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Sarah Tran  💫 Travel, lifestyle & lots of hair 💌 hello@thedreamchapter.com

Been using these two little sidekicks @sugarbearhair everyday to support my haircare routine 🐻🐻😍 Growing long hair means you'll need to care for each strand of hair for many, many years so it’s important to consume the right vitamins and minerals to boost each strand’s strength right from the beginning of its lifecycle 🌱I eat a well-balanced diet and take these additional supplements to maximise my intake of the essential vitamins my hair needs to grow strong and healthy ❤️ #sugarbearhair #ad

Sighing over the details of @chateaumonfort - stunning inside and out ✨it must be something about Italian balconies but I'm getting low-key Romeo and Juliet vibes 😆

A stay inspired by fairytales at @chateaumonfort
Skirt from @chichiclothing #chateaumonfort #chichilondon #sp

My heart overflows with love and gratitude to be able to see the world with this special person in my life ❤️ what are you grateful for my loves? Hope you're all having a great week so far! 💕

I'm having a mild flamingo obsession this summer and I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I'm totally devastated that there isn't an emoji of one... 😢😆
The past few months has been a bit crazy with family, travel and special events so I'm excited to finally have time now to work on a few things for you guys! Yes, the haircare tips are coming! 😁

I know you guys love these comparison photos so here's another one! Unlike the last one, these two were taken on seperate days and seperate seasons 🌞❄️Which do you prefer this time? Straight or curly? 😁💕

What do you think of my super tight curls here? I was a bit distracted when was doing my hair and ended up using a bit too much hairspray 😁they still dropped a little throughout the day but I like them better when they're looser and longer 😊💕💐🌷✨

What's your favourite meal of the day? Mine is afternoon tea followed by dessert with the exception of brunch on weekends 😆☕️🍰💕I love sweets sooo much but I've become quite good at controlling how much I eat for the sake of my health. Couldn't say the same thing when studying though... I would go through entire bags of candy in on sitting 🙈🙈@lenarcisseblanc
Happy Ramadan to all those celebrating! 💕💕

Thank you for all the love on my last photo guys! I take all your feedback, questions and requests very seriously and will do my best to give back all that you guys give me! 💕Here is my last photo from Disneyland :) Toby and I completely embraced our inner-child that day, chasing each other through the park, running free-sprited from ride to ride and getting icecream all over our hands and camera 😄but we left after a few hours because each of our inner-child lives in an adult body that just can't keep up like it used to 😂❤ #disneyland @disneylandparis
Since you guys are always asking about my hair and skin, would you like to see a post on my skincare and haircare routine? Which one first? :) an IG post is much easier for me right now; the blog and YouTube channel will need to wait until my schedule calms down a bit 😅

Whenever I check my profile and see this figure hovering above the word “followers”, I literally think of it as nothing more than a number. I pay much more attention to the interactions with you guys, the wonderful feedback you give me on what I do and stories from your life that you openly share with me. Every so often my follower count hits a round number like 200k which makes me stop and think about it for a little longer. A strong sense of wonder overcomes me every time: behind "200k” are 200,000 humans following my journey! How does one even comprehend this many people?! What did I do to get so much support from all of you?! I just looked up how many students are enrolled at the university I attended to try to understand how much space you guys would fill. My uni had always felt very crowded and I just learned that there are only 25,000 students at my uni I went to… now my head is hurting! What unit of time would be best used to measure how long it would take to give each and every one of you guys a bear hug? If you guys were each a tulip, would you fill up this field I’m standing in? 🤔come to think of it, you guys are kinda like tulips... standing tall and bright, reflecting positivity and inspiration into my life! Hahaha I'm so cheesy... so as I was saying... social media is so much more simple when I think of this figure as simply a few digits and focus on all the kindness you guys share with me 😊I still don’t get how I got so lucky to have so much support from you guys but I am filled with awe and I am ever so grateful. Thank you for “200k” 💕

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women with the hardest job in the world! Spoiled mum with heart boxes from @emmiegray ❤️My mother and I haven’t always understood each other. We grew up in vastly different cultures and this was the cause of many misunderstandings during my adolescence. But as I’ve grown up, I've come to appreciate the diversity in our relationship and our very different ways of thinking. We still disagree on many things but we are always doing our best for each other. She migrated to Australia and did the best she could to pave the way for me to create the life of opportunities I have today - something she unfortunately had to sacrifice. I’ve always done my best to give back, but relationships are tough sometimes. There is no such thing as being a perfect parent or a perfect child. Come on, who wasn’t a handful to their parents as a teenager?! 😛We just gotta do the best we can 💕We had an amazing time together in Berlin and I’m going to miss her soooo much!

The hype is real with @sugarbearhair! 🐻 As many of you may know, around half a year ago I ordered a few hair vitamin brands to try so I could recommend the best ones for you guys. After months of testing, I've noticed that these gummies ended up working the best for me :) They were the only ones that I managed to take consistently every single day (my sugar cravings never failed to remind me 😆) and I believe it played an important part in the results - the new hair and nails that have grown since are much stronger! Now I'm collaborating with them to continue taking these over a longer period of time and I will document the results for you all ❤️#sugarbearhair #ad

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