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last minute adventuring before spring break is over, which i really wish wasn't the case.


guys!!!! someone go buy this incredible piece from @love_alone_workshop before it's all snatched up. maybe by me...

dating this baby today. "ezra, are you excited..." "for our perfect date!" how did i get so lucky? #ezragram

3/22/16 - it was past 10pm when we arrived home that night. it had been such a long, trying day. we were finally given permission for juliet to stay in our care. but it was messy & fumbling. it wasn't a picturesque, fairytale evening. it was gritty/overwhelming. we had no idea what to expect. & we were drained. we showed her the apartment & her bedroom (which she would really never use). we bathed her & dressed her for bed (but then what? would she cry? would she even sleep? - we didn't even speak her language). we all climbed into one bed, turned out the light, & watched a movie on the laptop. she really enjoyed it (as you can tell!) & then went right to sleep. a year later, we are still learning. but today we watched the same movie again during her "hair day." then i took her out on a date, & we ended the evening taking pictures at the farm with baby chicks. what a difference a year makes. progress, indeed. (though i do miss her baby luganda chatter!)

she was a remarkable mother to four kids: three boys & one girl. it was september 2015, & we were about to add a fourth child to our family. she was my role model, so i figured i should ask her for some advice & wisdom. so glad i did. she would have been 86 today. // happy birthday, mamaw. thank you for everything you taught me. we all miss you so very.

3/16/16 - she was standing by the door when we arrived, eagerly waiting for us. for somebody. she had no idea who "we" were. she was timid & quiet, but warmed up easily. she was this tiny girl in a bright pretty dress with a freshly shaved head. she wore a handmade drape to cover her obviously infected wound. she fidgeted with our jewelry, was amazed by our camera, & inhaled the biscuits we brought her. she didn't know english. we fumbled through the visit, smitten yet overwhelmed. she seemed mostly pleased but understandably unsure. & we were, too. it was awkward. she tired easily. // today, this same child has emerged. she is loud & resilient & confident & impressive & startlingly beautiful. & she has completely embraced us as her family, all while seeming to age at least three years over the past 365 days. it's been such a beautiful & hard season, but when i found her asleep on the couch this evening, worn out from OT & ballet, i remembered just how far she has come. what a gift it is to be the one. // side note: exactly two years ago to the day, we announced our commitment to adopt via instagram - such a neat detail. to God be the glory).

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