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Sara Blakely  Mom of 4. Inventor of @SPANX. Love 🍟. Afraid to fly. Refuse to give up my scrunchie. Believe it's my calling to support women.

One day this summer my husband @jesseitzler decided he was never going to climb over another seat to get a kid out of a car seat again. He immediately started researching cars bigger than SUV’s and well, we ended up in a Ford Transit parking lot. I couldn’t stop laughing until he told the sales guy, “We’ll take it.” 😳 Wait ... what? I’m supposed to drive and park this thing? In which my husband says, “just valet it.” Huh? (I’m sure our sales rep had never heard that one before...) I then ask the sales rep if families typically buy this car and he says, “Nah... mainly Churches and Schools.” 😳 Well, the car just arrived, or should I say bus? #MomLifeOnSteroids #BiggerThanAnSUV #SmallerThanASemi #AllAboard #WishMeLuck #JustValetIt

Behind the scenes of our @Spanx fall campaign photo shoot. Paired with a song from a guy I’ve never met who was just a fan of the brand and wrote the song! When we discovered it, we were like Yes Please! 💃🏼🕺🏼 Super excited for all our new faux leather and seamless leggings styles, distressed denim, arm tights etc... So much happening at Spanx. #FallCampaign #Spanx #Leggings #BestLeggingsEver #Entrepreneur #EntrepreneurLife #FlashSpanx #DoubleTake #OHTheyWantToSeeYourSpanx @cashmase

The first time I met @ashleygraham and we thought we were posing for a picture. As soon as we realized the phone was actually on video mode, Ashley without skipping a beat, bust into a song about her ❤️ for @spanx... And yes she really was wearing them because she flashed me. 👍👊 #tbt #AshleyGraham #WomenSupportingWomen #Spanx #Model #Entrepreneur #EntrepreneurLife #SpanxLove

This is so true ... i love this! A long time ago, I decided to spend zero energy on revenge. It’s a waste of time. Instead, I decided to focus on making myself the best version of myself. In those moments of being wronged, (we all have them) choosing not to spend any time on revenge, but rather take that energy and see it as a gift. And then take that energy and direct it towards an even stronger, better, more powerful version of yourself. The strongest version of yourself never comes from energy spent trying to make someone else weaker, it only comes from determined self focus. Plus there’s nothing sweeter and more freeing than forgiveness. #Forgive #LetItGo #FocusOnYourself #RevengeIsAWaistOfTime #LifeIsShort @mariashriver

You’ve heard of Goat Yoga but have you heard of Tu Tu Yoga? It’s all the rage... #Yogi #Yoga #OM #Tepper #MomLife #Namaste 🙏🏻

The pursuit of perfect inevitably leaves us feeling inadequate and frustrated. It invites the negative voices in our head (we all have them) to have a field day. Today and every day, let’s celebrate progress. Let’s tell the critics in our head that want perfect, to chill out. What if there is no such thing as perfect? What if there’s only perception. Work on having the best perception of yourself. Go easy on yourself. You are enough, you’re doing enough, and every day... you’re making progress. Plus, perfect is boring. #ProgressOverPerfect #MondayMotivation #MondayMugShot #Entrepreneur #Business #PerfectIsBoring

Happy Labor Day! Celebrating the last days of summer☀️ and jumping into fall 🍁 like... Also, the side effects of giving your friends some free @spanx at your lake house. Life is short... jump in! #Summer #LaborDay #HappyLaborDay #LakeLife #CT #Spanx #Undergarments #Fall #Cannonball

Ummm.... came home to this. My husband @jesseitzler turned 50 and decided he wants to learn 50 new things. So he’s bringing in 50 experts over the next year to teach him new skills. Well, one of the things on his list is free diving. He wants to be taught how to hold his breath longer. (An important life skill that will no doubt come in handy, maybe never). Anyway... we are in the middle of a move and I’ve been in bed sick for a week so it feels like the perfect time to learn how to hold your breath longer. 😳 I also reminded my husband that he is terrified of fish. Every time we go snorkeling he swims away from the fish. I try and tell him, that’s the whole point, to see the fish. .🐠 👀. #JustLoveHim #FreeDiving #ImportantLifeSkill #50 #Goals #5kidsUnder50 #ShouldIBeWorried #MidLifeCrisis #AtLeastHeDidntBuyAPorsche #Yet #Marriage #NeverDull

From one of my all time favorites @drwaynedyer. I’ve been working on not caring what other people think about me almost my entire life. I say working on it, because it’s a life practice. It’s a muscle, much like time spent in the gym. Time spent on how you think is really important and will change the trajectory of your life. Reflecting back on my childhood, I realize that both my mother and my father lived in a way that was free from worry about what other people think. This... especially coming from a mother, had one of the greatest impacts on who I am today. It’s truly one of the biggest gifts we can give our children. Not caring about what other people think about you doesn’t mean you don’t care. It just means you’re honoring your divine self. #WayneDyer #Entrepreneur

Everyday I’m thankful to the women and men who fought for women and girls to have equal rights. Now that I’m a mom of a daughter, I’m even more grateful. I strive to live my life in a way that makes the road for women and girls who come after me even better, and when I look into my daughter’s eyes I know that she will do the same. #WomensEqualityDay #Grateful

In honor of my husband turning 50 today I’m reposting this classic Jesse moment. So many to choose from... My husband @the100mileman accidentally packed the wrong bow tie, and didn't realize it until we arrived at the wedding. We were in such a rush to get to @24baze wedding in NC, he packed our 8yr old son's bow tie instead. Can't stop laughing. 😂 No one will notice honey, swear 🤞😳. #BlackTieWedding #8yrOldBowTie #Oops #StartANewTrend #CantStopLaughing
#GoHawks @atlhawks

This guy .... turns 50!!! @jesseitzler, always in a sock hat, oversized gym shorts and sneakers turns half a century today. What a ride! Ive always said, my husband changes the chemical make up of any room he enters. He definitely got the happy gene and it rubs off on everyone he meets. He’s hilarious and kind. His heart is as big as his personality. I met him in Vegas and I was 35, he was 38. Neither of us had ever been married and we both started our businesses @spanx and Marquis Jet the same year in 2000. As soon as I met him I just knew ... this man is in my movie. That’s what I say when you meet people and have that unexplainable knowing they are going to be a part of your life. Two years later we were married and now we have four kids and a mini van! What happens in Vegas definitely does not stay in Vegas... just sayin’. 😉 Anyway I could go on and on about this guy but you guys get the point. Great dad, amazing fly catcher ... the list goes on and on. Happy 50 Jesse!!!!! We love you! ❤️ #Father #Husband #Entrepreneur #Rapper #100MileMan #FlyCatcher #HBD

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