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Sara Baldoni  ✨ Clean, Green, Hugging Machine 🤗 Think. See. Choose. Be. Love. 🤟🏼🤟🏽🤟🏾🤟🏿 📍 LA | NYC 🚀

Moving to Tokyo to join the @robotrestaurant 🇯🇵
C U L8R K BAI ✌🏼
#thisis30 🤷🏻‍♀️

THIRTY. The number always seemed like the benchmark of adulthood. I can still picture 7 year old me, slightly appalled by the age, thinking “by 30 I’ll be a Mom to the cutest perfect babies with my perfect husband in my perfect home that we own thanks to our perfect jobs living our magical perfect lives! DUH” EL OH EL 🤣
Let’s be real, NONE of those things are in my immediate future… yet, while I may be far from what I’d once envisioned as “ideal”, I couldn’t be more grateful for all I have and the life I get to live each day. One filled with more love than I could have imagined and more wealth in family, community and incredible friends than I could ever acquire in dollars alone. My life may not yet be what my 7 year old self once envisioned, but it’s also more robust, adventurous, and fulfilling that that little girl ever could have hoped!
So, as I enter this decade, I acknowledge all that I have yet to achieve, I kindly reject the desire to “compare” MY 30 years to anyone else’ and embrace the one thing that 7 year old got right — That MY life would be MAGICAL. 7 year old me believed IN magic. 30 year old me believes we get to CREATE the magic. And man am I ready to abracadabra some ish!
THANK YOU for every text, phone call, DM, Carrier Owl and birthday wish shared - I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to step into this decade surrounded by so much love, support and -dare I say- Magic :) .
Now, celebrating in Japan to sprinkle some 30 y/o fairy dust across the land of the rising sun(!!!!) 🇯🇵
*PS- No oceanic animals were harmed in the taking of this photo. In fact, i dislike balloons.. but based on photo evidence, @kaitlynbarclay was right (per usual) with the GOLD 3-0 call. 🎈
FYI - MYLAR /FOIL balloons are NOT biodegradable BUT are reusable! Once they deflate, you can fold and store them & bring them into a party store to refill for future use 🙌🏼 (The Bay Area also recycles Mylar, but we all know how i feel about SF...) 📸: @jbanasiak 🙌🏼

Today is for you, Momma Bal. For your joy. Your radiance. Your kindness. Your love. Thank you for teaching me to serve, to treat others as if they were myself and to be eternally grateful. Today is for you, Mom. Every day is for you, Mom... MAN are you a smoke show, Mom! .
Happy Birthday, @sharonsbaldoni 🙌🏼 I love you, Mom!

Breathe. Stretch. Shake. Let it GOOOOOO. 🌬
We’re nearly three weeks into March, 16 days into the fast, and I’m keeping my promise. Two solo nature infused trips in the book (albeit short) and both my heart and mind is reminded what it feels like to be CALM. ✨
Isolation. Independence. Freedom. 💭
Concepts I thought I’d understood yet had no idea how much I’d been neglecting myself of their juicy goodness.

Prayer. Meditation. Nature. Sunrises. Sunsets. SLEEP. 🌵
Man oh man, what tools and access we have at our disposal.. always! May this be a reminder to myself - & perhaps to anyone who feels called- to find even 5 minutes of calm. 🌤
Gaze towards the mountains, make shapes or blow holes into the clouds, take a few extra deep belly breath on the subway / the car and allow space for light to shine into your day. 🙏🏽

This may be a picture of me being super glam on a red carpet, but in truth it’s a shout-out to the captured magic that is @fivefeetapartfilm (& a rad human named Justin) .
Last Thursday, Hollywood felt the depth of @justinbaldoni’s heart through the world premier of his first feature film, @fivefeetapartfilm .
This Friday, the rest of the world (or at least surrounding area of 2500+ theaters nation wide) will get to experience this same magic. .
In two days, the world will get to see my brother as the man I’ve known him to be my entire life- a champion for truth, progress, humanity, faith, with a heart 10x too big and an unmatched ability to create a story that ignites the soul and inspires action to all watching. I’m so proud of you & this film, @justinbaldoni (not to mention the heart-wrenching performance by @haleyluhoo) and truly honored to have been able to get all done up to watch a dream come to life alongside our family. .
See the film. Bring tissues. Remember how sacred life is and how fortunate we are to be able to feel. To touch. To Love 🥰
I love you big bro. This is only the beginning. I’ll keep @stylebynaz @3publicrelations & @sugaredandbronzed on hold for your future awe-inspiring premiers and DID Y’ALL SEE @emilybaldoni STEALING THR SHOW IN THAT POWER SUIT. 👖✨🔥

March 2019. ✨
A month of transition and big growth.. at least for me. This month, I commit to breaking my comfort zone in every which way - physically, spiritually, emotionally… and it begins with rest. Real, guilt-free, self-first REST. I’ve recently discovered that I’m addicted to “busy” - I’ve built a facade of importance around a jam-packed schedule which truly only excuses myself for forgetting to take care of the one person I’m stuck with for life…ME. ✨
I am my best self when I’m serving others.. yet, how can I fill another’s cup if my own is empty? This month, I’m filling my cup, first. (Wow that was surprisingly hard to say)

March begins with the Baha’i Fast, a 19-day period of reflection, service and physical detachment to feed our spiritual selves. March ends with my 30th birthday, a day that represents completion of one decade and transition into another.

With no expectations of what this will look like, just a commitment to be kind and patient with myself, to challenge my thought patterns and break the molds I’ve spent the last 29 years forming - I welcome march with loving, open arms (and maybe a new bikini or two!).

May you find a moment of sun shining brightly upon you today- wherever you are. 🥰☀️

Return of the Party Pony: Fitness Retreat edition. ✨🤘🏽🦄💦

Leave enough space for the sky to light the way. ✨ #skyspace @jamesturell

@apressporte has done it again! 🏔 11k elevated feet. 70 humans. 3 days. 1 x a year (Thank goodness!) And in the name of a necessary cause @protectourwinters 🌎. 🙌🏼 10/10 would recommend.

15 mins of flame 🔥

Today, this day of love, is the perfect day to reflect on the @thewayfarerfoundation #skidrowcarnivaloflove - aka my most favorite day of the year. This year marked year 5 of the carnival - a tradition that has impacted my life in ways that language cannot convey. It is a day that shines light on the magic of human kind - in every color, shape, socio-economic status, religion, gender or any fabricated barrier that society tells us to care about. May every day carry the joy, connection, equality, hugs, play and reminders of this one human experience that exists within the carnival. May we fill our time finding opportunities to remind someone that they are heard, they are seen and they are supported. To me, to love is to serve & on this day of commercialized “love”, I hope to love on strangers & loved ones alike with open arms, true eye contact and a real, inner belly smile. .
If you’d like to learn more about our efforts on the street or ways to get involved, visit @thewayfarerfoundation or DM me 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!! #thinkseechoosebelove

Manhattan in February.
First on everyone’s travel list. 🙌🏼⛄️✨
See you soon,└A ☀️

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