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S a r a h H a n n o n  South Carolina. 📍 Fur momma 🐶🐶 Lilly Dream Job 🌸 Type One Diabetes 💉 Coastal Carolina Alum👌🏽 Founder of StrongHER dynasty 💪🏼

Happy Teal Tuesday! Show me your teal today! •


Starting over is HARD. Yep, I almost think it’s harder than just plan starting. Here’s why. •

When you’ve been constantly working out, fueling your body right and doing everything your body craves well than you are functioning at your prime. You are a well oiled machine. You lift heavier, you push yourself. When you stop doing those things everything declines FAST. •

Your muscle mass, your stamina, your ability to do certain moves. GONE. It’s hard mentally to tell yourself that something that not so long ago was in your limits in longer in your limits. •

That’s okay though. This gives us GOALS. Something to strive for. One more rep tomorrow, Trying that love you couldn’t do today, lasting a few second longer. •

Each day you will start to feel like yourself again. •

Tonight I had to use 8 pound weights that I started my journey with back in 2016. I felt defeated but I had to remember that i have come such a long way from that time. •

Tomorrow I will be better than today.

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So often it’s easy to see things on the internet and think oh well I could never be like that, trust me. I know I used to think like that. I could never be fit, I could never have abs, i could never have a relationship that is healthy and happy, I could never fit in, I could never be where I am today. •

I get it though, I still fight those thoughts all the time. You have to fight those fears everyday. We all have fears. What you do with them is what makes us stand apart. Give up and give in or FIGHT.

When you surround yourself with people that fight those fears, get up everyday with a fire in their belly to change their circumstances and change the world around them, it makes you want to change yours too. •

Will you decide to fight the fear or continue to give in day and after say and not push forward?

It’s almost that time! Are y’all done with your shopping or are you the type to wait till the last minute?

Came home after a long week to find this package on my front door 🎁

Three years drinking my favorite go to breakfast, junk food craving killer and healthier chocolate milk shake

Can y’all believe I didn’t get one opportunity to go duck hunting this year!!? •

Over here crying 😭


How did I end up with such great people in my life! I swear! Whenever I feel like I’m failing, something happens which makes me realize I’m doing just fine! •

I held a challenge last month in my challenge group and @bailey_hartman17 won it, when I went to grab her address she in return asked for mine and a few days later this was on my front porch! Whattttt!?
Seriously so grateful for you @bailey_hartman17 and all the other #strongherdynasty girls! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Still sick over here, wish this would just go away! •

Drinking allllll the tea! @teamiblends has been a lifesaver! Use code “SARAHK25” for 25% off your order!


Dear Theraflu,
First I’d like to start by saying you are a life savor. No seriously, you are the real MVP. Secondly, although we’ve become close the last few days, it will be bittersweet parting ways here shortly. I hope to not see you again anytime in the near future.

A sick diabetic

Missin my squad! Who will I see at #summit2019 #indysummit2019 #strongherdynasty

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