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sarah✨  BASSHEAD💞🔊✨ rhode HIGHland💚🌳 follow @sarahhoops420 ❣️

*electronic quacking*🦆🔊🦆🔊🦆🔊bassnecduck is mood 24/7.... it was also the highlight of my bisco❣️ first time seeing @bassnectar did NOT disappoint😻✨💞

soooo my hair glows under black light now and i guess that's pretty cool😱💜😇🦋✨ stay tuned for lots of @campbisco posts dis weekend.... who will i see there?!💞 •

➡️➡️➡️swipe to see how it looks in natural lighting too! @hairbymermzs is the BEST

showing off my beautiful @thirdeyepinecones and using some art by the amazing Noa Knafo @paintings_by_noa_knafo as a background! I love this particular piece so much that i have both a tapestry and a poster of it💚 It's called mother earth vibrations🌍🌞 so many colors and so many animals!🐿🐋🐆🌲🌳plus that secret lil weed plant❣️

realized i haven't posted a hooping video on here in a while and wanted to show off my progress😇❣️🌈✨ full clip and tons of other videos on my other account @sarahhoops420 💓 if you're not following you should be🤗💚

#hooping #hoopersofig #hulalab #ledhoop #hulahoop #hoopdance #flowarts #flowstagram

there is no such thing as reality, only our own individual perceptions of the world. we all react to things we see and hear in unique ways, whether it be music, art, clothing, beauty, relationships, etc. which creates an infinite variety of opinions. due do this variance in perspectives, you will never be able to please anyone; instead, strive to be who YOU want to be and make your reality everything you've dreamed it to be🦋✨❣️ you can only guarantee your own happiness so BE YOU and quit wasting your time trying to be who "society" wants you to be👽😇 ~
#dollskill #yru #yrushoes #dollskillshoes #grafitti #alternative #pinkhair #platformsneakers #edmgirls #ravegirls

extra af but do i care???? not at allllll😇👽🦋✨🦄

pondering our existence likeee ✨🦋🌞💗😇👽

some selfies from last night👽🌈🦋but make sure u swipe right to see some lasers, rainbows, and psychedelic dolphins!!🐬💓😩 yes that's right, PYSCHEDELIC DOLPHINS. @ookayx and @marshmellomusic killed it😻😇💜 •

#ravegirls #edm #marshmello #mellogang #iheartraves #basshead #ravebabe #houseofblues #bassbabes

bubblegum?💗🌸 here's a selfie from ze other dayyy, while i'm at it i'm gonna promote the fuck outta my performance page @sarahhoops420 @sarahhoops420 @sarahhoops420 follow me and watch my full video on youtube😇🌸✨

pink is my color, i love my third eye pinecones, and sacred geometry is LITERALLY EVERYTHING💓✨🦋🌺🌈🌸💗🔮

helloOOoO earthlings, sarah here to melt ya fucking faces off with my trippy mini LED magic👽✨💙🌈🦋🔮🦄 #lovenlight #trailswithouttheacid #alienvibes

@datsik last night... crazy visuals, light saber flow arts, tigers, lasers and a bassnectar remix?? yes pleeeeeease🐅⛩✨🌈💞 #ninjanationtour #datsik #edm

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