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Sarah Bowmar, MBA, CPT  🎥 YouTube: Bowmar Fitness 💪🏼 @naturalsciencecreation 🏋🏽‍♀️ BOWMARFITNESS.COM 📧 sarahbowmarfit@gmail.com 🏹 Bow Hunter: Team Hoyt ONLINE COACHING👇🏼👇🏼


Full shoulder workout cause I love y’all so please share the love and double tapppppppppp 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Shoulder workout (45 minutes total)

5 Rounds
Every 2 minutes
10 shoulder press
10 plate lateral raises
10 front plate raises

3 minute rest- clean up and set up next station

5 Rounds (this video)
Every 150 seconds (2.5 minutes)
10 cross cross real delt on cable machine
10 shoulder bombs
10 upright rows with plate

3 minute rest- clean up and set up next station

100 reps of front to side raises (use weight that only allows for 10-12 at a time)

4 30 second rounds of battle rope jumping jacks or crawlouts
Scrunch booty mesh leggings are from @abs2bfitnessapparel. I wear the XS high waisted Marilyn capris or pants with half/regular scrunch. My code is “bowmarfitness” to save 20%!
******* so for the “minute” rounds, you finish the reps listed for each exercise. If it takes you 90 seconds, then you rest for 30 until the next round starts

72 Hours in Cape Town Vlog is now live on Bowmar Fitness YouTube! Here’s a quick sneak peak!! 🐬🐧🐒⛰🇿🇦✈️

My teammate. My business partner. My best friend. My food testing subject. My hunting buddy. I love you @joshbowmar 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 #Arnold2017

A little sneak peak to one of the dozens of features of our Bowmar Fitness App: the exercise library! Everything is categorized by muscle group so when you want to make your own workouts (as the membership comes with full workouts) or are traveling or the gym is busy and you need an alternative- the exercise library will really come in handy! I used it today during my tricep workout! I set my timer and completed 10 reps of a tricep exercise and then rested until the next minute started. Repeat for 45 minutes total and you’ve got yourself a 450 rep tricep workout! I completed 8 total exercises, some for 3 minutes and some for 6! It’s time to get creative with your training without wasting time having to think of what exercise to do! Our app should be available very very soon! We are in the final testing stages 💚💚💚
PS: this app is FREE! All current bowmarfitness.com members will have access day 1!

45 minute times glute isolation workout to cap off this weekend! The full workout is on my IG story 💙💙
This video: deadlifts and walking lunges
All form police on duty: I don’t know if these are straight leg or Romanian or a hybrid but I do know they kill my glutes and I’m working every single time to get better on my form. Ok that’s all. Back to your police duties and protein donuts

Such a beautiful day watching my sister Cassie get baptized 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

The end of my bicep workout yesterday. Your body is really really smart and will try to recruit fresh muscles to take on the work load of whatever you’re lifting. For this movement in particular- make sure you are forcing your elbows upwards and towards the origin of resistance (top of the cable). Once you manipulate your body and force your muscles to isolate themselves, you might have to drop the weight for some reps. Please never be ashamed by this. The weight you’re using is all relative to your form! I promise you- lifting for form and not ego will accelerate your results like crazy!

Today’s timed bicep workout was insaneeeeeee 💪🏼
I am really loving splitting triceps and biceps apart and with the added timing aspect of my workouts- holy guacamole! Don’t ever let your fitness or training become stale or boring- I’ve been seriously training since 2012 and I still get just as excited (if not more so) than when I first started💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
PS: I am a big advocate of overall health (obviously) and your skin is your largest organ. On top of taking high quality supplements and skin care- I highly recommend quitting tanning and tanning beds. I was guilty of it in my early 20s and wish someone had shaken me to wake me up! For my self tanner, I use the tropical @rossaselftanning twice a week. You can use code “bowmarfitness” to save $$$. One bottle honestly lasts me several months and the tan actually smells good- not like normal self tanners. Plus being tan makes you look leaner- it’s a fun trick 😹😹

All of my workouts the past ten days have been time based and I never realized how much time I was wasting during my workouts until I started timing myself. For my back workout today, I did 12 reps every minute for all of my exercises. I completed 5 rounds (5 minutes) of each exercise. So if the exercise took me 25 seconds to finish, I had 35 seconds to rest until the next minute started. I gave myself an additional 2 minutes of rest in between each exercise when I was switching machines or getting something new set up. Some back exercises I completed today were pull downs, crawl ups, and cable rows (all in the video above). There’s a lot of fun back exercises that I’ve posted over the years and would definitely be very easy to incorporate for this style of training for 45 minutes 💪🏼💪🏼
I am really feeling my diet and training are paying off too, starting to see myself lean out slowly but surely!

#tbt to conquering the world in Cape Town. Or rather making the trek up the India Venster route up Table Mountain. It might have taken five hours to get up but man was the climb worth the view
And yesssssssss my boots are off because I was near the edge and I felt safer without them on for the photo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
I also owe y’all our 72 hours in Cape Town vlog. It’s coming I promise!! It was one of my favorite trips we have ever taken!

Assisted single leg pistol squat jumps! What a mouthful 😹😹 But seriously, these are a crazy quad smasher and a definite MUST if you are wanting to strength your quads and overall leg strength! I could only do 5 on each leg, next time I’ll aim for 10 unbroken at a time! 💙💙💙💙

Lets talk meal prep! It seems that there’s a misconception that meal prep consists of old/boring food and you hate your life the entire time you’re eating it. That honestly sounds like an excuse, to me, that lazy people make to get out of prepping and to get out of eating their meals according to their plan. Don’t get me wrong- if you have the time and desire to make all your meals real time- more power to you! I just know for us and the majority of my followers, that’s not conducive to our lifestyle. Let’s go over meal prep benefits:
• Saves time and money. It took me 45 minutes to prep the pancake muffins and chili. But guess what? That’s a total of about 15 meals so it averages out to 3 minutes per meal to cook. 180 seconds! That’s it! Plus, having prepped food eliminates any sort of excuse to deviate from your plan. Why would you go out to eat when you’ve already bought and prepped the food in your fridge?
• Which brings me to my second point- you’ll be much more likely to stay on your diet if all you have to do is throw your meal in the microwave and wait for it to heat up
• Meal prep doesn’t have to be chicken and brown rice (in fact, I’ve never prepped that). Meal prepping can include virtually anything! Just make enough of it and portion it out (I’ve got a YouTube video on how to accurately count recipe macros)
• Back to the money thing- it will save you so much money it’s not even funny! Each muffin cost $.20 to make and each serving of chili cost $1. THATS IT!! When you prep and buy in bulk, it helps so much with your budget! So $1 for incredible chili where you control the ingredients or $10 for a meal at a fast food restaurant that arguably shouldn’t even be called food
• Josh and I will eat 3-4 of our meals a day and supplement a protein shake for 1-2 meals a day (also, a great money saver)
I included my sweet treat last night: protein peanut butter s’mores pizookie! This recipe can be found on my blog where the venison pancake muffins, chili, and lobster Mac can all be found in my cook book available on wildgamewildgains.blogspot.com
Also- I recommend prepping food for 3-4 days at a time so you’ll need to prep twice a week. It gets easier!

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