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Sara Blakely  Mom of 4. Inventor of @SPANX. Love 🍟. Afraid to fly. Refuse to give up my scrunchie. Believe it's my calling to support women.


Woohoo!!! Got my copy! Run don’t walk to get your own copy of @RichardBranson new book #FindingMyVirginity ... so much to learn from this living legend. #Virgin #VirginUnite #BigChange #RichardBranson #Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurship #Business #MondayMotivation

#TBT 2000... The "packing and shipping” department @spanx .. aka my family room in my apartment. Once I️ finally got the boxes in the apartment this was the scene. Middle of the night, wine was needed. Wake up, sell fax machines all day, come home, pack and ship all night, repeat. Clearly I hadn’t washed my hair in awhile... another casualty of starting your own business. #PackingAndShippingDept #Wine #LateNights #GreasyHair #DontCare #Roots #DoWhatItTakes #Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurship #Business

Start with yes and figure it out as you go. That’s what entrepreneurs do. If you’re waiting until you figure it out before you say yes, it will most likely never happen. And here’s the deal, life is short, so say yes and just figure it out! Will. Determination. Grit. Courage. #HeckYes #MondayMotivation #MondayMugShot #Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurship #Business #Life #YesFirst #FigureItOutLater #Yes

#TBT My apartment aka “@spanx headquarters” in 2000.. Semi-trucks would drop off boxes of spanx at my doorstep while I was still at work selling fax machines. Despite pleas, and notes begging the drivers not to leave the boxes right in front of my front door, I would come home after a long day of work to this! I would often have to wait until my neighbors came home to help me lift the boxes out of the way so I could just enter my apartment. Then I would stay up all night packing and shipping. I didn't quit my day job selling fax machines until I had already landed @neimanmarcus and @saks . Shortly after this picture was taken, @oprah called and chose spanx as her favorite product of the year. I continued to use this apartment as the main distribution hub for spanx for the first year, despite total confusion from my neighborhood (semi-trucks were not a normal occurrence pre spanx). My apartment was my headquarters for 2 more years. #SoGladImNoLongerTheShippingDept #LateNights #Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurship #Business #DoWhatItTakes

The girl who failed the LSAT twice and graduated from Clearwater High is feeling pretty good right about now. #InGoodCompany #Humbled #BelieveInYourself #DreamBig #Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurship #Business #Thanks @aaronsansoni

Found my husband like this after watching the kids for most the day. When I️ came home they were all napping and he was like this. Can’t stop laughing... 4 kids took down @the100mileman. #MrMom #4under8 #ThisShitIsNoJoke #DirectQuote #Family #Dad #MomLife

How I️ felt today when Oprah announced that our @spanx Active legging is HER FAVORITE THING! ❤️ It’s actually been one of my favorite things for awhile too. The active pant comes in three lengths: knee, calf, full. It’s insanely awesome. The fabric is delicious, the waistband is wide and has some smoothing magic built in, there is no center seam running from the waist to the crotch (like every other active pant on the market) ... just say no to 🐫 toe! And the fabric is not see-thru (just say no to crack::-). Couldn’t resist... 😉 Anyway it’s amazing. They’ve had a cult following since we launched them and now I’m happy more people will learn about them. Thanks @Oprah ! They are truly unlike any other active pants out there. Sizes XS-3X. Swipe to see more... tap link in bio if you want a pair. Available on spanx.com #NoCamelToe #JustSayNoToCrack #LookGreat #ItsNoSweat #Spanx #ActiveLeggings #OprahFavoriteThings

#Tbt 2000. I was sitting in my apartment “aka” my headquarters with no money to advertise, and I got the call that @oprah chose spanx as her favorite product of the year!!! I was flipping out! When her film crew arrived at my apartment in Atlanta they said, “Sara, on the plane we discussed filming you in your headquarters,”. I looked at them, smiled and said, “you’re here”...😁Then they said, “we also decided we want to film you having a staff meeting. “. I had no staff!! So I called my friends and asked them to all quickly leave their jobs and come to my apartment and look like they worked for me. We sat in a circle on the floor as seen in the video and that was my “staff” meeting on the Oprah Winfrey show. I also needed a model to show the product so I asked my childhood friend Chevy who happens to be really conservative. I ensured her that her face would not show as she stood on National T.V. wearing nothing but spanx from the waist down. Oops.😳 She was wearing the original footless pantyhose which is still the best thing to wear under pants and long dresses, for no panty lines and a flawless look. Clothes just fit so much better with spanx footless under pants. But.... the real reason I’m telling you all this is because today Oprah chose another spanx product as her favorite thing!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! 17 years later!!! Flipping out again!!! 💥Stay tuned for the reveal. #Oprah #OprahFavoriteThings #2017 #FlippingOut #Spanx #Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurship #Business #Woohoo #ThanksOprah

Fruit of the Loom and french fries! Two years later and R2D2, who is now grapes... is still crying. 😳 I live with a bunch of health nuts, mainly my husband (he only eats fruit until noon and eats about 10 bananas a day) and well, I like French fries.. what can I say? #OppositesAttract #MarriedLife #JustLoveHim #Fruitarian #FruitOfTheLoom #FrenchFries #HappyHalloween #Halloween #SourGrapes

Flashback 2015. Happy Halloween! ... The joy of family photos. Obi-Wan costume didn’t show up (blanket improvise), R2D2 is crying. Yoda is pissed off, and Luke had to be bribed with cookies, but of course, Leia had no panty lines. 👍 Good times. Can’t wait for tonight. 😳 Happy Halloween 🎃 xo, Sara #HappyHalloween #Halloween #Family #MomLife #StarWars #GoodTimes

Never underestimate the hustle. There is no substitute for hard work. The harder you work, the “luckier” you will be. Hustle is a combination of really hard work, constantly looking for and creating opportunities, and turning obstacles into magic. It’s in the obstacles were the gold is usually hidden. People who are really good at creating opportunities, take risks, usually don’t care what other people think about them, and are willing to look foolish. They aren’t afraid of failure, and they know that if something doesn’t work out, there is always a hidden gift in the experience, and it’s usually leading them closer to what is going to be a huge success. It’s the people that see the obstacles differently, that don’t get defeated, and that keep going that end up making a real difference. So on your journey, remember ... it’s all about the hustle. #MondayMotivation #MondayMugShot #Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurship #Business #Hustle #GameOn thanks for the mug @everskincare

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