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Sarah Herron  💪🏻 Founder of SheLift 💌 sarah@shelift.org 🎧 Podcast:


I’ve spent a lot of time in the desert this summer, and I definitely understand the “magic” people speak of. I fell in love in this desert, I pushed my comfort zones in this desert and now, I have the great honor of sharing similar experiences with SheLift. Today, four young women will show up to take ownership of their lives. These four girls, though different in appearance and perspective, all share one common goal: to let go of what’s been holding them back and leap fully into a life of self-acceptance and empowerment. They’ll experience the thrill of rappelling down 100ft canyon walls, and forming life-long connections over hot cocoa and campfires.

If this weekend is anything like those I’ve spent in the desert before, the trip will be short, but the impact will last forever. The girls arrive today and from the minute they set foot into camp, I will be consumed with adrenaline and excitement. To re-set and make sure I’m mentally and physically tuned for the weekend ahead, I went on a hike this morning. With the notable change of temperature in the air, it’s clear summer has come to an end – a bittersweet realization. I’m sad to be ushering summer out, but oh so excited to switch out my closet for colder weather clothes from @athleta and the winter adventures to come with SheLift. #PowerOfShe #sponsored photo by @dylan.h.brown

Two months ago I sat down for coffee with a total stranger, but within seconds of meeting I knew we were going to be sitting there for a while. Brought together by our mutual friend Hilary (shout out to Hilary for also introducing me to my boyfriend) Allie and I share one common goal, the pursuit of living a more honest, self-loving life and helping others do the same. She has a way of instantly making you feel like, “this chick gets me, and I don’t know what’s coming over me but I’m going to spill my guts out to her.” Which is probably how she came up with the title of her podcast, “Gutted Stories.” After coffee, I immediately decided Allie had to join the SheLift team. My vision for SheLift has been to create an environment that challenges girls’ physical abilities through adventure, but also empowers them in an emotional and communal sense, too. I want girls to leave SheLift feeling two ways: 1.) I conquered that challenge and I am proud of my body’s ability. 
and 2.) I am a more self-accepting, confident woman because of my experience with SheLift. Allie is the ticket to the latter and has been working closely with me to develop a program that combines adventure with self-healing. Together we’re building an inclusive environment that empowers participants to take risks, share openly, connect deeply, and step more fully into their highest selves. It was only fitting that Allie asked me to spill my guts on her podcast. I excitedly obliged. In our conversation, I share how my physical difference has been a catalyst for overcoming obstacles, letting-go of self-limiting beliefs and ultimately starting SheLift. Allie and I discuss the importance of learning how to ask for help, becoming mindful of self-comparison, and believing in your enoughness in order to embrace SheLift’s tagline that ‘maybe you literally can even’. Give it a listen (link in bio), and look for more to come from Allie and SheLift. You can also learn more about Allie and her coaching services by visiting her website or following her @allie_stark_wellness or on Facebook: @Allie Stark Wellness #guttedstories #gutted #podcast #podcasting #reclaimyourinstinct #shelift #maybeyouliterallycaneven

We like hats.

I can’t swim with my yes open, and I still plug my nose. #workinprogress @dylan.h.brown is so tough on me! 😂

He makes me smile real smiles. @dylan.h.brown

Pretty Evergreen ❄️

I solemnly swear not to compare myself (or my body) to a stranger on Instagram 🙌🏻 #SheLift #embraceyourself #bodylove #iamenough #selflove #bodyposi #bodypositive #loveyourself photo by @dylan.h.brown

The face I make when I see the street taco guy. PC: @dylan.h.brown

You know the words... #SheLiftEscape Feb 22-25, TODOS SANTOS, MX! PC: @dylan.h.brown

Today my baby sister, best friend and role model turns 18 years old! I never knew sisterhood until this goofball blossomed into such a wise, resilient and understanding young woman. Taylor, I've loved you your whole life, but I am going to love you more and more with each year as we get to spend these special times as women together. You're the funniest girl I know, and if there's anything I can do to convince you to stay in CO and be my roommate, I will! I love you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday sweet girl!! xoxo -Sissy

Missing my recliner. And these colors.

Sometimes I do the yoga, and sometimes I just carry a yoga mat around to look like I do the yoga. Come do yoga or pretend to do yoga with me in Todos Santos this February for our first SheLift Escape! Sign up ASAP because spaces are limited. Link is in my bio. YOU HAVE TO COME! PC by @dylan.h.brown

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