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Sarah Bethea  Based in pⓄⓇtland 🌿 Portrait account → @sruhbear Check out my Youtube, link below ↓


My favorite spot on the Oregon Coast. You can see us little people standing down there on the arch

One of my favorite mountains. The shape of it is perfect! Next time I am in Norway, I hope to see the northern lights over it. ~
New vlog is up on my Youtube! Click the link in my bio to check it out

Swedish locals 🤘
One of my goals for this year is to do more wildlife photography. I love getting to see animals. My most interesting encounter was this past summer in Glacier, when Michael and I came across 3 grizzly bears (a mom and two cubs). I also saw a pod of orcas breaching at Puget Sound while on the ferry. They came right up to the boat to say hello. These experiences are so magical. Have you had any memorable wildlife encounters?

After a downpour, light peaks through the clouds at Reine in Lofoten. I’d give anything to live here for a little while. The view out every window of my home would be insane, 360° of mountains, sea, and colorful houses. World class hikes would be just minutes up the road. It’s a dream land for any photographer or lover of nature

An epic sunrise at Crater Lake. What’s your favorite spot in the PNW?

I got to explore some beautiful areas of Oregon this weekend. It’s been so long since I have hiked or taken photos in the PNW, and it’s nice to be reminded of how much beauty there is so close to home

The most vibrant blue ice caves ❄️

An old favorite of mine by @elliothawkey ~
Thank you all so much for the love on my last post! Your support really does mean the world to me. To everyone who follows me on Instagram, watches my vlogs, or just appreciates my photos, I want to say thank you for being awesome. You guys are the best!

What’s the most memorable trip that you’ve ever taken?
This is certainly one of mine! ~
Self portrait

I just uploaded my favorite vlog so far to my Youtube channel! It’s the story of my Europe trips, beginning to end. I’m feeling pretty good about this one! Link is in my bio 😉
Photo by @mikeygraef

I am wanting to move past just doing vlogs on my youtube (although I’ll still be doing those as well) and thought a Q&A video would be a good way to ease into it. If you have any questions about photography, travel, or life, you can DM them to me or put them in the comments here, and I will answer them as thoroughly as I can on the video. I will be making and posting it this week! Extra points for questions that can make me laugh 😉 ~
Photo by @mikeygraef

Iconic dolomite views 😍
I uploaded a new vlog, this time from Barcelona. If you have a few minutes, click the link in my bio and let me know what you think!

I’ve been back from Europe for only a couple of weeks, but it feels like while ago already!

I just uploaded my vlog about this day exploring ice caves in Iceland! It’s different from any of my other vlogs, as I chose to do it narration style. I was a bit nervous to upload it, but I am happy and proud of it. There you can see the story from this day, as well as how you can do the exact same thing with Háfjall, the private guide I went with. It’s a bit of a longer video, but I think you might enjoy it 😉 give it a look and let me know what you think! Link is in my bio!

This place is known as Diamond beach. It’s easy to see why! The ice chunks really do look like diamonds ❄️
I decided to make a personal page where I post portraits and extra photos that don’t make it on here. Before I did photography, I spent some years being at the front of the camera, and I have a lot of photos that I really love of myself. I’ll be posting those primarily on the new Instagram @sruhbear There may also be some shameless behind the scenes selfies as well! If you are interested in seeing that sort of thing, you can follow me there as well.
Thanks for being awesome!!

This was one of the most beautiful things I have seen. The sunlight coming through the entrance of this cave lit up a part of the ice, making it look just like amber. A truly mind blowing thing to see

I wish I was sitting on that ledge right now!
It’s my first day of school back at University of Oregon. I wish I could say that I was excited 😆 ~
Photo by @mikeygraef

I love winter ❄️ I flew back to the US yesterday, and got to look out the window as we flew over the Arctic Ocean. I’ll put some iPhone clips from that in my story.
I just love icy landscapes and really need more of them in my life. The Europe trip is over, and now it’s not so cheap and easy to get to these places. There is always Alaska and Canada though. I just uploaded a new vlog from this Iceland trip that I am very happy with! If you have a few minutes, please give it a look. Link is in my bio :)

What a year it has been! It has gone by so damn fast, and so much has happened. This year, unlike many years before, I feel good about what I've accomplished, and I am excited about my New Years goals for 2018.
What are your NYE plans?

I was going through my Flickr and found this photo @elliothawkey took of me over a year ago! Reflecting on my past year and a half doing photography, I am so grateful for making the decision to pick up a camera and start something new. That decision has lead me to meet the people who are in my life now, see the world, and push myself in so many ways.

White winter landscapes ❄️

As far as super small and secluded towns go, there aren't too many I'd choose to live in. I prefer small cities or large towns, where there are no crowds but you still have easy access to everything you need. This place is an exception, though. It's small and secluded, but falling asleep under the northern lights and waking up to mountain views like this every day would make it so worth it.
Would you live in a place like this?

One of the most beautiful views in the world 🌎❄️
I hope everyone had a great Christmas! ~
Self portrait at one of the iconic spots in the Dolomites

Lake Misurina in autumn, when the larches turn yellow, and in the winter, when the snow piles up. I've been wanting to make a photo like this for a while, and am happy I got the chance when we returned to the Dolomites. The left side was taken in October, and the right was taken a couple days ago. ~
I hope everyone is having a great Christmas Eve!! 🌲 The alps are a winter wonderland, but sometimes there's no place like home. I'm happy to be traveling, but do miss spending time with the family and dogs today

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