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Sara  ⛰Run☀️Climb💪🏼Wander🏹MEd Grad Student 📚 { {based in the Boulder bubble...sometimes🙃🌎} }

Hot minute in the ol' #BoulderBubble with just enough time to creep on Sanitas as a sunrise unicorn! 🦄🌅 Off to the land of unlikely•beautiful•healing•chaos: 🇮🇳! {📸 by my fellow subalpine creature @kristenmohror💁🏽}

✨🌀wayfarer, there is no way; only foam trails to the sea🌅 •antonio machado•

Some days I wonder why I live in Bouldah, but today was a nice reminder ☀️🏔

Smiles brought to you by 👌🏼👌🏼 running weather, 2 days off, and my fave #longdistancerunninggirlfriend @jessdoingit_ 💙💛❤️

Friday! Happy as a fluffy dog on a beach 🐕🏝#rodeobeach

🖤☁️My lovely, rad aunt @heidi_russell nudged me to a #blackandwhitephotochallange ⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️...and i broke all the (very simple) rules, but loved snapping some of SF's groovy nooks without color. Play along if you'd like! 🏳🏴

I've spent 2 nights in my bed (#slightlyhyperbolic #butsrsly) this season... yet I've had the most deliciously protracted autumn ever! Grateful to be able to follow fall from Washington, China, Alaska, and this weekend, the Bay Area! #followingfall🍃🍂🍁🌑🌘🌗🌖🌕🌒🌓🌔🌕

Hot minute in LA to catch up with some ambitious, joyful gals 🤗 🇮🇳#indiareunion💛💚

Recently, I went to a teeny-tiny percentage of the vastness that is China on a familiarization trip for work. Gosh, I was blown away! Here nary a minute, I was mesmerized by bold and rugged mountains I had no idea existed; listened to brave young students speak with passion about their projects and opportunities in Kunming; received warmth and community in Naxi villages outside of Lijiang; frolicked within the endless miles of green space hugged tightly by the finest autumnal color palate of anywhere in the world...in Beijing, of all places.

This world is so small with one big, tender beating heart somewhere underneath all that human stuff.

China! I like you dearly! Let's meet again.

Kunming moment 🇨🇳🍵

Chiang Mai! I saw you for a minute, but ya captivated my imagination and heart. Thank you for beautiful temple wandering, climbing, food, smiles, and electric peaceful energy ⚡️💛 miss you already...and you too,@rainbowweinstock 😘😘😘

Alaska, sweet Alaska 💙🏔thank you for another visit of intense and mysterious landscapes, delicious sky palettes, little unheated shoreline cabins, sharp n' crispy inhales, and familyfamilyfamily🙏🏼💙🐋👯

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