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I am incredibly honored to be partnering with @tommyhilfiger to launch and spread awareness for their new #tommyadaptive clothing line. When you live with a physical difference, every aspect of life makes you feel... different. Clothing shouldn’t add to that. A lot of able bodied people probably don’t even consider the anxiety, stress and insecurities that something as rudimentary as getting dressed or shopping for clothes can cause someone with a difference. Personally, I’ve always struggled with long sleeve shirts, zippers and the buttons on my right hand cuff. I’ve altered clothes and avoided clasps my entire life. Clothes shouldn’t make people with differences feel more ostracized than they already do. People with differences deserve to wear clothes from the brands they love and not feel like they have to resort to alterations and off-brand alternatives. Last month I had the special opportunity to visit the TH showroom and learn more about the line from the stylists and innovators behind the project. I have to admit, when I heard magnets and velcro were replacing buttons and clasps, I was skeptical. I thought “there is no way velcro and magnets will be discrete enough to make the clothes look normal to the naked eye.” And I was SHOCKED how well and thoughtfully these designers have crafted this line. You would NEVER know modifications were made just by seeing these clothes on the street. Give the line a look, even if you don’t have a physical difference and you just hate zippers! Stay tuned for more in my stories and posts to come. #tommypartner photo by @alexisahrling

The last time I saw @chrisbharrison he congratulated me on dating a Mumford and Son. He isn’t wrong. Pic by @meganambrose_

Our master purpose (why we’re here) never changes, our assignment does. - @marshawnevans .
After meeting the beautiful Marshawn last week, I’ve been listening to her newest book #BelieveBigger and it has been so bone-chillingly in alignment with my story right now. If you’re struggling with your passion vs. your purpose and what the heck “your purpose” even MEANS... give her book a read. It won’t disappoint. Pic by @natalie_colapietro

Yesterday I died my hair dark blonde and chopped a few inches off. It probably doesn’t look much different to you, but for me, it catapulted a full-on identity crisis. I know it sounds dramatic, it is. I always do this to myself; I insist that I need dramatic change and then have instant buyers remorse. Here’s where things got interesting though; in my feeling out of control (over my silly, impermanent hair color) I started to take it out on other parts of me. I went to yoga and instead of focusing on my practice, all I could do was bully my body in the mirror. I realize my body has not changed since yesterday, and it won’t magically change again tomorrow, but my head was SO convinced today that my body is disgusting. All of this story and debate created over a change you probably wouldn’t even notice. We can’t always control the triggers that are going to unleash the naysayers in our head, but we can learn to differentiate the fictional voice from our reality and remember it’s all just temporary. It’s just hair.

If you had to take an honest look at yourself in the mirror, who would you see? Would you see someone that leads with love? Or someone that leads with doubt, judgment or fear? Be HONEST with yourself, it’s important. I’ll go first, because I’ll admit I’m quick to lead with judgement and doubt (towards myself and others). It’s easier to let fear make decisions and projections for us than to CHOOSE love. Leading with love, compassion and empathy is a choice and a skill that needs a lot of intentional practice, but it’s an exercise I’m committed to working on every day. I plan to share more of my journey towards love this October at the Lead with Love Summit in Aspen, Colorado. This non-profit event is all about shifting culture from fear to love and I think it would be awesome if you could meet me there Oct 25-28. Comment below if you’d like my personal discount code, because you all deserve to be there! Photo by @dylan.h.brown #leadwithlove

Slot canyons are great for catching Beyoncé hair. Pic by @dylan.h.brown

It’s crazy how easily we convince ourselves that we could never up and change our lifestyles. When I first moved home to CO, I thought it would be impossible to live without the SoulCycles, the hipster cafes and the trending Instagram cupcakes. But after two years back in the mountains, I’ve slowly begun to find familiarity in the quiet tranquility of slower paced culture. Sure, we may not have Rainbow bagels, or museums made of ice cream toppings (which are all fab) but I am ready to return home to my mountains. Pic by @dylan.h.brown #maroonbells #themountainsarecalling #themuseumoficecream #thecolorfactory #exploremore #optoutside

Starting to get panicky that you haven’t made it to the mountains to see the leaves change color yet? Fear not, there’s still time and I’ve put together a blog post (link in bio) for where you can still catch the colors AND the get best shoes to wear while crunching leaves in the high country. I just went out and created this itinerary for you in my @newbalance Fresh Foam Cruz 2’s (in pink of course) while hoping from grove to grove. You can order these on @Zappos TODAY with express shipping and free returns and get them in time to see the fall colors by this weekend. Get yours and catch the colors while they last. #ad #FearlesslyIndependent #ZapposStyle photo by @dylan.h.brown

READ THIS if you need a boost. I just ordered a used, self-improvement book on Amazon (because that’s how I roll) and was DEEP into the chapter on transforming self-limiting beliefs into affirming beliefs when something radically touched my heart.
The teaching said to write out the limiting statements that you believe to be true about yourself, then to switch the negative into a positive. Scribbled in the margin of the page was a woman’s beautiful handwriting and three statements that read: I am intelligent. I am a great speller. I can spell anything! By reading this we can assume what her limiting beliefs must have been.
This gave me chills because it was as if for a brief moment I was deeply connected to the woman who wrote these beliefs. We are strangers who will never meet, yet we are completely understanding of each other. I have no idea what this woman looks like, how old she is, or how she’d be described by friends and family, yet I GET HER. I get her self talk and her shame, I get her need for healing. I AM A BAD SPELLER, TOO! I loved reading her affirming beliefs because they made me remember we’re ALL working on STUFF. It’s not just “fat/skinny,” lovable/unlovable” “one arm/two/arms” or “pretty/weak,” it’s the little things we’ve been carrying with us since we were kids. So girl, you ARE smart. You ARE a great speller! You look sexy in those jeans, and those aren’t bags under your eyes, your face is PERFECT just the way it is. You are lovable, deserving AND ENOUGH. Practice sharing your affirming belief in my comments. I’ll start: I am strong and my healthy body gives me the strength to conquer mountains. Your turn! Pic by @dylan.h.brown #maybeyouliterallycaneven #halfdome #yosemite

✨Fall and summer at the same time✨ Pic by @dylan.h.brown #dolomites #southtyrol #travelinhershoes

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