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Carrington Hildebrant 

You're officially high when your literally walking in the clouds 😎 lol gorgeous

Standing on a mountain top overlooking Thousand Oaks... Def worse ways to spend the day lol

Hahaha who knew being a secret agent really meant being a duche sitting behind a keyboard sifting through people's data... Assholes

Nothing screams high class living like a giant neon screen lmao... I've seen brothels with classier advertising lol

When your jacket has this much visibility.... You know serious business it getting done haha

So apparently Samsung think changes the number from S8 to S9 equals an actual upgrade? Wtf lol why keep putting out the same damn phone @samsung

They pump this shit out of the ground in quantities of billions of gallons a day... So how is this not a complete bullshit scam lol?

Size 12.5's with a dumb reflective emblem please lol...perfect haha

This guys an utter duche

How much longer till the freaking time change... Over getting dark at 545...counting down till spring when it looks like this around the corner lol

When the rain comes, they run and hide their heads, they might as well be dead... When the rain comes...rain... I dont mind...

Bluesy... Aren't all Sundays lol

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