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Sarah Jane  ✨Mother of 4 Culitivating Magical Childhood ✨ ✨Author/illustrator LOLA DUTCH Jan ‘18 #loladutch ✨Illustrator | Fabric Designer | Maker of Kid Things🎪


A white Christmas hasn’t come around yet, but the magic of checking the mailbox has. And sending letters. Today we send out letters to Santa 😉 My kids have been wondering how in the world will Santa know from the letters just sitting out!!?!?! Better post them soon 🎅🏼🤶🏻 (cards, tags and prints available...link in profile)

Hi Friends,
Before I jump feet first into the weekend, I wanted to just check in. Like really check in-how are you? I’m sitting here on my couch, still in my pj’s (well, 1/2 pajamas and 1/2 real clothes which doesn't really count) and I'm counting off all the things that I am so far behind on, and it's making me feel all sorts of crummy. Add kids,sick days, end of year illustration deadlines and the holiday activities, and I'm ready for a big bowl of popcorn and christmas movie. And it made me think...I'm so glad to be part of this community here...of women who are GOOD, creative, strong, thoughtful, resourceful and it made me think...if you're like me...then, I wonder if you're all sorts of tuckered out tired too?? Anyone?? I've got my list of "guidelines" that I go to when I get burned out: I check in on my Sleep, food, water, vitamins, and routines. Then i make sure I’m simplifying... only doing the most important things...But sometimes it's more than that. Sometimes I think as women we just need to know that WE ARE ALL just figuring it out as we go a long too. That we aren't alone. That part of being good, strong, creative, smart, resourceful and thoughtful women is that we just get burnt out every once in a while. And instead of beating ourselves up about it, what if we just acknowledged it and said "Hey...My house is a mess, I'm still in my PJ's and we are having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner....You too?" I came across this photo taken 5 years ago, and I reminded myself of what was going through my head then. Guess what? It's a lot of what's going through my head now. So what changes? Grace. Being OK with it all and finding comfort in the fact that we are all in this together. And that life is good-in every state we are in. I'm writing this to comfort myself through the messy. Social Media can bind us, but it can also isolate us from what we are really feeling. So, here's your permission to be creative, be a little messy, a little behind, a little tired and a just a little more OK with it:) Let it go so you can just enjoy the process of doing your amazing, unique work!! Let’s be in that club together. I’ll be president 😜 Happy Weekend❤

This is the first time I’ve designed Christmas fabric and I’m kind of hooked. The Nutcracker Act 1 is giving me all the feels this Christmas... cozy, classic and all the right kind of magical. I can’t wait to start working on ACT II 🎄🐀🕯🎁🍬🍭🤴🏼👸📯#nutcrackerfabric #sarahjanenutcracker

I came across this old sketch for the book “I heart you” and it made me think of today’s suggestion for #lighttheworld (are you familiar with this world wide campaign? 25 days, 25 ways of serving...check it out) Anyways, today’s theme is centered on children. I don’t have time today to do a big project, but I do have time to love my children in unexpected ways... like PLAYING with them. Being silly and fun! Speaking their language and just being happy and playful with them. Last week, we took extra long getting into Target because of puddles. Lots and lots of puddles. And parking lot puddles so, you know, 🙃 dirty ones. And not just the kids...me too! A sight to see I’m sure. But you know what? We laughed and laughed and the kids were so much more willing to listen to me inside the store! #win But, more importantly, jumping in puddles together said “I love you.” And it made me feel 30 years younger, so there’s that 😉😀 And PS: if you want a super sweet “I love you book” this is it. Written so beautifully by Meg Fleming... really special. ❤️❤️ But really, if you need a motherhood stress-buster today, find those puddles and jump your heart out with the kids. Insta-fun 👍🏻😉 #sarahjanemessages

