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♁ sara vranes☽  born in the city • grown by the ocean • adventuring in the mountains • 🌉🌅🏞 • #mylifeasamidwife @lalunamidwifery 🌒🌕🌘• @the_briana_project 🌿


Searching for happy. ☀️

✨🍁✨ #exploresaltlake

❤️💛💚 My soul sister, her bebes, and those leaves. Utah!

🌕 Harvest Full Moon 🌕 I gathered with my moon sisters to celebrate the Harvest moon. We focused on tying up loose ends, attending to open wounds and un-grieved ghosts, and prioritizing self-awareness. We shared how we will prepare for the darker & colder months that lie ahead and the importance of clearing out emotional and physical clutter. We ended with a meditation before we set intentions for this next moon cycle. ✨ I had a realization last night: Currently, with all of the stressors and obligations I surround myself with, I can only deal with life one month/ one moon cycle at a time. So I set an intention with the full moon, have an honest introspective check-in during the new moon, then keep working towards the next full moon. I've done this subconsciously for several years, but it has taken me 5 years of active moon celebrations to finally verbalize that. So, here I am, jumping right in to the next thirty days. We got this, right? 🌒🌕🌘

The night I wore a flaming crown of fire magic. 🔥✨🏮 #lanternfestival

So many wishes in the sky. (And Coldplay in the ears?) 🏮✨🌓 So much magic! But the really magical thing is that my hair didn't catch on fire.

Baby catcher. 👶🏻 This path of midwifery isn't an easy one. Some weeks are discouraging, some are busy, some are devoid of sleep, some are perfect, some are empowering, and some are a combination of all of the above. This week is turning out to be an empowering, tiring, & joyful one. I am grateful for my midwife sisters and the sisterhood that binds us together. I am especially grateful for the families that trust me to care for them— it is always an honor. #mylifeasamidwife

Immigrants: Kata Pecina & Juraj Vraneš. I am an American citizen because my great grandparents were brave and immigrated to America in the early 1900's. Kata and Juraj didn't meet until they had both immigrated to America. They spoke Yugoslavian and Juraj worked in the Bingham copper mine. Kata bore 11 children at home with a midwife, and only a few lived to adulthood. They both understood loss and sadness, but they took care of their family and made America their home. (She stands here in 1918 or 1919 – pregnant! hand on her belly! – with my 2 year old grandpa, Stephen Vranes. A treasured photograph indeed.) I am grateful for their persistence, bravery, and foresight. I am also grateful a political climate existed then that allowed them to flee a country that would soon be war torn, and for an Ellis Island that welcomed them. (Yugoslavia no longer exists. :( ) Bless them. And bless all immigrants doing their best to make America their home.

I am built upon the foundation of brave immigrants and I am proud of that. Amen.

Welcome, Autumn. ✨ I absolutely love the sun and swimming and playing outside, but I also love exploring changing leaves and cooling scenes. I take comfort remembering that there IS beauty in every season. And as a woman who grew up in San Francisco with two-ish seasons for 18 years, I never thought I'd be happy below 50°. But look at me now! Let's go for a hike! 🍁❄️🌷☀️

This is my wish today and all the days: May peace prevail on earth. 🕊 Happy International Day of Peace, dear ones.

My favorite neighborhood mural: Ave Maria in Salt Lake City, by Mac & Retna. #exploresaltlake

Cultivating chill Caturday vibes over here because everything else in my life is bizarre & unpredictable. (Is she praying?!) 😽 #MissPenelopeTheCat

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