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Let’s GET REAL about stomach rolls. And stretch marks. And self-comparison and mental health. Let’s get real about allllll the things we’re feeling, but not seeing on instagram.
Over the last few months I’ve reconnected with my friend @MichelleMoney over our mutual passion to help women cultivate confidence and compassion. We’ve been brainstorming all the ways we could come together to share our learnings with a group of women looking to get in on a little self-love.

I am so excited to be partnering with Michelle on her next Get Real course on Aug 30th! We’ll be talking comparison, confidence, authenticity, and so much more. This course will give you the tools you need to transform your life from the inside out!
I would love to invite any woman who is feeling less than, left out, or stuck to join us. The class will be streamed LIVE in a private Facebook group beginning Monday, August 27th. Use the link in my profile to register & find out more. Use my code SARAH to take $20 off! Message me or Michelle for details. Photo by @dylan.h.brown

I feel so incredibly lucky to have women like @sterlingcates that I can call a close friend. I met sterling a few years ago when we both attended a friend’s birthday in Malibu and quickly bonded over our timid personalities in a room full of IMPOSSIBLY attractive people. I was in disbelief that the tall, stunning blonde woman standing next to me had self conscious insecurities about her own differences and we immediately became BFFs. Sterling survived a grease fire as a teen leaving her with burn scars on her leg. We immediately bonded over our love for body positivity, pop culture and the list goes on. Sterling encouraged me to start the SheLift podcast, so it’s with great honor to have her on episode 16 this week. I hope you’ll give it a listen and get a glimpse of the beauty and inspiration I see in Sterling. PS, you can now get the SheLift podcast in Spotify! Link to listen is also in my bio. Beautiful photo by @nicolebalsamophoto

It’s so important to me that we preserve our beautiful land and do everything we can to reduce impact. I never knew a massive corporation like a wireless provider could have such a positive impact on the environment. @TMobile has joined RE100, a global initiative uniting businesses committed to using 100% renewable energy. TMO is committed to 100% renewable energy by 2021. That’s a HUGE commitment to our environment and one I can get behind. #TeamTMobile #ad

Three girls and a truck. Feeling SUPER proud of these adventure babes and myself for rigging up @dylan.h.brown’s truck, hitting the lake and driving stick today. 💪🏻

Confidence is the best outfit you can wear. Photo by @Dylan.h.brown

#selflove #babessupportingbabes #bodypositivity

May have never made it to the finals on #TheBachelor or in a sporting event... or any competition that I can think of, really. But feeling like I’ve won much more. Pic by @dylan.h.brown

Still can’t get over how impressive our @sheliftgrams ladies are! Hiking the Boulder flat irons is no easy feat! So excited we got to put our mission statement to work and conquer some mountains this weekend 💪🏻 thank you @emilymathewsonphoto for snapping our pic 💕 #caneven

To anyone who has started a passion project and doubted its possibility, I feel you. But after 2 years in the books, if you can step back and see the brilliant smiles that showed up believing in your mission, that’s all that matters. SheLift turned 2 this weekend and I couldn’t be more honored to host our beautiful ladies in Colorado for a hike. Moms, daughters, dads and friends conquered their mountains, fought through elevation woes, and shared celebratory birthday cake. Progress isn’t measured in numbers or steps, it’s measured in the times you wake up each day to fight the good fight. #overcomingmountains thank you @emilymathewsonphoto for capturing our weekend. More photos to come! Special thanks to @dishgourmet @rosenbergsbagel @bigsbysfolly @miciitalian @voodoodoughnut @brewdrkombucha and @oskarblues for making the weekend possible!

I hate Instagram, and apparently hundreds of you do, too. Here’s why.

Over the last 6 years, instagram has ruled my life. I’ll own it. At first, it was an overnight popularity game. And miraculously, it became a platform for inspiration. Then it turned into a powerful tool for connection which lead me to starting the most rewarding project of my life. Then, it became a business - a profitable and desirable one, sure. I owe Instagram for an abundance of good. But then it became my master.

This game of keeping up, and keeping relevant is wearing me out. I’m over it. There are too many rules, too many algorithms and too many expectations I put on myself to “perform well.” At the discretion of a robot, my self-worth and monetary value are measured by the number of “likes” you guys throw my way. Not my talent, or my authenticity, our connections or our integrity. I’m either thriving or dying on the will of your thumb to double tap my photos to determine an algorithm’s approval of me.

I post. I wait. I refresh... and this has become my life. It isn’t real. The images I vacantly scroll past, getting envious of and depressed over aren’t real either. Sound familiar? I don’t want to contribute to this feeling for any of you. My goal isn’t to portray a life you should aspire to have, it’s to inspire you to push yourself to greatness because I believe you are all capable, deserving goddesses.
I’m pledging to unfollow any account that causes me to measure my value or happiness against what I see, and I encourage you to do so, too. Even if it means you need to unfollow me. I promise what you see on my feed (sponsored or not) will be real representation of my life - as disjointed the aesthetic may be - it will be real. Because we can’t all live in cotton candy colored tropical locales forever.

So here’s a picture of me doing something I love that challenges me and is as real as it gets. No extravagant location or outfit, just 100% my life on a Tuesday night.

If my message still aligns with you, 🤘🏻, I’m thrilled to have you here with me.

It was only a matter of time before Netflix and chill became Netflix and camp. Especially since um, it’s FREE for @TMobile customers with a family plan! Yeah, how do people not know this?!? You can even stream on 2 screens at once. That means everyone in your home (err... tent) can stream their favorite shows all at once. #TeamTMobile #ad photo by @dyaln.h.brown

Here's the thing about heartbreak; it is the WORST feeling in the world, yet for some reason, we all gotta go through it. Some of us, more times than we can stand to admit.
It might seem unusual that I would make a post about heartbreak, when you all know I am very clearly, very much in love with @dylan.h.brown. But heartbreak is a topic I have come to know all to well in my 31 years. I've had my heart broken on national TV, I've had my heartbroken IRL, I've broken hearts and I've watched my friends and family all go through the same. Fortunately, heartbreak has lead me to some of my greatest places of strength and resilience. I took up hiking to cure a broken heart, and as fate would have it, a much more rewarding and fruitful relationship blossomed from it.
I always tell people that before I could find real, meaningful love, I had to stop searching for it in all the wrong places and I had to learn to love myself first and foremost.

This week on the SheLift Podcast, I got the chance to interview my former Bachelor producer, @nazperez because Naz is the QUEEN of heartbreak... but maybe not in the way you think. Season after season, Naz has listened to me and my fellow Bachelor castmates talk about love and heartbreak, yet she hasn't found love herself. She realized she really had a knack for the subject of love and started a meet up group in Los Angeles for people to come together over the one thing we all have in common.... heartbreak. Listen to this week's episode if you have experienced/are experiencing heart break and need a good, tight virtual hug. I think you're going to love this episode. The link to listen is in my bio!

Getting stronger means carrying a heavier pack. It also means getting thicker thighs, and bulkier arms. It means letting go of “skinny” and “thigh gap” and instead learning to embrace endurance, and carbohydrates and the determination to reach the summit.
Last month @Dylan.h.brown and I trekked through the June Lakes Loop and I think I nearly died. This hike was one of the most stunning backpacking trips I’ve ever been on, but didn’t come without a bit of a struggle. 4 days with impeccable views, fresh caught fish and cool alpine air were worth the weight! Photo by @Dylan.h.brown

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