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Sarah Owens  Author of James Beard award winning SOURDOUGH,Toast & Jam, and forthcoming Heirloom. Baking Subscriptions, Workshops, & Events:

The cuisine of Mexico, particularly of the Oaxaca state, is incredibly sophisticated and specific to local ingredients and their flavors. I had the opportunity to scratch the surface yesterday and am so grateful to have learned a little more about what I’ve been seeing and eating in the mercados. We made hot cocoa from scratch, the best guacamole I’ve ever had (!), used local herbs like pitiona, guaje, and hoja santa, and made an almond mole in three different variations using different chilis. The food is magic and I’m so thankful to those who taught me their ways!

Life Goal: To have a massive pomegranate tree dripping over my door. And maybe a citrus tree or two burdened with fruit somewhere nearby...

A case of looking better than they taste but the common pastries of Oaxaca are a great inspiration for creativity back home. Travel has a way of opening the mind and also revealing your own character to yourself. So far, I think I’ve learned I have an insatiable curiosity for insect foods. 🐜🦗🐛

I cannot think of a better way to ring in a new decade than to have spent time sharing passion for fermentation and sourdough this last week in Mexico. Muchas gracias @rgbpurafermentacion for hosting (and feeding!) me in Monterrey and to @breadpanaderos @bernardobread for opening your beautiful bakery to such a warm and enthusiastic group of students. Muchos photos by the talented eye of @antonio.devalle. Now off to Oaxaca! #buildlevainnotwalls #breadistheuniversallanguage

One of the most challenging aspects of Sourdough is embracing the variables outside of your comfort zone. But who am I kidding to think I can control everything about the process? The essence of fermentation is accepting the unknown, learning to see the beauty in im-perfection, but also choosing to create and nourish a culture within a jar that can be a microcosmos of the culture you want to thrive around you. This weekend our class became a whole new family of friends ready to face these challenges of a new fermentation practice. Teaching here in Mexico City using recipes from my first two books yielded a delicious whole grain bread using Mexican grown and milled wheat, a rosewater cake, chocolate buckwheat cookies, some overproofed bagels (whoops!), and some delicious fruit galettes in a fermented pie crust. So thankful to everyone who came and to @lacocinadegalia for hosting me. Now on to Monterrey!

Already dreaming up flavors for June’s Cookie Box that might compliment Orange Cardamom Chocolate Chip and Chewy Chili Chocolate. Strawberry Black Pepper Thumbprints? White Chocolate, Oatmeal, and Cherry? What are your favorite flavors?!

A celebration of Spring! Subscription cookie boxes headed out this week to some lucky folks. #wholegrain #allday #allnight

Sourdough Æbelskiver and Cranberry Marmalade making our mouths water today shooting #heirloomcookbook.

Emmer and Green Garlic Gougéres on set today for #heirloomcookbook

Back around Christmas I started a little mail order cookie business as a way to generate extra income around the holidays. I wanted to do something playful with heritage whole grains and interesting flavors - little did I know there was an enthusiastic audience for both. Since then, I’ve shipped out over 10,000 cookies. The systems I have in place aren’t perfect and I’m working on making it better, more streamlined, and more sustainable and there have been some wicked challenges along the way but overall I’m so thankful to be supported in this endeavor. Here are the last of the boxes from April on the heels of prepping May’s sold out orders. To catch more of a sneak peek into production, check out @kiamotorsusa latest post. 📷 second image by @alexfrankel courtesy @kiamotorsusa #wholegrain


Today is a remarkable day: the sun is out, the breeze is slightly warm, and I am working with my first apprentice who I’m incredibly thankful has been curious enough to bake his way through dozens of cookies. Sometimes growth comes by choice, other times by necessity and this current period of professional development has been a lovely combination of both. Oh, and there’s bread this afternoon @cuisinebyclaudette! #thankful #sunsoutbunsout #sourdough

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