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When you hire the photographer but want everyone to think it's a paparazzi. #TBT

Feels like an appropriate doctor-patient relationship. @drsherryr

Best friends take care of your kids when you are hungover, lie when someone asks if you have had plastic surgery, never call u out when severely altering a photo of yourself, defend your bad behavior ,buy you nice gifts, and come sit on your sofa when you have had a bad day. I hated high school but thank god every day for it bringing me you two! Happy birthday @jenmeyerjewelry @katehudson ❤️

Just reminiscing about that time Christoph Waltz fired his publicist for making him sit next to Erin.

6 Year Old: "Mom, we are gonna be late for morning circle."
Me: "I don't give a shit, just take the picture"


I would like to thank Zyrtec for absolutely nothing.

I just sent this to my husband . His response was , "Is your hair darker ?" . See you In therapy sweetie.

Threw my back out and suffered from a collapsed lung from sucking in and pushing my butt out for too long. That's the definition of a "warrior" right? #brave #fightingthegoodfight #strong #rolemodel #lifeisSoHard #whyme?

Spending Saturday night refreshing Instagram, watching Big Little Lies , and clocking every friend that went out tonight and didn't call me.

"I drink a lot of water and use coconut oil" says every lying woman in LA.

Always remember your man's friends are NOT your friends.

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