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Sarah Joncas  I'm an artist from Toronto 🍁

Hey guys! For the past several years I've been participating in an awesome annual show called #suggestivism ~ with the next show opening up this June in NYC, curator/artist @nathanspoor and gallery @spoke_art are looking to make this series into a coffee table art book called 'Suggestvisim: Resonance' ✨🎉 50 artists, over 200 pages of art! Help them make this into a reality by funding their Kickstarter campaign - link available on both the @spoke_art and @nathanspoor profiles. #suggestivismresonance

I've been busy working on secret things lately, so here's an older piece I haven't shared on here instead ~ 'Dissolution', 16x20", oil and acrylic on panel (sold) 🦋

Now available on my Etsy shop - 'April Showers',12x16", acrylic on panel. SOLD (clickable link on my profile)

Now available on my Etsy shop - 'Cold Stare', 10x12", acrylic on panel. SOLD (clickable link on my profile)

Going to put a couple little acrylic paintings up on my shop tomorrow at noon EST (9am PST) ~ something I worked on during the winter while my studio was in transition.

For anyone interested I'll share a clickable link on my profile ❄️

Over the winter, while my studio was half in boxes, I painted up a couple little fun acrylic works since I couldn't use oils for a short time ~

Going to put this painting and another up on my shop tomorrow at noon EST (9am PST). Will share a clickable link on my profile for anyone interested ☂️

Really excited to have an older painting of mine gracing the bottles of a 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon by the Behrens Family Winery out of Napa Valley! A first for me and the wine is just as delicious as the sight, hehe 😽🍷 The painting is a work I made back in 2012, you can swipe to see the full image. I'll make sure to share more and a link once the winery's new site is up and running 🎉 #behrensfamilywinery

Signing these ladies today ~ thanks so much to everyone who purchased! Will be getting them back out soon🧜‍♀️ To others who may be interested, sale ends this Thursday at @1xrun - edition of 60 at $65, link on my profile. Cheers! #1xrun #prints

For those who may have missed my post from last week, 'Medusae' is currently available as a limited edition print through @1xrun ~ sale ending next Thursday, March 8th! Edition of 60 at $65, there's a small number still left ⏳

Clickable link to the prints can be found on my profile ~

Thanks so much to those who have already purchased as well! I'll be signing them all up soon! 💕 #1xrun #prints

Finished mural✨ was a lot fun getting to paint this up in my living/dining room! I've shared a bunch of progress pics here as well, though it only took a few days of work.
Wanted to keep her simplified and more muted in tones ~ something to compliment the room without over taking it. And I still live with another person, who isn't an artist and was trusting enough to give me freedom, so it's best to respect and not let the crazy painting urges fly 🙃✌️

'Medusae' prints now available through @1xrun! Limited edition of 60 at $65 ~ you can find a clickable link on my profile #1xrun #prints

Happy to announce a new print release available TOMORROW at noon EST (9am PST) through @1xrun! My painting 'Medusae' will be a limited edition of 60 at $65 🐙

Will share a clickable link on my profile for those interested #1xrun #print

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