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Sarah Herron  💪🏻 Founder of SheLift ✉️ hello@shelift.org 📍 Denver, CO ⌨️ Read up at:


Double tap if you can relate. ❤️ #SheLift

The babe that supports me more than any other babe. This photo was taken on the first day we worked together... little did I know our work was going to turn into fun, friendship, partnership, love and adventures ahead! #gushypost #babessupportingbabes #shelift

Leap and the net will appear. .
One of my favorite quotes since high school and surreal to think how fitting it's been for my life. Leap after leap... scary but oh so rewarding. Photo cred: @dylan.h.brown

I ran five miles today. Unless I didn't. But let's pretend I did. 🍉

Yosemite is calling and I must go! If anyone has 2 extra Half Dome permits this summer and is feeling adventurous enough to buddy up with me, PLEASE PLEASE message me. Can promise good snacks, great photos and decent company. #halfdome #wildernessculture #forceofnature #climbon #yosemite #visitcalifornia #yosemitenationalpark #womenwhoexplore #womenwhohike


I guess this is my blog! And I guess that makes me a blogger now. But not like, a "blogger," blogger, I’m a cool blogger. Think of it as more of an extension of my Instagram posts. A smattering of pretty photos, adventure stories and lessons I've learned in life that I hope can inspire you. I’m not writing this blog to change you or improve you, or teach you how to be me. I’m writing this blog to help you love yourself as you are, right now. To read more,👆🏻(tap) the link in my bio. Thank you!! Photo by @dylan.h.brown
#forceofnature #womenwhoexplore #dametraveler #sheexplores #shelift #selflove #wildernessculture

Here's a sight Instagram doesn't see too often: me in a bikini. Workin on that #bodypositivity though, so yolo. Having a beach bod means having a body, and going to the beach (beer in hand if you choose). It doesn't have to mean 6 pack abs, toned butt and perfect tan. My body and my relationship with it is far from perfect, but it's a work in progress and thats something I feel good about right now.

Everyone has been asking where I went glamping last month in Moab, and as much as I'd love to keep the secret to myself, I have to share the love. Excited to announce that @undercanvasmoab will be the magical destination of our next SheLift retreat this fall! Be sure to check them out, they also have properties in Yellowstone, and Glacier National Park. Hopefully they'll let SheLift come visit all!

Photo by @dylan.h.brown
#shelift #sheliftretreat #glamping #forceofnature #visitutah #beautahful #dametraveler #wildernessculture #modernoutdoors #theoutbound #womenwhoexplore #campvibes #campingcollective

...and then out of no where, you came along. (the rock and the boy)
Photo by @dylan.h.brown
Sappy caption by Sarah Herron
#dametraveler #wildernessculture #forceofnature #climbon #womenwhoexplore #modernoutdoors #letsgosomewhere #exploremore #lifeofadventure

I love kids. But I would be lying of I said that loving kids has come easy for me. Although innocent and bursting with genuine curiosity, children were once one of my biggest fears – ridiculous as it sounds. The stares, the confusion, the disbelief of seeing someone who looks different from them is the awkward reality I’ve faced my entire life. As I’ve become more secure in myself and accepted who I am, patiently explaining why I am the way I am to children has become easier and less mortifying over the years. And then I met Lucy. Imaginative and full of creative wonder, Lucy took things into her own hands when she learned I was born without one. Convinced she could use magic, medicine and make-believe to “bring my arm back,” she was determined to learn every and all aspects of why I was born different than her. Over the course of several hours (and playing) Lucy went from being bewildered to stoked. By the end of the night, Lucy and I were not only newfound besties, but Lucy even professed that she thought I “looked cool” and that she “wanted an arm like that” of her own. The point is if we spend the time to patiently learn about one another and the things that make us different, regardless of age difference, we learn to love and respect the things that make us, us.
Photo captured by @alexisahrling

Who's coming to Moab with me and SheLift this fall?! Apply for the #sheliftretreat right meow! Info in my bio, and learn more on @sheliftgrams

Every person I talk to who's been to Moab has the same opinion; that it's one of the most magical and memorable places they've visited. So excited to share Moab's magic with SheLift this fall! Applications are now being accepted, so get your cute little butts over to SheLift.org/moab and sign up ASAP. Link in my bio, too!
---- Photo by @dylan.h.brown
Modeling lessons by @dylan.h.brown
#shelift #sheliftretreat #moabmagic #visitutah #beauhtahful #forceofnature #womenwhoexplore #dametraveler #wildernessculture

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