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✨s o l s t i c e ✨

Today I'm celebrating my three brothers. I've loved watching them become husbands and fathers, and I am beyond grateful for their wives and children. They're always up for a commute convo and make for the funniest group text. As their younger sister, I like to think I can claim a tiny bit of credit for the kind, generous, caring men they've become. (Having a strong-willed little sister is good for the soul, I hear.) I love being their sister and wish we all lived a bit closer. Once a year is hardly enough! 👨🏼👨🏽👩🏽👴🏼

Yesterday was a long day— and I loved it. It began with a 4am wake-up call of a woman in labor, and was filled with helping her prepare to meet her baby. Then it was on to helping women who needed a boost of confidence and power in taking care of & feeding their newborn babes, and ended with me coming home under the brightest Jupiter and Saturn in the beautiful, clear summer sky. I was exhausted, but my heart and my belly were full. 🌗 Photo: my view as I walked to my car in the early morning, just as the sun was rising.

Celebrating Caturday with kitty kisses. 😽 Meet Shiphrah, one of my fairy god babies.

A happy woman in her natural habitat for World Oceans Day. 🌊 I grew up ten minutes from the Pacific Ocean, always in view. I grew up doing beach clean ups, learning about how to help preserve ocean life, and taking lunch breaks along the Pacific. I love the ocean. 🌀 Sometimes when I'm home, I'm able to spend lots of time with the ocean. This last trip, though, time was limited, but I couldn't leave without dipping my feet in that water. I woke up early on the day I was to drive back to the desert (creases from my pillow still visible- ha!) and scurried over to my favorite bit of dark sand. The fog greeted me as I collected sea stones and let the sound of the waves work their magic. Thennnn I took this selfie as a group of dog walkers walked by. Those lucky, lucky dogs.

Homevisits are my favorite. Especially with Abby... and stuffed superheroes keeping watch. I love her & her family & can't wait to be her midwife again. Repeat clients are a treasure.
Featured instrument: a fetoscope, a noninvasive method for monitoring fetal heart tones.


The scene that welcomed me to the Rocky Mountain Retreat this weekend: four matriarchs + Mother Earth. It was an uplifting weekend spent with my Mormon feminist sisters, filled with lively discussions about rediscovering women in the scriptures, our relationships within the church, how we can contribute to our communities, and my favorite — late night chats about bodies, babies, & birth. Come with me next year!

I saw Wonder Woman last night and my reaction shocked me. I sat there during the battle scenes (especially the first one, omg) with tears in my eyes. I had never before seen women– uninhibited, confident, strong, & skilled– go against a group of men with such success. I had a lump in my throat throughout a majority of the movie as I kept seeing this repeat itself. I walked out of there feeling how my brothers must have felt when we watched superhero movies as children– to see yourself reflected in the winning character, the strong one, the main character– I walked out of that theatre feeling like I could conquer the world. I get it now, you guys, how you must've felt for the past thirty years. I get it.

🌈🌈 Two years ago I saw a rainbow shooting directly out of the Salt Lake Temple. It was so rad! Too bad I had no memory on my phone back then, the ol' delete-all-unnecessary-apps-and-videos-all-the-time deal. But look! Today almost made up for it. (Don't worry: I didn't take my eyes off the road to take this photo.) Happy Pride weekend to Salt Lake City! 🏳️‍🌈🍓🍑🍋🥝🍇 #slcpride

E m o t i o n s, they come and go like clouds. –To the Wonder | Terrence Malick #exploreutah

I've been collecting pine cones, little by little, over the past several months for a project I'm working on about seeds, growth, & change. And thennnnn last night, I passed by a headstone lined with pine cones & pointed it out to my five year old cousin. We both loved it & she enthusiastically helped me collect the prettiest ones for Grandma Dorothy & Grandpa Steve. Look at it! I'm in love. (Idea for next time: A pine cone for every grandchild on the Vranes family tree. Eee!) 🌲 (Oh! Just realized Grandpa Steve's 100th birthday will be on Thursday. Whoa.)

🌙 the summer sky + my tiny city of salt

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