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Sara Blakely  Mom of 4. Inventor of @SPANX. Love 🍟. Afraid to fly. Refuse to give up my scrunchie. Believe it's my calling to support women.

What does it mean to be a girl boss? Perseverance, persistence, determination, kindness, believe in yourself, refuse to dim your light because someone else might be uncomfortable with the volume, speak up, but listen carefully, consults herself for the answers, and when everyone else thinks she might be crazy.... she does it anyway. #GirlBoss #Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurship #MondayMotivation #MondayMugShot

Can’t stop laughing... My friend @susiebuffett sent this to me today. I’m guessing it’s the cheez-it’s and not the asparagus that made her think of me. 👍 And for anyone under the age of 40 who follows me, google it... Tom Petty Free Fallin’. You’ll never sing it the same again. 😳 #ClassicTomPetty #CheezIts #Llamas #Asparagus @TomPettyOfficial

Every time I see @gayleking she flashes me her @spanx. Doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing ... It’s become a ritual! And she is as kind as she is beautiful. Her presence always makes everything brighter. Thank you Gayle for interviewing me, and thank you @vanityfair for having me speak today at the #FoundersFair. So many inspiring fearless female founders!!! 👍#Entrepreneur #FemaleFounder #SpanxFlash . .

I don’t think I’ve ever publicly shared this story. When i worked at the office equipment company selling fax machines door to door before i started @spanx, I got promoted to National Sales Trainer after years of being a sales rep in the field. I was so exited! Until they hired a man with less experience, and less time with the company to do the same job and paid him 10k more. One day over lunch he casually mentioned “our” salaries not knowing they were paying me significantly less to do the same job. That day as i drove home, it became abundantly clear my potential and my income was not going to reflect my results or my contribution in that corporate environment simply because I was a woman. I went home and wrote in my journal. i will invent a product that i can sell to millions of people that will make them feel better. I also wrote i will be self-employed by the age of 30. I was 27 with no game plan and no real experience other than sales, but i knew i had to create my own opportunity. I like to mention i was single and had very little to lose when i took the risk to leave. This post is for all the women in this same situation that couldn’t or didn’t leave. That stayed because they had mouths to feed or.the risk of leaping felt to great. This post is also for all the women out there now still in this situation. Hang in there... #TimesUp. It’s a new day. And for all the men out there that support equal pay .. thank you! #equalpay #equalpayday #equalpayforequalwork #equalpayforwomen #Entrepreneur @karlieKloss

The most important person to love is yourself. It’s like when you’re on a plane and they say, “oxygen mask on you first”, same goes with love. In order to love others you must start with yourself. To truly be a loving parent, spouse, friend, etc... it all starts with how you treat yourself. One of the most important things about self love, is managing the negative self talk, which creates self-doubt. We all have it, it’s just a question of how much power you give it. I’ve been practicing managing it for so long, now when i hear it, i recognize it either as a small child or a bully. The child I have sympathy for but don’t acknowledge and the bully I dismiss. Whatever works! Forgive yourself and if you aren’t already, learn to laugh at yourself too. When I was 16yrs old I challenged myself to go to a nice restaurant for lunch all by myself. At that age, who you were with and not being alone was the focus. And in the year 1986 women especially weren’t really dining alone. Everyone was staring at me and even the hostess asked me 3 times if it was just me? Yup. Table for 1. More self love... less self doubt. ❤️ #SelfLove #MondayMotivation #MondayMugShot #Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurship #TableForOne

Above: spring break 1990. Below: winter 2018. These are the girls that were with me in the mall when I bought the ring in my bikini. Same girls, same pose almost 30yrs later. We haven’t all been together in years. We had dinner recently and laughed about that bikini moment and I found out they had saved the pictures! Thank you for capturing it! And thank you for the support then and now ... Girlfriends give you courage you didn’t know you had. We tried to recreate the classic spring break photo... Only difference is we ALL NEED A TAN! (and a few more wrinkles). 😉 But who cares?! I always tell my dermatologist I wouldn’t trade a wrinkle or sunspot for my childhood. Tag some friends that give you courage. #Fl #Friends #Friendship #GirlfriendsGiveYouCourage #1990 #SpringBreak #Tan #YesPlease #BabyOil #Iodine

