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Sarah Ingle  Creating my #fairytale ✨🌈 Join me on #YouTube 🚀🦄 Snap►princesseveraft TW► sarah_e_ingle 👇🏻Watch my New Video! ⬇️ 🦄✨🛍

Something about this pose feels so cheesy to me and the frizz hair is REAL, but my nails actually look nice for once. 🙈😂💅🏻

Happy M🍩NDAY! Flying back to Denver! ✈️ Driving me nuts that I can’t share any more details about the TV documentary I was here for until it airs, but I will share as much as I can as I’m allowed. 👑💕 Until then, hope you enjoy my newest video where you may recognize this shirt. It shows the start of my journey to make my home feel a little more colorful! ☺️🌈 That includes my massive @ikeausa haul that filled my whole trunk yet somehow stayed under $100 😳 and an unboxing of a rose gold unicorn @theenchantmentbox sub box. Really having more and more fun editing each video, too. Absolutely loving that I get to do this every day. It makes EVERY day — yes, even Mondays — feel like the best day. 🙌🏻

I cannot stop SMILING when I see @ericajlloyd and I making a giant mess of GALLONS of slime. 😂☺️😁🙌🏻🌈 Literally I just feel instantly happier, so I wanted to share a little clip of the beginning. 💕 Just posted the whole thing to YouTube (link in bio) if you’d like to see more, but either way I hope our pure delight over making a mess like kindergarteners makes your day a little happier. ☺️💖🌈 BTW the slime weighed over 22lbs when we were done!! 😱

How do I live so close to such a magical castle — a REAL castle?! 🏰✨ Next time I go, I have to vlog it. & check the airspace to see if I can fly my drone there because it’s the closest I can get to showing you guys how incredible this place is. Especially early spring on one of the first perfectly warm days... it’s so much like a fairytale that you think you must be dreaming. It couldn’t be that perfect for real. You’ll see the center window is open because the weather was so unbelievably perfect, and all the open doors and windows made this even more unreal blend of indoors and outdoors. Apparently, I’m obsessed. But who wouldn’t be? ☺️

Happy Monday! ☺️💕 Hope you’re feeling as happy as me and this owl. 👸🏼🦉 One of the most amazing things about working on what you love every day is Mondays are just as incredible as the weekend. It’s the most liberating feeling, and I’m still not used to it. 🌈🙌🏻 There’s no day of the week to feel disappointed about. No dread of Sunday night or a workweek. It’s just life and every day is an incredible opportunity to create something you love. 🦄🚀 Speaking of which, I hope you enjoyed both videos I posted this weekend. The slime video and the chipmunk sled crash were both a blast to make. Editing more for you and loving every minute. ☺️✨

This begs for a caption about taking steps forward. & I’m taking many, including with travel plans. ✈️ VidCon in Anaheim in June and Playlist Live Orlando in April are confirmed and conveniently next to Disney parks. 😁 Excited to see some of you there! Aiming to join my dad in Amsterdam to see the tulip festival in April whenever he goes next. 🌷 Tulips are my favorite flower so that’s a must. Bigger list is on the way. ☺️🦄🚀

Fiiiiinally!!! 😍🙏🏻 🙌🏻✨ Elsa makeup tutorial is up, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so ecstatic to post a video. ❄️ It’s the most requested video, so I just wanted to make sure I did the best I could for you guys. 💕 I hope it’s everything you wanted and more. Here’s a little montage of Elsa shots from the video if you haven’t watched it yet. Link is in my bio to see the whole thing. Hugs from me to you and I sincerely, wholeheartedly hope you enjoy. 💖❄️

You can learn to take your own selfie like this in my new video. ❄️👑Just posted my Day in the Life of a Party Princess ... GONE WRONG Vlog! 😂🙈 I intended to do a normal day in the life vlog, but it was literally the most chaotic day I’ve ever encountered “princessing” and bizarre things kept going totally wrong. At one point I was considering putting car grease on my face... long story. 🙈 You’ll see when you watch it. ✨ Link In Bio.

I missed the Valentine’s Day cutoff, but I love him every day. ❤️ Lucky to find someone who loves being as extra & overdressed as I do. ✨🙌🏻 The Ottergator to my Birdbear. @derekvanschaik 🐵🐊

Lost my job but I’m smiling more than EVER! ✨🙌🏻 Huge life updates & TRAVEL plans ✈️😍 in my new video this morning (link in bio) especially if you missed my live stream. + I unbox my Mermaid Surprise Shell from @sincerelysweetboutique, which is also where I got this dress. My obsession with them is real. 😂 OH and there’s also a preview of my upcoming Elsa makeup tutorial, which is what you guys have requested more than any other video! ❄️ I told you my next video would be happier, and this one about losing my job is my happiest yet... ironic!

Pop of color for your morning. 🌈🙌🏻 Figured you could use it after the sad video I posted. I’d never cried on my channel before. I promise the next one is much happier. ☺️✨

Chase your dreams, friends. 🌈 THANK YOU for your overwhelming support when I shared getting my drone pilot license! 👩🏼‍✈️ Made a video for you about why it meant so much to me {link in bio} ✨ Did you see the plot twist preview at the end? Emotional rollercoaster. 😥 Heads up: the video of the 2nd part of my day gets real. There were tears... not the happy kind. I’ll tell you when I upload that one, but for now enjoy my over-the-moon happiness. + little clips like this video; this was the first time I ever flew a drone. Crazy how much I improved in a short time!! 😁

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