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Sarah Teng  📍 austin, tx rooted in 🇹🇼 --- 🌵 ut20 | scv '15-'18 | tx spirits 🍾 living my best life 🧢 #DoingThings w/ @outdoorvoices | #OVOfficial 🍜 @eatwithteng

I know what I said about Beijing earlier...but this wall was great! 🤩🗺

Shanghai is better than Beijing THERE I SAID IT 🙊🇨🇳

to sum up this entire aspect of my life in just ten not possible. but happy march 4th!! :D scroll to the end to see my humble beginnings as a smol band kid with biiiig dreams🥁🎼✨ #marchfourth #dci

when I saw a woman picking up dog poop from the sidewalk....THAT’S when I knew, this place really a concrete jungle 💩 #take #me #back

MY CHILDREN ARE WEENIES!!!!!!! 🌭🌭 for the past two years I have watched both of you grow and mature into badass women leaders and I can’t wait to see everything you’ll do with the community of @texasspirits on your side. welcome to the tradition, ladies!!! :’) also hi @thats_the_thi

happiest when I’m with food 🥰🤪🍜🥓 #eatwithteng

#doingthings in my birks with the QUEEN of the #doingthings brand herself!!!! thank you @ty_haney for endorphin-ing with us today 🤠🤘🏼 #OVOfficial

ok I’m ready to go back now! #please

still sad I won’t be marching but CONGRATS TO EVERYONE WHO AUDITIONED THIS WEEKEND!!! 🍾 I am SO excited to cheer you on from the sidelines and celebrate you all summer :’) also shameless plug, my vibe cam from this year just got posted, go click the link in my bio!!! 🎼🤸🏻‍♂️

our tour guide called us “adventurous” 🤪🗺

college? don’t know her 🤷🏻‍♀️🌴

city looks good on us! 👸🏻🥂

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