Ripped pants, tired legs, messy hair. Oh please, oh please, stay little 💙💙

A few years ago, I hit rock bottom really hard and things got really ugly. In the years following, I have learned priceless lessons, one of which was that I needed to let go of the weight. I learned that... hate to break it to ya... Mom life will always be challenging, but making it harder than it has to be isn’t serving anyone. It’s OK to just be. In fact, letting go of the “complicated” way of things actually is so fun, and joyful and freeing and makes life so much more beautiful. I used to be a professional singer. I learned the hard way that if i went into a performance expecting it to be hard, it was a really exhausting experience. When i went into the performance expecting it to be transforming and delightful, it was!!! The last couple years my focus has been on undoing habits that don’t serve me. Energy spent on over-stressing is energy lost. And I need all the energy I can get... so why waste it? Motherhood is hard enough. The world is complicated enough. Running a business is crazy enough. Letting go and trusting that THINGS HAVE A WAY OF WORKING OUT JUST FINE has let me lose so much weight (well, off my heart not my hips!) Its made the not-so -pretty moments of life actually become beautiful and precious. I’m not hungering for perfect anymore... what is that anyways?????? 🙄😜😱 I’m hungry for connection and joy in THIS moment, ugly or lovely...And all I have to do it let go. Nothing changes outside me, only inside. All the sudden, really hard things have become lighter! Motherhood is joyful. Creativity is all around. It works. This has worked for everything from doing daily mountains of laundry to dealing with the big things. When one hard thing is over, another one comes. So instead of searching for the moment when it no longer is hard, let it be easy. Once you give yourself permission to be easier, let go of judgement and be light, something happens: life is good. It’s really good💙 #LIGHTTHEWORLD #sarahjanemotherhoodmoment (others who inspire me with this message: @_jillthomas @emilyley @mamawatters @wander_and_scout @simplyonpurpose @sniequist )

A week from today is Santa Lucia day! Do you celebrate? It’s been our family’s favorite tradition. Dressed up in white and red with candle lit wreathes, singing carols and delivering Lucia buns to our neighbors who need some cheer. It’s pure magic. ✨✨My family comes from Scandinavia and I’ve loved connecting my children to their heritage. This holiday is celebrated many places and it’s a fun tradition no matter where you live! Do you celebrate Santa Lucia day? ❤️❤️ #LIGHTTHEWORLD

Most precious moment: watching him read an early printing of @loladutch for the first time. It’s feeling more and more real. Two thoughts: 1) Being a husband/wife “author/illustrator” team is pretty swell. Try it. And 2) After literally 31 years of wanting to be an “author/illustrator” it’s finally happening next month and I’m all sorts of nervous/excited/jittery/thrilled. Maybe there’s a dance move for that? 💃🏻 @loladutch

It’s hard to believe that in just a few short weeks you’ll all get to be part of a work I’ve been working on for 2 years! @loladutch is a character I can’t wait for you to meet! She’s got a story that’s going to go on for a long while, and I’m excited for you to join in on the adventures! For reasons I can’t share just yet, these little cut out puppets will be needed come January...and they are part of dozens of pages of creative activities that go with the book when you pre-order! On January 30th, all order receipts that have been submitted through the loladutch.com site will get emailed the Creativity Kit that goes along with the book📖 All orders...and from anywhere. 💙 Lola has a message of creativity and courage to share and I’m very much looking forward to sharing more next month with you. We have a lot to do together! #loladutch

BOOK OF THE WEEK! This version of The Night Before Christmas is so fresh and lovely, and illustrated by one of my mid-century favorites: Caldecott winner Roger Duvoisin. It’s been out of print for 50 years and is now available!! What I love most about this book is the long and tall shape....so when Santa goes down the chimney...you really get the full effect! It’s bright and fun and an instant classic. Hopefully this book finds some good homes this season! It’s exciting to see old favorites come back to life! #sarahjanebookshelf (More info on the Blog...link in profile)

When Kenneth learns how to knit this week as a new “de-stress and wind-down at night” hobby and makes our children very,very happy. He won’t take it off👍🏻😍 I hope I’m next😉#menwhoknitaremyfavorite

More Nutcracker things for you! This fabric was designed for anything you want... but Christmas dresses for sure! @michaelmillerfabrics seriously has THE most dense yet light and soft fabrics... soft enough for my hypersensitive kids. And so I added several Christmas plaids to choose from just for that reason! And gold :) Lots of gold. I love seeing all the holiday dresses starting to show up on IG! ‘Tis the season! #sarahjanenutcracker #sarahjanefabric (sewing pattern by @violettefieldthreads )

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