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Sarah Paxson 

Celebrating out of utero day! Sawyer has spent as many days out of utero as he did in utero. #9months #mohawksfordays

Sledding into the week in style #nomorepinkpolkadottedsuit

Mohawk Monday’s brought to you by Sawyer

The smallest, human-powered zamboni on the rink

Getting @slaxsonmtb prepped for some Canadian pond hockey this weekend

Make sure to bring your Texas suitcase for your weekend warrior-ing #babycarriersareoverrated

Breaking down gender norms one pink polka-dotted snowsuit at a time #1stski #trewgear #julbousa

TGIF...tough day at work.

Blissing out with the little and “big” guy #dontwantmaternityleavetoend #smilesformiles

Every day is a good’un with this one and @slaxsonmtb #cowhatadventures #sawyerchronicles #naturenapsgalore 📷: @slaxsonmtb

Fall foliage in God Country makes it difficult to leave #nopunintended @slaxsonmtb

So happy to visit his Trout Lake family with @slaxsonmtb @paxjuan @paxsondiane @younglamp. Volume ⬆️

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