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Sarah Bard  From children we can learn 3 things: They are merry w/o reason, never for a moment are they idle, & when they want something they demand it vigorously

'But I'll tell you what hermits realize. If you go off into a far, far forest and get very quiet, you'll come to understand that you're connected with everything.' - Alan Watts

Pre-dinner treats.

Seeing new places is great, but seeing old friends is better. Would take running along the Vegas Strip any day if it meant running beside @meagannedlo. Check her account for some of our morning outtakes! #Repost #BardBird #RunningwithMeagan #Besties

Someone I love, when once asked to describe himself in 5 words replied with, "Only a little bit scared.” -

Since leaving my job, selling my house, and taking to the road I’d be lying if there wasn’t a moment each and every day where I am not ‘a little bit scared.’ But each and every day, I find myself surrounded by beauty and life and think - ‘this can’t be wrong.’
This morning I woke in the Mojave Desert. I ran 6 shake-out miles, made some tea, and then walked into the desert with Sue, up an unforgiving mountain of sand, and caught a view that filled me with both joy and sadness.
Some days I’m tired - from running, from driving, from staying up late talking and laughing with new friends and old, from the logistics of life. Some days I’m frustrated. Some days I’m worried - about the van, about money, about the future. But each day is beautiful and filled with life and living, and really it’s ok because, I’m only a little bit scared. #BardBird #OnTheRoadWithSue

A dog of many hats! 🐶🎩

The van may be small, but our home is big and full of places to explore. #BardBird #RunningWithSue

#TBT to the first couple weeks in the van, sleeping between wheel wells amongst a mess of belongings. It's only been a few months living in the van full time, but it's easy to forget the days of everything sliding around and the exhaustion of full days of building.

Despite a rainy few days, I got in some beautiful and challenging runs through the Red Rocks Canyon. Thanks Vegas, for a sunny morning goodbye. I'll see you again soon, I'm sure! #BardBird

I'm not a city girl, but if I'm gonna spend a week somewhere, Los Angeles is a great place to be! Thanks so much to the awesome @oiselle community - showing me your towns, your trails, and your gorgeous, hot, amazing showers! #Sue 😂 #BardBird #backbonetrail #voleè

Cotton candy sunsets and post-run frostys. Looking forward to more of this in 2018!

The past year was full of unexpecteds - scary and sad, but also amazing and fun. I learned a lot, but the most important lessons that I take with me into the next year and beyond are to look forward, to lean in, to live with love and kindness, and to cherish friends - old and new. 📸 @aaronnewell93

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