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Sara Farid  Pakistani photojournalist living in Paris. Published in Reuters, New York Times, Spiegel, Wall Street Journal

International day against homophobia and trans-phobia
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Mohammad Irfan, 18, is from D.G. Khan. He works as a labourer carrying concrete blocks at the construction site. “My favourite place in Islamabad is Bari Imam. Whenever I get free time, I go there.” February 2015
Hands that built the metro bus project
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Chai and camaraderie at the construction site:

Mohammad Aziz, 60, belongs to Sadiqabad. He drives his tractor transporting steel bars from the storage yard to the construction site. As the wind blows the flag posted on the roof, he says, “I love our national flag and I fixed it on my tractor on the 14th of August.”

This is a story I did a few years ago about the men who built the metro bus project in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
February 2015 (pakistan archives)
The metro bus project employed hundreds of workers.These men came to Islamabad from all over Pakistan and many had never seen the capital before. Miles from their hometowns, as they worked and lived together through the hard labour and long hours, there was a real sense of community in them. They sweat together, ate together and shared light moments of life over numerous cups of tea.
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Chai and camaraderie at the construction site: .
Mohammad Ali, 60, is from Nowshera. He sells tea to the metro bus labourers. “I have made new friends here by bringing tea to these hard-working men. We find a few minutes to sit down for a chat and laugh a little.” February 2015 (Pakistan archives)

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Chai and camaraderie at the construction site:
Mohammad Iqbal and Saeed chat at the end of their shift. They are the security guards at the Metro bus project construction site in Islamabad, Pakistan - February 2015
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After going through incredibly difficult and often dangerous journaneys, these children are denied protection and care. Often they don't have birth certificates or any documents with them. But the ones who have the documents are sometimes rejected as well. Their age is assessed on the basis of an interview, if they get an Interview. "I am African. We are big in size since we are born. I am not innocent enough for authorities to think I am a minor"
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Until 2017 25,000 were registered as unaccompanied minors migrants in France. Many who are unable to prove their age to under 18, do not get shelter, benefits or a chance to attend school.
Some locals extend help by offering to host them in their house. Others organize free f9od drives. Lack of support often leads these young people to a life of street crime and drugs.
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Portrait series of minor (under 18) refugees in Paris. They often flea home where there is war, abuse, violence and poverty. They have a hard time proving to the star that they are under 18. Their application for asylum are often rejected and they live off the streets while struggling to build a case file for themselves.
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Cold winter nights with temperature below zero. #refugees #paris #everydayrefugees #life #photography #migration #exile#everydayeverywhere

January 2019

Life in Limbo: 3
I met him randomly on a street in Paris while visiting one of the food stalls set up for refugees by caring citizens or associations. There was a Pakistani and a few Afghans. Urdu connected us and the ease of communication made it feet like one of the reporting days in Pakistan. We exchanged numbers and he promised to meet me at a metro station next morning close to where he and his friends camp during the night. "But make sure you arrive at 7am. After that everyone runs to escape the police"
I wasn't sure if he'll be there. I had been following refugees of different nationalities and ages since a few months. It's rare to find them at the same spot again or get through to their number. Everyday is challenging and they keep moving.

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Life in Limbo: 2
"Our life is worse than the dogs here. We sleep in dirtiest places with rats walking over us. But we still dream of better life." Said Azim with a big smile and bright eyes. #life #limbo #refugees #everydayrefugees #everydayeverywhere #paris #france #migration

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