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Sara Blakely  Mom of 4. Inventor of @SPANX. Love 🍟. Afraid to fly. Refuse to give up my scrunchie. Believe it's my calling to support women.

At my grandma's cottage in Michigan solo without @the100mileman ! Four kids, trying to do yoga... emphasis on trying. 😳 πŸ™ #life #InnerPeace #Please #4under8 #MomLife #Help #OM #IMeanUmmm ? Wearing my @sunshinestategoods shirt. πŸ‘

First day of school! They were fine, I boo hooed. 😩Can anyone else relate? #3yrs #MomWeGotThis πŸ‘ #BooHoo #MomLife

My little yogi Charlie. His favorite part, OMMMM. Gotta say... my favorite part too. πŸ˜‰ #OM #Namaste #YogaMom #PeaceOut πŸ™

Yoda was right.. the force has always been within you. When I was frustrated with my life selling fax machines door to door for a living (for 7yrs)😳, one day I pulled off to the side of the road and cried. 😩..(more than usual). It was on that day I declared a different life for myself. I told the universe I was serious. I knew I was good at sales, so I decided I wanted to sell my own product, not someone else's. I then went home and wrote in my journal "I Want to invent a product that will make millions of people feel good". I said out loud to the universe "give me the idea." Two years later, I cut the feet out of my pantyhose to solve an undergarment need for myself (and as it turns out, for millions of other women too). I have been calling on the universe throughout my whole journey. Tapping into that universal power inside of you that's connected to a greater whole that wants the best for you. You just have to believe. #MayTheForceBeWithYou #UniverseIsOnYourSide #MondayMotivation #MondayMugShot

Make the most of every day. Be kind to yourself. You are truly amazing. There is only one uniquely incredible version of you in the whole world. And think about it.. you won the first race you were ever in, you out swam over 100 million other contestants! Think about the odds?! So if you ever doubt yourself, don't. Think about the toughest race you've ever been in , and you won! Hands down ... Congratulations! #BornAWinner #GoBeYou #WorldIsWaiting #NoExcuses #FastestSwimmer πŸ‘

Today @SharkTankabc came to @Spanx HQ. Ever wonder what's happening during a sit down interview when feet are not in the shot.. COMFY SHOES!!! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘β€οΈ #SharkTank #Oct #StayTuned

One night and one morning alone in my house without kids and my TV goes out!! Noooo!!! All I want to do is catch up on my shows and watch the morning news in bed, in peace, while sipping my tea. To much to ask for?! Went into our electrical area, What?! It's insane. Are we also launching missiles from our house? Crazy. Looks like we are running a covert operation from our basement? Bring back simple. #HomeAlone #NoTV #DontTouchAnything #WiresEverywhere #Ugh #Help

Bowling for boys? I rest my case. 5 kids, not 4. Women who are also raising their husbands unite! We need our own support group. #4under8 #5under48 #BowlingForBoys #Help @the100mileman

Anyone else feel the same way? Longer weekends please. #MondayMugShot #MondayMotivation #SortOf

Big brother's hand-me-down life jacket, also doubles as a neck brace. πŸ‘ #LakeLife #ThreeBigBrothers #HandMeDowns

If you can't decide... always get both! πŸ˜‰ #Yummm #YouOnlyLiveOnce #EggsBenedict #CrouqueMadame #YesPlease

The key is to find the courage during the "Why" phase to keep going. People will doubt you and judge you (including yourself), but stay the course, and be true to you. I had crippling bouts of self doubt while creating spanx, and sometimes still do. During those times it's critical to get quiet. Sometimes I sit alone for hours, sometimes I drive in my car and listen to @DrWayneDyer . He helps take care of the self-doubt and gets me back on track, and the alone time gives me the answers. And if in your quiet time the voice tells you to keep going, listen. It knows. Everyone else may wonder, but it knows. Trust the knowing inside of you. You don't have to be an expert, or have a fancy degree -I didn't. I just got quiet and listened, and trusted, and then found the courage to take action. And yes, they will all ask you "How" you did it when it's all done. #EntrepreneurLife #Entrepreneur #TrustTheKnowingInsideOfYou

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