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You always rely on Italy for good weather even in the middle of winter ☀️I entered the new year feeling pretty uninspired after a mentally exhausting end of year and a little bout with the winter blues. I always go through periods where I’m super motivated and know what I want and a plan on how to get it, then a year or two later I’m utterly lost and confused again 🙈
I used to hate that “lost” feeling so much and I really wanna talk about it with you guys as I know a lot of you struggle with feeling lost too and believe it’s an unfortunate position to be in.
However, after so many cycles of this I’ve come to learn that it’s really not that bad at all. Feeling lost is an opportunity to change your life. We are all in the middle of a life long process of creating ourselves, an undertaking in which it is necessary for us pivot and transform. It’s a crazy adventure that is glorious but sometimes terrifyingly uncertain. Feeling lost and confused about life is just is a new opportunity for bigger and better things to come your way!
The solution to is to ask yourself what truly makes you happy and do what you can to pursue that. Understand that you will never be safe from feeling lost and you will make mistakes, get hurt, and disappoint others. Be brave and do things that scare you and make you feel uncomfortable because nothing beats feeling lost like feeling proud of yourself. But most of all, the best remedy for feeling lost is opening your eyes to this big world and seeing the opportunities available to you. It’s all about perspective, and it all begins with you 💛
Dress: @chicwish *werbung #chicwish #rome #italy #pizza

A little sanctuary in Marrakech ✨ still dreaming of my stay at @lamamouniamarrakech 💫 I feel like this Arabic dress was made for this exact location! Do you agree? 😆❤️ #Marrakech #lamamounia #morocco

The brightest little store in Morocco ✨I went in with the aim of picking up a few lanterns but there were so many options I ended up getting flustered and left without anything 😂 does anyone else have this problem when there are just way too many options?! I’ve always been terrible at shopping and get really nervous going into malls. I actually almost always shop online. I’ll apply lots of filters to my searches so I only get a few results from which I will pick something. If I have to shop in real life I always bring a friend for emotional support and by the end of it I’m soo exhausted and vow never to return again 🤣 does anyone else feel this way or am I really the only one? 🙈❤️
Dress: @chicwish
Boots: @thekindreds

Desert camping vibes on the rooftop of @bemarrakech ✨ I hope there is no such thing as too much mint tea 😆 who else has Morocco on their travel bucket list?! 💖 #morocco #marrakech #bemarrakech

Taking flatlays to the next level 🙌 quite literally as Toby was one storey up 😁 Had a moment in the mystical @bemarrakech before exploring Marrakech in my @thekindreds boho chic boots and rollup backpack 💫 #thekindreds #kindredspirits #sponsored *werbung

Evenings as beautiful as this reminds me of how much Mother Nature has to teach us. She inspires us to sloooow down. To take time to enjoy what’s in front of us. To be fully in the present moment so we don’t miss the magic ✨ but only until you lose all your body heat and struggle to make it back to your car because your feet feel like they’re being stabbed by a thousand needles 😂 who else aims to slow down and smell the roses more this year? 🙋‍♀️cardigan from @chicwish 💖

It’s super grey today so I’m reminiscing about my colourful trip to Marrakech and the beautiful riad that is @bemarrakech 💫 I’m going through my 3rd European winter and I feel like I haven’t acclimatised at all! I also can’t help but feel a little down when it’s so cold, wet and grey outside! Does anyone else get the winter blues too? And how do you deal with it?💙

Growing up, I didn’t have much. There was a time when my family lived in a shed. You know, those thin-walled metal type ones. The summers were excuitatingly hot and the winters were so cold I would prefer to erase them from my memory. There were days my mother would boil chicken bones and I would get to pick off the tiny little pieces of meat the butcher didn’t manage to cut off. Those were the good days. I didn’t have much.
But something I’ve always had a lot of were dreams. Dreams that got me through those shiveringly cold nights, dreams like lullabies, whispering words into my ears: the future will be so much better. I still have a lot of dreams.
A few days ago, someone told me I am "too passionate”, implying that there are more safer routes to take than the one I am pursuing. It upset me, not because these words were being said to me, but because these words are being said to so many young people out there with big dreams.
As we enter the new year, I want each and every one of you to know that you can really do anything you put your mind to. Don’t let society dictate what you can and can’t do. Taking risks and being a little crazy is totally ok. Failing and learning is even more than ok. Be brave, be bold, be passionate. And don’t you dare let anyone dull your sparkle! Share bright my darlings, 2018 is your year ✨

Making the most of Christmas markets before they disappear for another year 🎄🎁 I got caught in the rain this evening so this is one of those rare occasions when you’ll see my hair straight 🙈it’s a bit too long for my comfort level so that’s why I always wear it curly 😁
Let’s talk travel plans! After a year discovering Europe, Toby and I are planning a trip back to Asia for 2018. We’re thinking Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Japan, Korea, and then a visit home to Australia! Would love to hear your recommendations for these countries if you have any. We would be so grateful! What are your travel plans for 2018? Would love to know what your dream destinations are! 😍💕

The little town of Colmar in France is truly magical during the festive season! 💫Wishing you a merry, merry Christmas! How are you spending this Christmas weekend? 💕😍

All I want for Christmas is @sugarbearhair 🙈🐻❤️ Is anyone else noticing more hair fall as it gets colder? I need to stop wearing earmuffs and put on a beanie instead! My scalp is hating me right now 😭 please look after your scalp this winter! Give yourself extra oil massages, avoid extreme weather conditions and take vitamins when needed. And don’t forget to eat a healthy diet and get a good amount of sleep! Your hair will love you ❤️ #sugarbearhair #ad #christmas #santa *werbung

Back in Berlin for a few days before I’m off to Toby’s hometown for Christmas celebrations 😁🎁🎉 my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas so I’ve only just started to experience the warmth and joy of this time of the year after moving to Germany and spending the holiday period with the in-laws. I’m very much that adult who is just as excited as the kids on Christmas Day 😆 it’s been a whirlwind of a year, so lets spend the final days of it enjoying the present moment and time with our loved ones ❤️ wearing @paul_hewitt Miss Ocean Line watch 🌊 #paulhewitt #getAnchored #missoceanline #ad *werbung

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