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Sara Fabel  Finnish in CALIFORNIA. USA. Work and Tattoo inquiries; sara.fabel.tattoo@gmail.com-Facebook.com/sarafabel


This weekend Finland celebrated one of the main shamanistic events; Juhannus. Far away from home in sunny California I was sad not to partake in traditional rituals of burning giant bonfires, rolling in the fields naked and dancing around the fire casting spells and fortune telling future love. I am proud of my pagan roots and the witchcraft that still plays a playful part in Finnish culture. /// """"The history of Midsummer celebrations date back to pagan times. In East-Finland, it was called “the celebration of Ukko” (Ukko was the Finnish god of thunder, the most important of the Finnish gods, because he created rain, the essential ingredient for a good harvest). According to an old belief, the short night of Midsummer tempted witches, fairies and elves to tease people or to show them their future happiness. This is why Midsummer has been linked to magic and many believes. Even today it is popular among young girls to pick flowers on midsummer night and to place them under their pillows in the hope that their future husbands will be revealed to them in their dreams."""" #pagan

Drawing exotic flower and plants with my little girl Dawn. I have fallen in love with floral and bird inquiries. / Sara.Fabel.Tattoo@gmail.com / los an ageless, CA.

There is definitely a misconception about palm and "inner knuckle" tattoos. They do stay when done correctly, usually a second pass is needed to fix some areas, but after that the design will last as any other tattoo. Obviously more simple, the better as palm/inner finger tattoos need to be deep enough to "bleed/blur out" so small details will blur in together. / Sara.Fabel.Tattoo@gmail.com / Los Angeles, CA.

A little chrysanthemum banger from my NYC trip.

Morning drawing date with the kitties. Spot the quote; "Only good bug is a dead bug" (favorite movie since 1997). / Sara.fabel.tattoo@gmail.com / Los Angeles, CA

Predrawn I would like to tattoo. Depending on location and size on the body I will add things to this design. Please contact me and my assistant Leanne via email for inquiries. Thank you :) / Sara.fabel.tattoo@gmail.com / Los Angeles, California.

I love cats in all forms, big and small. Today drawing this battle tiger with my house panthers. Next adding the bees and spears and uploading this as a predrawn.

Swallows. Sara.fabel.tattoo@gmail.com

Dorks unite. After a long week it was such a pleasure seeing my friends and having a day off before I head out to NYC. Life is the best with awkward dance moves, horrible hats, unexpected events, miserable memes and puns that will make you want to crawl under a rock.

Another predrawn for my second NYC trip August 2017. I have 4 appointment spots left. // first trip fully booked already. // For more information please email my assistant Leanne at Sara.fabel.tattoo@gmail.com

Dawn and her little precious expressive face.

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