#TBT 1989 .. Im a freshman in college. It’s winter and I’m in the mall with my college buddies. We stop into a jewerly store. I see a ring i love ... i ask the man behind the counter how much the ring is. He says “$120.” I say, “ Is there any room on the price? Does it ever go on sale?” He completely dismisses me and says, “only if you came in here in nothing but a bikini would i discount the price.” Then he turned to help someone else. I waited and said “how much would you discount it?” He said, “half off and laughed.” As we walked out I turned to my friends and said I’m coming back in a bikini. They thought i was joking, but the next day we piled into the only car any of us had and drove back to the mall. It was 27degrees. My friends and everyone in the mall had on ski jackets, sweaters, hats etc... I was wearing a long black coat, a scarf, a hat, a bikini, and jelly shoes (remember those:). As we approached the store in the only super crowded mall in our college town, I took off the winter stuff and walked into the store in nothing but a bikini. The guy was helping other customers but when he looked up and saw me, he lost all the color in his face. I said, “I’m here for my discount.” He froze. He literally did not know what to do. He finally said, “let me get my manager’.” After he explained to the manager what he said, the manager made him honor it. I got the ring for $60. I’m betting the guy never blew off or dismissed another young female customer again. And yup, I still have the ring. (Swipe to see). Hand is just older now, but I wear it from time to time to remind myself of the courage it took me as a freshman in a new college town to stand up for myself. It was terrifying and my heart was pounding, by the time I bought the ring a crowd had gathered outside the store confused and curious. My friends were in shock that i actually did it, but in the end we laughed uncontrollably, piled back in the car, and headed back to our dorm. #HappyEnding #IGotTheRing #1989 #KayJewelers #Gainesville #Fl #Courage #Entrepreneur

There is so much beauty in the world. We live on the most Magical planet... just sayin’.☀️#Clearwater #HomeTown #Breathe #Grateful #Florida #Sunset #GoodNight

Fitting in is boring... Never forget You are one of a kind, how cool is that? Don’t waste it trying to be like everyone else. Our society is set up in a way that promotes conformity. It’s helped with structure and reduces chaos, so there are definite benefits to it. However, it’s easy to lose ourselves along the way. I set aside time to sit or drive quietly and get to know my real self. If you listen you will discover who you really are, what you really like, and what you really want. And the more you honor it, the louder and clearer it will become. The key is spending time alone and then once you have the answers, being brave enough to be yourself. #MondayMotivation #MondayMugShot #Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurship #OneOfKind

Selfie with the kiddos... can’t believe we all fit in the square. 👍 Happy Sunday! #Family #Joy #Love #Florida

Love this picture my brother Ford just sent me! He’s visiting Nannie (96) from San Diego. Nannie is still in a rehab facility trying to regain her strength from her hospital visit. My mom is an only child so our family is small but close. Nannie is like a second mom to us. I still call Ford my little brother even though he grew to 6’4”. I like to think I can still kick his ass if I need to, but who am i kidding?😳 He is an entrepreneur too. He started a company called Zingle. He invented a txt messaging device years ago that allowed businesses to txt their customers directly. It was either something in the water in Clearwater that made us both inventors, or maybe it had something to do with our parents encouraging us to fail growing up. #Nannie #Ford #ProudSister #Love #Entrepreneur #Clearwater #CelebrateFailureWithYourKids #Zingle #Spanx @fordblakely

Yes, YOU! YOU’RE AWESOME. Awesome is a state of mind, so set your mind to awesome. And don’t ever let a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, boss, co-worker, family member, social media bully, ex-friend or anyone get in the way of you being awesome. People will love you, and people will hate you, and none of it will have anything to do with you. Some may also try and hold you back from being awesome for reasons that have everything to do with them and nothing to do with you. Awesome has to come from within. It’s a choice you make. There is only one you for a reason. Make sure the world finds out why. Every morning wake up, look in the mirror, and tell yourself, “I’m awesome!” And then.... go BE AWESOME. ⭐️ #Awesome -#StateOfMind #OneOfAKind #You #Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurship #EntrepreneurialLife #MondayMotivation #MondayMugShot

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