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a story in three parts: today is my last day at work and this is my spiral into the realization that i have to get a grown up job

i'll miss the guardies but i'm so excited to head back to clem with my fave gal :-))

it's delicious and nutritious !!!

uuhhhh ya the rodgers kids know a thing or two about diminishing returns

this is a psa bc aziz ansari owes us both $15 million dollars #bestfoodfriends

turd sister does it!!! beep boop to this bean!!

i WISH i was prancin through a meadow right now with my beloved UGH

bye clem, c u l8r!!!!!!!!

she lef me now who am i gonna eat bagels and snuggle with


speenie weenie

love your mother!!!! happy earth day!!!!! hug a tree!!!! let's celebrate people!!!!!

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