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Sarah Cooley  These are a few of my favorite things: Jesus. Singing. Photography. Baking. Coffee. 💗@ecoogee 💗Jackson 💗Joanna 💗 Jenelle 💗

Not exactly how we had hoped to celebrate Jenelle’s first week of life, but God has been faithful and all is well. He even has provided us with two nurses we know!! Monday late evening, I woke up and noticed she was very warm. I stripped her down, we contacted my mom and my midwife to get advice, and after lots of prayer and a long, long, sleepless night decided to take her into the ER. We got to CHOC and they went to work testing her and getting her set up with IV antibiotics. Her sweet little body doesn’t have the immune system we have as adults so they took every precaution necessary which I am so grateful for.
We finally have found out that she has enterovirus (from what I understand the common cold falls under this virus) in her spinal fluid. Her blood and urine were free of any bacteria which is a great sign.
So she’s still a little sicky who needs to get better but we should be heading home tomorrow assuming that nothing changes. She’s been fever free since 10 last night so we’re praying that with lots of breastfeeding and sleep, she’ll continue to be fever free.
Look at how stinking cute she is!!!

So little 💗💗

Happy Sunday 💗

Homebirth tops the charts on one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Seconds after Jenelle was born, I was telling Eric I was ready to do it again.
Laboring at home, not having to panic to make it to the hospital, the quietness of the room, the comfort of my surroundings allowing my body to naturally progress, my hubby there to remind me to breath and support me as I needed, my kids napping in the rooms beside me getting to meet their newest sister minutes after she made her debut, an amazing team of midwives there encouraging me. It was all just so beautiful!
So grateful for God provision to be able to do this, his protection over us, and his gift of Jenelle.
Just as Jackson and Joanna’s name means “God gives grace,” Jenelle also means “God gives grace.” And this experience and sweet Jenelle are just another great example of that fact.
God gives us so much grace. I am grateful! 💗

A sweet two year old celebration. She sang happy birthday to herself the whole day. 😂
I’m glad I made this the day before her birthday or the poor girl’s day would have been totally overshadowed by her baby sister. ((And it tasted delicious. Ya’ll need this recipe!!)) She stayed asleep the whole time I was laboring and pushing and birthing sweet Jenelle. She woke up to an amazing gift - “my baby” as she calls her. And she has *mostly* taken everything in stride with some tantrums and night wakings as I anticipated. It helps having both grandmas and daddy around this week! I’m grateful for all the help!! Since I didn’t get to post it on Tuesday, Happy (Facebook official) birthday Joanna. 💗💗

Sweet Jenelle Elise made her swift arrival yesterday afternoon at 3:02pm. I was convinced I wasn’t in labor since my due date wasn’t until thanksgiving. What a beautiful experience. I can’t wait to share the story!! 💗 we are smitten!! ((7.9lbs, 21.5inches))

This sweet girl turns two tomorrow 😭 how?!?!

Love my veteran 💗💗 #thankyou #ithoughtitwastomorrow

For 15 or so minutes, someone needed to use the bathroom but didn’t want to bother who ever was having a tough time in the restroom. Not sure who eventually opened the door, but they walked into this scene. A (few days shy of being a) two year old covered literally from head to toe in lotion.
To say I am surprised would be a lie. This little girl is mischievous. She likes getting into trouble. Some say she is my twin but I don’t see the resemblance. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

Crazy that just two years ago, we were taking maternity pictures with one kiddo in them awaiting Joanna’s arrival. And here we are two years later, with TWO kids full of personality and life, awaiting the arrival of a new baby.
These gifts are not things I take for granted. Jackson and Joanna bring so much to our lives. They bring joy and laughter and fun. They bring energy to practically every room they enter... or in this case, park.
And getting to do all of this alongside of that strong man in the pictures. He is a hard worker, persistent, thoughtful, and selfless. What would I do without him?
Thank you Lord for these blessings.
Oh and another blessing? The lady behind the camera. So grateful for ”Aunt Gekah” as Jojo calls her. @bekahbuckingham does it again! 📸

This pregnancy has truly been been a dream. It’s had it’s hard stuff that comes with pregnancy, like sickness and tiredness. But, it’s been pretty incredible getting to walk through this process with my kids. My midwife has been incredible. Each week, the kids get to hear the baby. They get to sit on the table (that’s more like a bed) with me. They got to be there for the ultrasound and the tech explained everything to them patiently and with such excitement. There’s always some other kids walking around the office playing. And of course a beautiful diffuser pumping out some delicious smelling young living oil.
Doing natural births in the hospital was tough. Having a lot of pushback and in some cases overly persistent staff made the process difficult instead of a delight. (I did have some amazing nurses and midwives too that tried to redeem the process - I don’t want to discredit them!) I’m so grateful that this time around already has been so special. I’ve had so many people ask if I’m nervous. I’m truly not nervous... no fear this time around. Just plain excitement and anticipation for something God created that is so beautiful! ((Also, this is probably the only bare belly picture you’ll ever see of me. Don’t worry 😉)) #birthwithoutfear #homebirth #pregnancy #38weekspregnant

Being a mom is hard. It’s not without selfish moments. This morning I was feeling selfish and angry and mad. Little Jojo woke up from her nap with a fever yesterday and had one on and off all night into the wee hours of the morning.
I woke up this morning knowing I wasn’t going to be able to go to hang out with my friends at our bi-weekly moms4moms group. And that also meant I wasn’t going to be there for a few meetings because I’m due with baby #3 in two weeks.
I’m still sad I missed it, but somewhere around 10am I got off the couch where I had been moping and decided to make the last part of the day better. I made myself a cup of coffee, sat, and colored with the kids. Now they are napping and I’m reading my bible and writing the word while the clothes dry. Then, I’m going to fold a load of laundry. I don’t know what the afternoon will consist of since Jo’s still not quite 24 hours without a fever (I’m thinking two year molars 😭), but I think it might be a walk around the block and some sidewalk chalk until Eric gets home kinda afternoon.
A lot of life is making the *choice* (yes, it is a choice!) to get up off your couch and quit moping and do something, anything. Choosing joy and life is something that some think will just be handed to them on a silver platter, but Philippians 4 tells us to put off anxiety and to rejoice always. To think about what is true and noble and just and pure. Paul tells us that contentment happens regardless of plenty or need. It is through his strength that we can do all things, including moving forward even when things aren’t the way you’d prefer them to go!
So today, in his strength, I am choosing things that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, and praiseworthy. And I’m putting off the anger and selfishness. I’m choosing gratitude to be able to stay home with my kiddos and care for my daughter. Through his strength alone. 💗🙌🏻 #moming #momingishard #choosejoy #philippians4
Oh, and this is my 38 week (tomorrow) bump. I always wonder how I could get any bigger, then here I am.... 😂 T-2 week’s!

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