything anytime!!! #raiseawareness #ripzainab #justiceforzainab

Thank you @mangobaaz for making "Mere Bewafa and Bhelapur Ki Dayan” enter the list of 2018's highly anticipated dramas. #MereBewafa. #BhelapurKiDayan #aplus #Humtv 👑 @aaghaaliofficial

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