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Sarah Cooley  These are a few of my favorite things: Jesus. Young Living Essential Oils. Singing. Photography. Baking. Coffee. 💗@ecoogee 💗Jackson 💗Joanna

How to know if your wife is pregnant.
Baby #3 coming this Thanksgiving! We’re excited and clearly I’m not loving cooking these days and the weird cravings are strong. @ecoogee is a champ and has taken over the cooking responsibilities until the second trimester when I get my mojo back.
We’re also doing several different things for this pregnancy/labor/birth and I’m excited to announce it in the upcoming months!! :)

Happy birthday to my handsome hubby.

Tonight we made surf n turf dinner to celebrate topped off with a yummy chocolate cake. Loved celebrating you today with our sweet kiddos.
It’s weird to think you’re in your mid 30’s. 😉🤣 I still picture you as a young 28 year old taking me out on our first date. Hahaha
I’m grateful to God for the gift you are to me. He knew what he was doing when he placed us together. You are my mirror.
Happy birthday, my love. 💗

“Hey mom, I go poopy out here......” 🤢😳 (I removed the poop before taking the’re welcome). #boys @ecoogee

Easter egg hunt!! 💗

I have so much to be thankful for. I spend today in gratitude. 28. 28 years of life. Some of those years spent in rebellion. Some spent in emotional rollercoasters. Some spent in sadness and grief. Others spend it victory and happiness. And in my 28th year, I can say I have come so far. God has taught me the value in following him wholeheartedly. The value in emotional stability despite my circumstances. The value in not having expectations because the Lord holds my days. The value in loving others regardless of how they live their life or their actions. What freedom is found in all of these things.
I am sitting here listening to the washer and dryer run filled with the many clothes we own, the silence (napping kids!!!!), the birds chirp, watching the flowers in bloom, fresh chalk art from my kids, and butterflies flutter by, feeling the warmth of the sun on my legs and the warm cool breeze through my hair, smelling the fresh fragrant orange blossoms just recently have opened wafting past my nose. And in the background of it all, a house to cover my (and my family’s) head from the elements. To keep us warm. To show love to those who enter those doors and those who live within its walls.
Seriously, I can’t think of another emotion other than gratitude. So thank you friends for your kind birthday wishes. It’s another wonderful addition to a wonderful day. 💗💗💗 cheers to 28 and all it brings.

My sissy gets married in under two months and we got to shower her yesterday! Can’t wait to stand by your side with all these beautiful ladies and watch ya marry your love 💗

Squinty throwback to Monday at knott’s berry farm with @cacooley53!

We were supposed to be in Mexico this weekend. Eric is now at a new company so we’re missing a trip that he worked super hard to earn, but it was such a blessing in disguise. There’s a long list of why, but one, we would have been with a handful of other people instead of just us two. We would have been a plane flight away (versus a car ride). We wouldn’t have stayed in this super cute cottage in one of our favorite cities. And lots of other reasons, but I won’t bore you.
This trip has been so fun. Sleeping in, napping, getting coffee and green juice, great food, lots of pretty drives, rain, pedicures, an amazing steak dinner.
A trip just us two without kids (if you’re married, seriously bite the bullet and just get away sans kids, it is SO worth it and your kids will survive!!). It’s super easy to let the day to day life get in the way of connecting. The little moments become monotonous and kids needs take a lot of energy and effort.
Thank you Eric for being my hubby and loving me so well. Thank you for loving our babies. Thank you for working so hard for our family. I can’t wait to see you soar this next year as you work hard and earn another trip 💪🏻💗😘

My little helpers.... I got them their own aprons too. I’ve been really working on patience and giving up control so I’ve been letting them help me bake. It has been so frustrating at times if I am being honest, but also so fun and rewarding. Jackson loves baking and he’s finally getting the concept of keeping things clean and not making the biggest mess possible. Ha!
So here’s a no-makeup,-messy-hair picture with the kids (made black n white because I haven’t showered yet (you’re welcome)). Let’s be real. There’s real life on Instagram (I mean, who really just #wokeuplikethis ...ya’ll are using filters and putting makeup on, don’t lie...and then there’s real life in real life 😂 so I give you Instagram real life #filtersfordays)!!

Look at that crumb-faced, squinty-eyed smiley girl! I love her so much!!!

She’s got my scowl..... I’m so proud 😂🙈😳

Oh, just sitting here reading... :)

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