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Sara Blakely  Mom of 4. Inventor of @SPANX. Love 🍟. Afraid to fly. Refuse to give up my scrunchie. Believe it's my calling to support women.

Jewel was at @spanx today!!! She shared her wisdom, and insights from a most fascinating life journey. How does a girl from Alaska who grew up with no running water, and homeless as a teenager go on to believe in herself enough to write her thoughts down and turn them into songs? Songs that sold over 30 million albums? Resilience, inner wisdom, being deeply connected to nature, and honoring her intuition were just a few reasons. Her voice is magical and every time I hear it live I cry! @jewel was the singer over 12 years ago at my Foundation’s launch party. We sent 250 girls to college in Africa that night and my dad and @richardbranson were at the table with Jewel. My dad asked Jewel what she did at Spanx. I was mortified and kept kicking him under the table. When they called her up on stage to perform, my dad leaned over to me and said, “I’m guessing she doesn’t work for spanx.” 😳 Yup. Umm dad she’s the entertainment and she’s like uber famous. 🤷‍♀️#SomeWhereOverTheRainbow #Jewel #Entrepreneur #Spanx

Never underestimate the power of just getting shit done... it's even better when @reesewitherspoon says it in her southern accent. You can plan, you can think about it, you can talk about it.. but nothing beats just getting it done! When I was workIng on my dream @spanx, I dIdn‘t know what I was doIng but I focused on gettIng at least one thIng done each day that would bring me closer to makIng It happen. And then guess what... It happened! So what are you waiting for? #GetItDone #JustStart #Entrepreneur #MondayMotivation #MondayMugShot #HelloSunshine #GetShitDone #2019

When I was a teenager, I went through a really difficult time in my life. My parents had gotten divorced and my friend was run over and killed by a car in front of me. My dad handed me a set of tapes by Dr. Wayne Dyer called "How to be a No-Limit Person" and I started listening to it all the time. I played it in my car on the way to school, on the way to and from parties (my friends refused to ride with me because of it 😂), and sometimes i would just get in my car and drive for hours just to listen to it The point is.. long before I started @Spanx I worked on my mindset, which wasn’t being taught in school. In school, they taught us what to think, and Wayne Dyer taught me how to think. Self-education is so important to your development as a person and it's the very thing that sets you apart from everyone else. The more you experience in life the more you have to offer others. So invest in yourself... it's the most important investment you'll ever make. Quote by @officialjimrohn #InvestInYourself #SelfEducation #Mindset #Entrepreneur

Ummm... This isn't a @Spanx bra ad.. this is my life. 😳 I came home after a long day of work to these three little guys in my bras. What part of mommy's closet is off-limits don't they understand? #ClosetRaiders #Bra-llelujah #HighlighterCollection #hi-pink #hi-yellow. 😂 #MomLife #BoyMom #BehindTheScenes #4kidsunder9 #TequilaPlease

Just a typical workday @spanx. One of my favorite days of the week is meeting with the product team. Here we are previewing our much requested new booty booster (coming out this spring). It’s Ah-mazing! And of course we had to play “Baby Got Back.” We obsess fit, we always put our products on real women of all different shapes and sizes starting with ourselves during development, but most importantly we have fun! And big shout out to Angelica for giving me the thumbs up to post this candid business moment.👍 looking good! 👏🏻#BusinessUnusual #WomenSupportingWomen #Entrepreneur #BabyGotBack #Spanx

Our baby girl turns 3 today! She’s brought so much life, laughter, and love to our family. She’s truly half warrior half princess. She wants to wear the football helmet but in a tu tu, and plays with swords but always has to be wearing sparkly shoes. She’s fearless and independent... and her hair needs its own Instagram page! #HBD
#Tepper #3 #Grateful #MomLife #ThreeOlderBrothers #HalfWarriorHalfPrincess

When you’re trying to take a selfie with an icon and realize it’s on video mode. 😳 Jane’s in the house!!!!! She came to @spanx for a fireside chat. Check out my time with Jane on insta story. From accidentally feeding her an old Hershey kiss, to raw honest insights/wisdom and funny stories shared, to picking her up in the Mystery Machine. Yup, Jane got in our Ford Transit that still happens to be the mystery machine. If you haven’t seen the recent documentary Jane in 5 Acts on HBO/Netflix it’s sooo good! 👍 BTW she’s almost 81! What??? #Icon #JaneFonda #Actress #Activist #Entrepreneur #Mom #RollingInTheMysteryMachine #CantMakeItUp #Tbt

I can't believe I am sharing this with you guys but before I started @Spanx i did some stand-up comedy. This is my very first time on stage performing at the Punchline in Atlanta in my 20s.. I’m mostly trying to remember my lines and trying to get saliva in my mouth. It’s sooo hard for me to watch because it's so embarrassing! But getting over the fear of embarrassing yourself and using humor in business is so important. You can't take yourself too seriously.. which is why today every employee @Spanx is going to get on stage at a comedy club I rented out for the day. As part of our “Be Bold” Boot Camp at Spanx, every employee has been working wIth a comedy coach @jeffjusticecomedy to prepare for today... can’t wait to see what they come up with! It's gotta be better than this! #SPANX #Humor #SoEmbarrassing #ICantWatch #BeBold #BusinessUnusual #Entrepreneur #BeforeJesse #HappilyMarriedNow #NeverGotADog

Thank you @entrepreneur magazine. You got me talking about my 99 pages of business ideas, how i organize my time during the week and what I almost called @SPANX before I named it... (hint) It’s really bad! Ideas are precious gifts. They come to us anytime, anywhere. The key is to capture them the moment they arrive. I’ve always put them in a notebook but now I mostly email them to myself. You‘ll know which ones to pursue... they wont leave you alone! Where do you get your best ideas? For me, it‘s in the car. Full article is in the link in my bio. #Entrepreneur #99PagesOfIdeas #SPANX

When I started @spanx I had a “lucky” red backpack. It was always with me. I took it to @NeimanMarcus when I first pitched my product. It was with me on every sales call, every press interview, and was even my go to bag when I launched Spanx Internationally. I’ve had the backpack since college and truly believe it’s lucky. My dream, even bigger than Spanx, was always to elevate, inspire and support women. For the past 18 years I’ve been handing out “lucky” red backpacks to the women and girls I’ve been able to help along the way. The backpack is a symbol: Believe you are lucky, believe you already have all you need to pursue your dreams. I started Spanx with $5,000 and my lucky red backpack, that’s it. 🎒My backpack now framed and hangs on the wall at Spanx. Every time I pass it, I smile. The more you give, the more you get in return. I’m thankful for the team at Spanx and for all our customers who have given me a chance to give even greater than my wildest dreams. 🙏🏻Head on over to @Spanx to check out our Giving Tuesday Philanthropy Fair. It was so fun! Each employee received $500 from the foundation to gift as they choose to an organization that helps women and girls. #Thankful #GivingTuesday #Spanx #LuckRedBackpack #Gratitude

Hi! Just busting through some red paper to tell you there are only a few hours left of the @spanx sale on 20% off everything!! I’m in faux leather leggings which happens to be one of my fav spanx products. All our leggings make great gifts and stocking stuffers for daughters, sisters, mothers, friends and people you just met at Starbucks. I also have on bra-llelujah full coverage bra and understatements thong... Is that TMI? #CyberMonday

On your mark... get set... GO. #CyberMonday has us RUNNING to to enjoy 20% off EVERYTHING while styles last. Go go go! 🏁💥💃 #SPANX #CyberMonday

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